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Clicking vs. gluing – which method is better?

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December 31st is “Make Up Your Mind Day”. Reason enough to clarify one frequently asked question once and for all: Is it better to install flooring types such as laminate and design flooring by clicking or gluing? Which decision is the right one? We have the answer!

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Good to know
“Make Up Your Mind Day” is mainly celebrated in the USA. It’s no coincidence that 31 December was chosen for this purpose: Many look at New Year's Eve as a kind of deadline. Starting on January 1st, they aim to improve the quality of their lives or to find a new direction with good intentions or new habits. However, changes of this kind first require a decision. So, what day could be better suited for this than the last day before the New Year? 

Vinyl flooring, laminate, parquet: Which types of flooring can be installed by clicking? 

Today, more and more flooring is being designed to be installed as a floating floor. Within the MEISTER product range,  this applies to all types of flooring with just one exception: from parquet and laminate flooring to design flooring and Nadura and Lindura wood flooring. With many products, such as the MeisterDesign. life design flooring, the user can freely choose between clicking and gluing. For all those who find it difficult to decide, we will summarise the pros and cons of the two ways of laying below.

Verlegung von Klick-Laminat

Click parquet flooring and friends: The advantages of a floating installation 

Click systems have many advantages Firstly, the click mechanism eliminates the need for glue and adhesives, making installation a clean affair. Because the technique is relatively simple, hobby do-it-yourself enthusiasts are not reliant on professionals to do the work, but can easily lay their flooring themselves. Also, the floor can be walked on immediately. This is not the case with a glued flooring: The glue needs some time to dry before it can be exposed to a load.

An additional benefit is the ease of dismantling, which can be necessary in the event of a move, for instance. It's also possible to replace individual panels if they are damaged. In addition, thanks to their greater thickness, floors such as click laminate are more tolerant of unevenness in the subfloor than adhesive laminate flooring, for example.

Bodenverlegung Parkett Kleben
On surfaces used for commercial purposes, complete gluing is recommended, as glued floors have a longer life under continuously high loads than those installed using the click system. 

What are the benefits of gluing your flooring? 

Laying a floor using the click system is certainly the easier and cleaner variant. Yet there are also arguments in favour of gluing a flooring. For one thing, the acoustic properties of glued floors are better. Unlike the floating installation variant, there's no need for a separate sound-absorbing cushion. In addition, heat transfer is better with glued floors because of their direct connection to the subfloor and their relatively low overall installation height depending on the flooring. In the case of existing underfloor heating, gluing is the recommended installation method for many parquet flooring types. With MEISTER parquet flooring, however – thanks to its special product structure with an HDF instead of a spruce middle layer – the thermal resistance is excellent even with a floating installation.

Clicking vs. gluing – the bottom line 

The choice between clicking and gluing essentially depends on a number of objective factors. Accordingly, it's not a matter of taste, but a decision which can be made relatively easily by examining the circumstances. Incidentally, this principle also applies to many other decisions that have to be made in the course of a lifetime. Considering this might make it easier to make decisions for the future on the 31st of December, or “Make Up Your Mind Day”. So, in this spirit: We wish you a happy, joyful and decisive year!

Pros and cons of floating and glued floors: 

  • Clicking: a clean matter
    Installation using the click system is cleaner and releases fewer emissions, as no adhesive or glue is required. It's also easier, so it's not a problem even for non-professionals. 
  • Gluing: no additional underlay
    If a floor is glued, no additional sound-absorbing cushion is required. 
  • Clicking: replacement possible
    Floors installed with a click system are much easier to remove. Individual panels can also be replaced if necessary. 
  • Gluing: practical with underfloor heating
    Thanks to the direct connection with the subfloor and its reduced thickness, flooring that has to be glued is more permeable to heat and therefore better suited for use in rooms with underfloor heating. 
  • Clicking: less sensitive to unevenness
    Thanks to their greater overall installation height, click parquet flooring and similar products are less sensitive to unevenness in the subfloor.

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