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Panels: Cladding is a thing of the past. 


Designing your floors and selecting your furniture are important to creating a comfortable living space, but there’s more to it than that: don’t forget to consider your walls and floors! There are so many options for creating rooms with their very own individual touch, and our high-quality wall panels and ceiling panels are an excellent choice. 

Panels ensure a perfect visual appearance, and they also have a number of technical advantages. For example, with proper insulation, they can keep a room warm, they can prevent mould when installed on bathroom walls or ceilings, and for loft conversions, they can spare you the hard work of sanding and plastering the walls or putting up wallpaper. What’s more, MEISTER panels are available in a wide range of different decors, giving you the freedom to create any design you desire. You can choose from a myriad of high-quality imitation wood and stone looks, as well as many other decors.  

An overview of panels by MEISTER

Ausgebauter Dachboden mit Deckenpaneele

Ceiling panels: A clever solution for loft conversions 

Planning a loft conversion? Then you should definitely consider panels, as they can make the job a whole lot easier. With panels, you can create stylish interior designs without the need for sanding, painting or wallpapering. They also prevent masonry cracks that are the result of the roof truss moving. Panels keep your walls and ceilings beautiful for a long time! The same is true for bathrooms, as MEISTER panels are approved for installation in humid rooms (not in areas directly exposed to splashing water). This means you can install them in bathrooms with an appropriate rear-ventilated substructure as well as in kitchen diners.

Installation is easier than you might think, and many collections offer a practical 1-person installation aid, meaning you can even complete the job without additional assistance. This innovative principle makes work considerably easier and can be conveniently carried out by just one person: The panel can be quickly and securely fixed in the right position thanks to a click mechanism that prevents it slipping out of the groove, whilst still allowing it to be moved lengthways. For panels measuring 3.30 metres or more, we recommend a two man installation.

MEISTER Systempaneele Nova mit 3D Effekt hinter einer Sitzecke

Wall panels: Creating accents with wall coverings

Wall panels from MEISTER can be used in a range of different ways. Of course, it’s possible to cover an entire wall in panels, but that option is less popular nowadays. Panels are more often used as a clever design element on walls. Wall panels that only partially cover a wall can highlight a certain section of a room, such as a cosy reading nook. Half-height panelling reminiscent of the English or American farmhouse style also creates beautiful accents in any home. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to wall design. The Nova SP 300 system panels are a particularly special type of wall covering. 

The Nova collection’s elegant surfaces and effective structures make walls an exceptional part of your home. Cool metallic, harmonious wood decor or modern design concrete look: the selection is extensive and leaves (almost) nothing to be desired. Nova panels can also be used in bathrooms, as they are suitable for humid rooms. 

Thanks to the double groove on each element and the three different available widths, these panels can be used to achieve striking 3D effects, which are even more effectively highlighted by incidental lighting from the side. This gives the wall a relief finish which impressively emphasises the room’s ambience. Incidentally, flooring can also make an excellent wall veneer. With the simple rail system, you can install parquet and Lindura wood flooring from MEISTER on your walls to create a special accent in your home. Parquet flooring and Lindura are available in many different surfaces.


How should panels be cleaned? 

One major advantage of panels as wall veneers is that they are easy to clean. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth that has been thoroughly wrung out, and all types of dirt will disappear – from children’s hand prints to splatters of tomato sauce. And that’s just one way in which panels are miles ahead of wallpaper! Do not use any scouring creams or powders, as these agents can damage the surface of the panels.

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