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Laminat macht in jedem Raum eine gute Figur, besonders in der Küche
Laminatboden von MEISTER in der Küche

Laminate flooring: attractive, carefree and versatile 

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Laminate flooring has been the best selling hard floor covering for years. Hardly surprising, since laminate flooring stands like no other for a durable and at the same time attractive floor design. All-round uncomplicated flooring with a very good price/performance ratio that requires very little attention and will ensure you keep a beautiful and resistant floor for many years to come – guaranteed. 

What actually is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made up to 95% from natural resources, mostly wood. The heart is a board made of compressed wood fibres (HDF board). On the underside, it has a backing to stabilise it. Some laminate floors have an integrated sound-absorbing cushion too. On top is the “face” of the laminate flooring, the decor paper featuring authentic wood effects, stone decors or really creative designs. The top layer (the walking layer) consists of tough melamine resin. This makes the laminate flooring incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

Produktaufbau von Laminat
Product structure:
Diamond Pro® surface / Overlay with LD 55, LC 55 (S)
The special Diamond Pro surface sees to our laminate flooring‘s resistance to microscratches and abrasion and provides additional protection against wear.
Decor paper
HDF middle layer AquaSafe+
(with LS350, LL250, LD250)
AquaStop-edge impregnation
(except LS 350, LD 55, LC 55 (S))
Integrated sound absorption 
with LL 150 S: 2 mm PUR, with LC 55 S: 1,5 mm PUR
MEISTER laminate with integrated noise reduction is extra quiet and ensures a particularly attractive ambient sound.

An overview of our laminate flooring

Back to nature – the benefits of MEISTER laminate flooring

Icon Laminat ist ökologisch

Ecological and compatible with healthy living 

Our laminate consists of 95% natural materials – particularly wood – is almost entirely carbon-neutral and is free from PVC and plasticisers. Sustainable flooring that is made for healthy living.
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Icon strapazierfähiges Laminat

Durable and low-maintenance

The robust and durable surface prevents the ingress of dust and dirt. The “Diamond Pro” surface finish increases resistance against micro-scratches and abrasion and offers additional protection against wear and tear. That is what makes laminate flooring so hygienic, easy to maintain and durable.
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Icon umgeschüttetes Rotweinglas auf Laminat

Natural and authentic

Modern printing techniques and special embossed surfaces create laminate decors with a deceptively authentic and natural look and feel – especially on products with a synchronous pore structure. The most authentic wood effect among our decor flooring.
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Icon Laminat ist kratzresistent

Flexible and easy to use

Thanks to the intelligent click system, all plank formats are easy to install by yourself. With its high wear class of 23/32 and comprehensive protection against humidity, laminate is extremely flexible and suitable for all living areas and commercial spaces.
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Lichtechtes Laminat


Thanks to its material, laminate flooring is one of the most colour-fast floors there is. Compared to vinyl floors, its colours remain beautiful for years even when exposed to sunlight - perfect forrooms with large windows.
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Deceptively realistic surfaces with a difference you can feel

Real-brand laminate flooring like that of MEISTER is also really authentic: the specially embossed surfaces of MEISTER laminate flooring are matched individually to the decorative image. The advantage: When you move your fingers over the surface you actually feel the texture of the wood: wood pores, filled knots and cracks – just like you would with real wood flooring (such as parquet). Different depths and degrees of gloss characterise the varying pore structures and give this floor its authentic appearance. This minor yet noticeable detail makes our high-grade MEISTER laminate flooring stand out from the rest.

laminatboden im Badezimmer

Comprehensive protection against humidity

With MEISTER laminate flooring, the technical advantages go even further. All our laminate floors (except for the LC 55/LC 55 S collections and LD 55/ LD 55 S) are equipped with comprehensive protection against humidity (“AquaSafe System | AquaSafe System+”). This makes them water-resistant and protects the planks from the ingress of moisture. The melamine resin surface is fully waterproof by nature. Our patented click system creates a tight seal at the joints and protects against penetrating moisture in combination with our AquaStop edge impregnation. In addition, our laminate floors have an anti-swelling base board, which provides up to 24 hours of protection in standing moisture with the AquaSafe System+, or up to four hours with the Aqua Safe system. This makes MEISTER laminate flooring extremely suitable for installation in the bathroom and a great alternative for anyone who isn’t keen on tiles! For example, high-quality oak planks can look stunning in bathrooms!

