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Parquet: Natural flooring from oak to walnut

Parquet flooring is a classic among floor coverings. This is hardly surprising, as only real wood brings this natural atmosphere into a room. Whether it’s oak parquet, walnut, maple or cherry, as a plank, 3-strip or in herringbone: Everyone will find their personal favourite parquet flooring at MEISTER! 

What are the signs of good parquet flooring?  

MEISTER parquet flooring is called ‘Longlife parquet’ because its special technical properties make this flooring extremely durable. Unlike conventional ready-made parquet, our Longlife parquet products are largely pressure-resistant. The most important reason behind this is the extremely tough and stable middle layer made of HDF (high density fibreboard). It ensures that dropped objects, people walking in high heels or other mechanical forces result in significantly less damage than on conventional parquet flooring with a middle layer made of spruce.  

And this special middle layer can do even more for you and your living comfort: Since it is particularly heavy, it significantly increases the own weight of the installed area. This has a positive effect on room noise and walking noise properties. In a nutshell: Your room is quieter!

Parquet flooring is made of real wood, so it is an absolutely natural product. But don’t worry – your valuable flooring may be natural, but it is still properly protected. Our products are protected before they even leave the factory, so there is no need for you to seal this ready-made parquet with oil or lacquer. It couldn’t be less complicated!

Longlife parquet from MEISTER is either naturally oiled or matt or high-gloss lacquered. All three types of treatment have one thing in common: They ensure a particularly protective surface. Parquet flooring not only looks attractive, it is easy to clean and maintain, making it particularly hygienic. What’s more, as a natural product, wood regulates humidity and helps to create an ideal room climate. The cosy warmth underfoot that real wood provides, even in winter, is a further reason to take a good look at our range when deciding what to buy. 

And another thing that makes nature happy: You make a contribution to environmental protection when you buy MEISTER parquet flooring. This is because the perfect connection between the fine wood wear layer and the HDF middle layer in our multilayer parquet flooring reduces the amount of wood required by one tenth compared to a solid wooden floor. With our Longlife items, you can rest assured that all the processed raw materials have been carefully selected and subjected to regular tests in our labs.

An overview of parquet by MEISTER 

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How customised should it be? The choice is yours: from beech to maple, from plank to herringbone 

The MEISTER parquet flooring range includes different woods which have quite different appearances and properties: Whilst classic oak is relatively hard, for example, larch is somewhat softer by nature. Walnut has a very dark colour, whilst maple looks light and very modern. Rustic, traditional or modern: Even when you’re selecting the wood, you can choose the look to match your personal taste and home furniture. 

And that’s not all: The range of surface finishes means that numerous further variations are possible. Brushed wood flooring has very pronounced structures, for example. These are the result of wire brushes removing the softer parts of the wood. In the case of limed wood flooring, which stands out on account of its intensive grain, the wood pores are given a coloured filling. The formats range from XXL country house style planks to small strips.

The different laying patterns offer even more variety and diversity: from strip flooring with alternate joints to herringbone, from ladder and cube patterns to square. 

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Suitable for floating installation and bonding 

MEISTER click parquet flooring is easy, quick and safe to install – and the fit is always highly precise. This is guaranteed by clever, patented click systems. They ensure a secure joint connection: After installation, the planks cannot be disconnected from one another, and water and dirt cannot penetrate them. This increased safety applies to both floating installation and bonding on a suitable subfloor. You can either install our parquet flooring yourself or have a professional do the job for you. Your MEISTER specialist retailer can recommend specialist fitters from your area. 

You can find more information in our installation instructions for parquet flooring.

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Parquet flooring for underfloor heating – even with floating installation 

Parquet flooring from MEISTER can be installed on underfloor heating without any problems as it transports the heat to the surface quickly without losing much energy. The reason: In contrast to standard spruce boards, there are hardly any air pockets in the high density HDF middle layer that might have a heat-insulating effect. As a result, the heat from the underfloor heating goes straight to where it should: your living space. This not only guarantees a high level of living comfort but also optimised heating costs.

5 good reasons for real brand-name parquet flooring:  

  • MEISTER parquet flooring is 100% made in Germany  
  • Many surface treatments, formats and woods  
  • Floating installation and full-surface bonding possible  
  • High stability and durability thanks to clever middle layer  
  • Ideal for underfloor heating
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