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Designboden von MEISTER im Wohnraum eines Hausbootes auf dem Wasser

Design flooring: the healthy alternative to vinyl 

The uncomplicated flooring for healthy and beautiful living.  

Design flooring is uncomplicated flooring and is made for healthy and beautiful living. Modern surfaces meet innovative production technologies here. As a result, floors are created that are perfect in design, very durable and easy to maintain. MEISTER design flooring is also the healthy alternative to vinyl (sometimes also called “vinyl design flooring”, “vinyl laminate flooring”, “click vinyl” or “laminate vinyl flooring”), because good design flooring does without any PVC and harmful plasticisers. This is why all MEISTER design floors carry the "Blue Angel” ecolabel. With its modern appearance, design flooring from MEISTER looks its best in every room. Some of the floors from the new MeisterDesign collection (“The vinyl flooring without vinyl”) are even suitable for installation in bathrooms (MeisterDesign. life and pro) as they are waterproof. You will find more information about the vinyl flooring without vinyl here.

An overview of all design floorings by MEISTER

Heller Designboden in Eicheoptik in einem Kinderzimmer

Environmental and health aspects are just two of the many advantages offered by MEISTER design floors. Since they are elastic and warm underfoot, they are just perfect for children’s rooms. No unpleasant vapours or odour pollution, cosy warmth (warm feet even without socks), straightforward cleaning and care, a high degree of durability – delighting parents and children alike. It goes without saying that adults can enjoy design flooring too, e.g. in the living room, hallway or bedroom. This product range is even ideal for commercial areas with normal load, such as offices or waiting rooms. 


Authentic decor, great look, trendy formats 

All design flooring products from MEISTER impress with their trendy decors – from classic Oak through light Pine and trendy vintage wood to stone looks such as slate. Our design flooring's authentic-looking wood effects are inspired by real woods. Structures that can be felt in the surface ensure even more authenticity. MEISTER design flooring is therefore extremely suitable for modern and trendy floor design in private as well as commercial areas with normal wear. As far as the look is concerned, you can choose between plank and multi-strip as well as the colour ranges light, medium und dark. And in terms of format you can choose between long plank, short plank and tile formats. In a nutshell: MEISTER offers you a huge selection to satisfy every taste and living style. 

5 good reasons for MEISTER design flooring: 

  • Extremely durable and sturdy and thus suitable for areas subject to heavy wear.  
  • Easy to maintain, high quality, straightforward. 
  • Authentic decor und structures you can feel bring modern design into your home.  
  • Simple to install thanks to the modern click system.  
  • 100% free of harmful plasticisers and PVC-free.  
Wasserfester Designboden im Badezimmer

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