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The new laminate edition m8

NEW: Laminate Edition M8

Endlessly beautiful, super wide, extremely natural - that is the laminate Edition M8. The extra wide short planks have an impressive endless character thanks to the almost seamless transitions at the short end. A transition profile only needs to be set after 10 meters. Even at second glance, the authentic matt decorative surface can hardly be distinguished from a real wood flooring. Of course, the Edition M8 also offers all the other advantages of a laminate floor: it is hard-wearing, water-resistant (4 hours), easy to care for and easy to install.

Simple and straightforward 

Our high-quality laminate flooring appeals for more than just its beautiful appearance and water-resistant properties. Although laminate flooring has long been one of the most popular floor coverings, it is constantly being technically and aesthetically improved. Thanks to its ideal technical properties, MEISTER laminate flooring is the perfect durable, low-maintenance choice for every room. The “Diamond Pro” surface finish increases resistance against micro-scratches and abrasion and offers additional protection against wear. The “antistatic” feature is a special highlight. It protects against electric charging – and attracts less dirt, so the floor covering is much easier to clean. Laminate floors from MEISTER are very forgiving of mishaps with waterproof felt pens, nail varnish, cooking oil, vinegar or paint. Small stains can be removed without causing any damage using acetone, thinner or alcohol. Our laminate flooring is also colour-fast and heat-resistant. Unlike real wood or vinyl floors, its colours remain beautiful for years, even when exposed to the sun. Laminate flooring is the perfect choice for every living area and is also suitable for commercial areas with a normal level of use (e.g. offices). 

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MEISTER Laminate LD 150 Bodega oak 6403

Versatile design

MEISTER laminate flooring offers a choice between different formats (long plank, short plank, tile), as well as a wide range of different wood, stone and other decors, the most popular being oak. Long plank formats work to their best effect in spacious rooms, while short planks and tiles are suitable for all rooms and can be transported and installed with ease. One central design factor is the appearance of the joints. 
While products without joints ensure a continuous, harmonious-looking floor, planks with an all-round joint are clearly distinguished from each other. These decors have an extremely sharp and defined look. With long planks in particular (often in imitation oak), longitudinal joints create a beautiful effect and make the planks appear almost endless. 

In terms of colour, (almost) everything is possible with MEISTER laminate, from light maple through natural oak effects to dark imitation slate.

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View laminate flooring in your own room

Here’s how it’s done: 

1. Open the Interior Designer and swipe through to find your favourite flooring

2. Use the camera icon to upload a photo of your own room* or select one of the stock images

3. Save your favourite flooring to your mood board by tapping the heart icon 

View flooring in your own room
View flooring in your own room

Simple installation and care

Patented click systems not only ensure convenient, fast and low-price installation without screwing or gluing: they also ensure that laminate flooring planks remain in place long-term. The flooring can be easily installed on top of underfloor heating too. Some of our products even include an integrated sound-absorbing cushion (watch out for the “S” in the product name). This makes installation even more fun, even for DIY installers. Tip: Take a look at our installation instructions with a video and step-by-step explanation to find out how to install MEISTER laminate flooring. 

It’s extremely easy to maintain as well: vacuuming is sufficient in the case of light soiling, while damp wiping with matching cleaning products from specialist retailers will take care of heavier soiling. In contrast to other products, laminate flooring does not require time-consuming oiling or sealing treatment. See our page “Caring for laminate flooring” for more information.

Heller Laminat im Dekor Multiwood 6849 aus verschiedenen Holzarten nachempfunden

Laminate, parquet or vinyl flooring – what are the differences? 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the large choice of floor coverings and to feel uncertain which is the right one for you. Unlike the other floor types, parquet flooring is made of real wood. By its very nature, it creates a natural, cosy atmosphere in any room. Oak is a particularly popular choice. However, real wood requires more intensive care, which is not the case with laminate and vinyl flooring. You can read about the exact differences between parquet and laminate flooring in our “Knowledge” section.

Just like laminate, vinyl flooring (including click vinyl) is a decorative floor covering. Its surface imitates the look of real wood or stone. As suggested by the name, most click vinyl floors are connected via a click system and, like laminate flooring, can also be laid in floating installations. However, some click vinyl contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or other harmful plasticisers. This means laminate flooring comes out on top when it comes to healthy living. MEISTER laminate flooring is certified safe by the Blue Angel seal. 

5 good reasons for MEISTER laminate flooring

  • Naturally quiet 
    particularly the variants with integrated noise reduction.
  • Simple to install 
    click laminate without bonding, screwing or gluing.
  • Easy to maintain and durable at the same time. 
  • 100% ecological and healthy
    The Blue Angel is proof of that.
  • A wide range of decors 
    from beech through oak to walnut

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