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Tacoma oak 7454 Design flooring MeisterDesign. allround DD 700 S
Tacoma oak 7454 Design flooring MeisterDesign. allround DD 700 S

Vinyl flooring without vinyl!

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MeisterDesign design flooring is the healthy-living alternative to conventional vinyl flooring. It has been awarded the Blue Angel eco label and is 100% made in Germany. MeisterDesign has all the advantages of vinyl flooring (durability, ease of maintenance and elasticity), but manages completely without the primarily ecological and technical disadvantages. This makes MeisterDesign odourless, free from plasticisers and heat-resistant – unlike many types of vinyl flooring.

Our vinyl flooring without vinyl comes in many different decors. The authentic oak imitations are the perfect match for various different interior design styles. The design flooring is available in two product structures: as 5.5 mm thick planks to click in or as 2 mm thick flooring for full-surface bonding.

And why without vinyl?

What many people do not know is that vinyl comes from the term PVC: polyvinyl chloride. This is not a bad thing per se, but it can contain plasticisers which are harmful to health and the environment. Not to mention the smell of the vapours. That is why vinyl flooring without vinyl contains no vinyl or PVC in and on its flooring. Instead, it only retains its advantages. Because these are undisputed: ease of maintenance, extreme resistance to wear, sturdiness and waterproofness.

  • Healthy and ecologically sound
  • Odourless 
  • Easy to maintain, durable, robust 
  • Waterproof 

An overview of MEISTER vinyl flooring without vinyl

Two floors – many benefits!

Meanwhile, the ‘vinyl flooring without vinyl’ range includes the two waterproof, plastic-based floors, MeisterDesign. allround and MeisterDesign. pro. While the all-rounder is equipped with a sound-absorbing cushion and can be laid as a floating installation, the flooring is ‘pro’ full-surface bonding (a process that is best carried out by a professional).

MeisterDesign. allround: Ecological recyclable flooring made from recycled materials, with a lifetime guarantee

MEISTER’s allround flooring lives up to its name: waterproof and extremely robust, with an integrated sound-absorbing cushion and a renovation-friendly height of only 5.5 mm, it’s an all-round multi-talent. It’s a sustainability champion, too. As well as mineral components, the innovative special board consists of up to two thirds recycled plastic. And the cycle continues. MeisterDesign. allround and its installation scrap are recyclable without being made into other products, such as flower pots, or other forms of downcycling – instead, the floor is made into a new floor covering of equal quality.

This floor is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, as well as heavily frequented areas, such as the kitchen or hallway – true to its name! MeisterDesign. allround is also perfect for installation over underfloor heating or cooling systems.

PVC-freie Designböden von MEISTER

Ecological and made for healthy living

MeisterDesign. allround is free from PVC and harmful plasticisers, low in emissions, allergy-friendly and has an antibacterial surface. It is 100% made in Germany and contains high proportions of recycled material. The flooring is of course completely recyclable – creating a sustainable, closed cycle. 
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Kaffeeflecken sind für den Vinylboden ohne Vinyl von MEISTER kein Problem und lassen sich leicht entfernen

Robust and easy to clean

The waterproof design flooring is also suitable for bathrooms and all other rooms, both in living spaces as well as heavily used commercial areas. Its strong use class, 23/33, demonstrates this. What’s more, the flooring is resistant to UV light and temperature – discolouration caused by sunlight and changes of shape in conservatories are a non-issue with MeisterDesign. allround.
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Durch ihr patentiertes Klicksystem lassen sich MEISTER Designböden ganz einfach verlegen

Easy to install

The practical click system Multiclic and the pre-integrated sound-absorbing underlay facilitate simple floating installation.
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Authentische Holznachbildung auf der Oberfläche von MEISTER Vinylböden ohne Vinyl

Attractive and versatile

The ultra matt lacquer makes for particularly authentic decors that rarely repeat across a surface. The comprehensive range of accessories tops off the design flooring offering.
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Produktaufbau von MeisterDesign. allround: keine schädlichen Materialien enthalten
Multilayer P-Tec Strong surface 
with special PP elastic filmand ultra matt excimer lacquering (PVC-free) 
Decor layer
Base layer
Special RMC board 
based on natural,mineral components with postconsumerrecycled polymer content 
Integrated sound-absorbing cushion 
1 mm XPO foam

MeisterDesign. pro: The extra-thin professional flooring for full-surface bonding

At only 2 mm thick, MeisterDesign. pro is first choice when the structural height has to be kept to a minimum. Following professional sub-floor preparation, it is the perfect (and waterproof) option for the bathroom, hallway and commercial applications such as shops or restaurants.

Vinylboden ohne Vinyl ist garantiert frei von PVC

Ecological and made for healthy living

MeisterDesign. pro is free from PVC and harmful plasticisers, and features an antibacterial surface. It is also 100% made in Germany.
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Verschütteter Kaffee, Wasser und andere Flecken machen Vinylboden ohne Vinyl nichts aus

Robust and easy to clean

The ultra thin, waterproof MeisterDesign. pro flooring is perfectly suited to both residential construction and use in commercial areas – use class 23/33. MeisterDesign. pro is also ideal for home conservatories because it is resistant to UV light and temperature. 
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Produktaufbau Designboden MeisterDesign. pro: nur 2 mm Stärke zum Verkleben, wasserfest und semi-elastisch
Multilayer Puretec® surface 
with polyurethane covering layer (PVC-free)
ecuran base board 
waterproof, semi-elastic, PVC-free 
Fleece backing for optimum bonding

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