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Reinigung und Pflege von MEISTER Böden
Reinigung und Pflege von MEISTER Böden

Maintenance and cleaning

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Cleaning of the MEISTER floors starts immediately after installation: The very first cleaning that a floor should always go through is referred to as cleaning after completion of construction work. It is used to remove dust and dirt and any adhesive residues that may have formed during installation and thus make the floor fit for long-term use. In our detailed care instructions we show you how exactly the final cleaning after completion of construction work is carried out and which cleaning agents should be used.

In addition, you will of course also find information on cleaning in the event of normal or heavy soiling and on the care that will preserve the flooring’s value. While laminate and designer floors are quite uncomplicated to maintain, parquet or Lindura wood floors with their oiled or matt lacquered surfaces have slightly different requirements. Here you will also find the necessary tips and tricks as well as advice on the right care products – so that you can continue to enjoy your floor for a long time!

Our maintenance instructions at a glance