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Better than the real thing? Why stone-look flooring is an ideal choice 

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We’re often spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect flooring. The wood pattern in laminate flooring might look too random, and carpeting is no good for people with dust allergies. But what about stone-look flooring? The deceptively real design creates natural ambience, and in terms of comfort and quality, this flooring is tough to top.

MEISTER Laminat im Fliesenformat und Steinoptik in einer Wohnküche
Nadura-Boden im Dekor Strukturbeton warmgrau mit sichtbaren und fühlbaren Strukturen

Why opt for stone-look over stone?

Real stone flooring is a highly exclusive purchase and is often correspondingly expensive. Also, if you often get cold feet and don’t have underfloor heating, real stone probably isn’t the right choice for you.

Design and laminate flooring in an attractive stone look combines the appearance of stone with the benefits of other types of flooring. And you’ll notice the difference from the moment you buy it: Real stone is much more expensive than the wood and wood materials used to make imitation stone. Additionally, laying a stone floor is complex and time-consuming; it necessarily involves hiring a professional and comes along with the associated costs.

Various types of stone have different special properties. Marble may look stunning, but it can’t handle sharp objects or excessive moisture. Stone with a porous surface, on the other hand, is susceptible to stuck-on dirt. At the same time, you have to be extremely careful when using harsh cleansers, as they can damage the material. So, if you are looking for flooring that is easy to clean and maintain, stone-look flooring is an excellent alternative.

Whatever the heart desires

Once you’ve opted for stone-look flooring, you will find an incredibly broad range of different styles for your home renovation project: These countless options are available thanks to the decor layer that lends the surface of the panels its design. Imitation concrete and sandstone, slate and marble looks are just a few of the designs available.


  • In modern rooms with light-coloured furniture, slate flooring can create a stark contrast that draws the eye.
  • Industrial style is very popular right now, and design flooring in modern imitation stone blends in harmoniously, without looking cold and unwelcoming. 
  • Flooring in a warm sandstone design lends your home a Mediterranean feel.

High-quality design flooring always lives up to its name. A fine stone pore and mineral structure makes the look particularly authentic. And the fact that it is made of wood and wood materials makes it much warmer underfoot than actual stone. Additionally, its elastic properties make it comfortable to walk on, enhancing your overall feeling of well-being – even if you go barefoot. 

Of course, high-quality stone-look hard flooring like MEISTER Nadura does more than just look as good as real stone flooring; it also boasts impressive technical properties. Its wood-fibre and mineral surface makes it as hard as tile, but unbreakable. So dropping things on it poses no problem at all. And even if, against all odds, it does become stained or scratched, the surface can be easily wiped off or scoured.

Whether you choose laminate flooring, design flooring, or Nadura, these genuine-looking imitation stone floorings will deliver all the benefits of real stone without any of the disadvantages. 

Nadura-Boden in Sandstein hell
Designboden MeisterDesign im Fliesenformat Terrazzo hell
Laminatboden im Dekor Copper Iron und modernem Fliesenformat

The benefits at a glance

  • Design and laminate flooring is cheaper than most stone flooring.
  • Laying it is more affordable.
  • Stone-look flooring is easier to clean and maintain than real stone.
  • If you often have cold feet, alternatives made of wood or linoleum are a good choice.
  • Flooring with a bit of elasticity is comfortable to walk on.
MEISTER Laminatboden in grau und Fliesenformat

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