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MEISTER Echtholzpaneele zusammen mit MEISTER Filzpaneele an einer Wand

Panels: Cladding is a thing of the past.

Kreative Wandgestaltung mit Echtholzpaneele und Filzpaneele kombiniert

Panels: Cladding is a thing of the past.

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How do you like it? Stylish or cosy? Classic or trendy? Modern or conservative? Homeliness has many facets – just like MEISTER wall and ceiling panels! They can be used to emphasise design features in a range of variants: from robust craft wood to elegant white, and from cosy felt to modern metallic and concrete – making them much more than a basic wall cladding!

Panels ensure a perfect aesthetic on your walls and ceilings, and they also have a number of technical advantages. For example, with proper insulation, they can keep a room warm, prevent mould when installed on bathroom walls or ceilings with a suitable substructure, and for loft conversions, they can spare you the hard work of sanding and plastering the walls or putting up wallpaper. What’s more, MEISTER panels are available in a wide range of different designs, decors and lengths, giving you the freedom to create any design you desire. You can choose from modern felt or real wood with hand-crafted character, as well as many high-quality imitations of wood or stone.

If panels still reminds you of dark, heavy wood panelling or your grandmother’s wall cladding, wait until you see the new Meister panels:

An overview of panels by MEISTER

System panels: Flexible installation options with style 

The system panel range from Meister is incredibly versatile! The individual planks from the two collections, MeisterPanels. nova and MeisterPanels. style, are available in three different widths. This gives you countless decorative installation options to choose from. The most striking option is probably the 3D installation, made possible by a double groove and planks in different widths. Other types of installation, such as shingle-style or installation in rows, create a more homogeneous look. A completely uniform installation with a smooth surface is also possible as a wall covering, for example. The two system panel collections can be perfectly combined with one another. But each collection is also stunning in its own right – be it as wall panels, ceiling panels, or both! 

The MeisterPanels. style SP 800 are an acoustic panel that provides excellent room acoustics. Especially in modern living spaces without carpets, curtains or blinds, room noise can be suboptimal. The felt panels SP 800 provide a quick and stylish solution. The high-quality, vegan felt surface absorbs 35% of room noise – even if they only partially cover the surface area of the wall or ceiling. And it scores points for sustainability too: The surface of the panels is made of recycled material (100% for grey tones and 50% for terra brown and olive), and is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life. 

The modern decors are right at home in the MeisterPanels. nova SP 300 collection: the elegant surfaces and striking structures of these Meister panels make walls an exceptional part of your home. Be it cool metallic, harmonious wood decors or modern concrete designs: the selection is great and leaves (almost) nothing to be desired. MeisterPanels. nova can also be used in bathrooms, as they are suitable for humid rooms.

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Filzpaneele von MEISTER mit Red Dot Auszeichnung

Award-winning design: the felt acoustic panels win the Red Dot Design Award 

The MeisterPanels. style felt acoustic panels were awarded the “Red Dot” award for excellent design quality by an international jury.

The Red Dot Award: Product Design is awarded annually to the best products of the year. Every year, an expert committee consisting of 50 jurors from a variety of disciplines looks for well-designed and aesthetically pleasing products, which are evaluated in a process lasting several days. The evaluation criteria include formal quality, ergonomics and durability.
The MeisterPanels. style SP 800 impressed the jury and were awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2021.

The new felt panels are not only sound-absorbing, modern and sustainable; they now officially feature an award-winning design!

MEISTER Real wood panels MeisterPanels. craft EP 500 Old Denim oak

Real wood panels: Grainy wood with hand-crafted character 

Natural, robust, distinctive – with MeisterPanels. craft, anything goes! Deep cracks, knotholes, extreme brushing of the surface structure, or a vintage look – quite simply, “craft”. And because what is true for floor coverings, also applies to wall and ceiling design: nothing achieves atmosphere and natural character in a room as quickly and effortlessly as real wood. The MeisterPanels. craft EP 500 wood panels do just that, and to top it off, also bring an element of uniqueness to every room. Not only is the practical short format of the panels easy to install; they also have a rich depth of colour to bring plenty of variety to your walls and ceilings. High-quality hard wax oil ensures the perfect finish and also makes the panels extremely easy to clean.

The real wood collection encompasses six high-quality oak variants – one in a raw, unfinished look for individual treatment with paints or varnishes.

Decorative panels: great variety of wall and ceiling designs

MeisterPanels. terra decorative panels: Healthy living premium panels with anti-mould effect. Designing your living spaces with decorative panels opens up new creative possibilities. In our MeisterPanels. terra, a beautiful aesthetic meets attractive, invisible properties. The tongue and groove panels come in five different lengths and two widths. As a result, they can be used as wall or ceiling panels in any type of space. The specially developed Terragen base board is practically formaldehyde-free and especially suited to healthy living. Together with the special Terracell surface, MeisterPanels. terra are unbeatable – even pesky mould is no match for them!

MeisterPanels. bocado decorative panels: Simply selected, simply installed! MeisterPanels. bocado decorative panels suit any room and enhance its appearance, whether they are installed on the wall or ceiling. They are ideal for loft conversions and make a stylish interior design possible without laborious sanding, painting or wallpapering. A plus point of this type of wall and ceiling cladding is that it prevents the development of settlement cracks, and your walls and ceilings stay beautiful for a long time as a result. Depending on your chosen decor, the panels appear elegantly reserved or make a strong statement!

The bocado panels also enable different joint patterns, thanks to their tongue and groove system. Depending on the width of the panels, they are available with an invisible joint, a subtly visible joint, or a 3-mm shadow joint. The different joint patterns create intriguing aesthetics and light effects on the wall or ceiling. When it comes to installation, the MeisterPanels bocado are extremely easy to install and can even be installed by a single person. Special screws instead of profile clamps make fixing the panels to the batten extremely quick. For lengths of 3.30 m and up, we recommend enlisting the help of a second pair of hands.

Watch our video with detailed step-by-step instructions to learn how MEISTER panels are installed. 

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Akustikpaneele Filz basaltgrau
Eiche Echtholzpaneele als Highlight an der Wand
MeisterPaneele. bocado in Weiß in einem Badezimmer
Comprehensive mouldings for the perfect finish on ends, transition or corners
Mouldings for the perfect finish on ends, transition or corners

Matching accessories 

Just like for MEISTER floors, there is a comprehensive range of accessories available for MEISTER panels. We offer a complete range of mouldings for the perfect finish on ends, transition or corners. As you would expect, the mouldings match the decors of the panels.

When the floor goes up the walls: Wall design with parquet and Lindura

Incidentally, Flooring can also make an excellent wall covering. With the simple rail system, you can install parquet and Lindura wood flooring from MEISTER on your walls to create a special accent in your home. Parquet flooring and Lindura are available with many different surfaces for use as wall panelling. By the way, you can also add decorative and practical highlights to your floors or skirting boards with LED floor lights. The full range of lighting from MEISTER can be found in our Accessories section.

MEISTER Parkett PC 400 an einer Wand

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