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Lindura wood flooring by MEISTER

Lindura wood flooring: high-tech wood flooring 

Lindura from MEISTER is a wood flooring unlike any experienced before. Extremely durable, with a rustic character, in XXL format, at a good price! And because it is made using special wood powder technology and from 100 % natural materials, it even carries the Blue Angel ecolabel.

High-tech flooring or genuine natural materials? Lindura wood flooring is a fascinating combination of the two. The secret is our innovative wood powder technology that turns a simple floor covering into truly high-tech wooden flooring. Wood powder is a mix of materials, including fine wood fibres, mineral components and other natural additives; it is fused under high pressure and heat into a real wood covering layer, an HDF middle layer and a backing layer. The result is natural yet extremely durable high-tech wood flooring that copes extremely well with many loads. High heels, football boots or dropped objects make no impression on Lindura. The perfect floor for real life – in houses, apartments or commercial offices! We even tested this in our lab: A metal ball dropped with 4,000 newtons of pressure makes a clearly visible dent in standard parquet flooring. With Lindura there are hardly any traces to be seen.

Lindura wood flooring by MEISTER

Optical variety in oak and walnut 

Visually, Lindura wood flooring is in a league of its own. The floors that come in rustic grading and authentic grading stand out with their expressive surfaces that are somewhat reminiscent of a ‘used’ look. With a rich variety of hues and a naturally oiled finish, each plank is a reflection of nature and unique from every perspective. Those who prefer things a little less rustic can opt for a calmer grading and a matt lacquered surface: It makes a perfectly harmonious impression! Oak and walnut woods are available. 

Regardless of the surface, all Lindura variants have one thing in common: These country house style planks come in a format that is rather unique in the wood flooring segment. By the way, high-tech wood flooring is particularly attractive in spacious rooms, which allow the large-format wooden planks (also known as country house style planks or long planks) in XXL format (2.20 m x 27 cm and 2.60 m x 32 cm) to really come into their own.

Lindura Landhausdielen im XXL Format in einem Wohnzimmer
Lindura-Holzboden in olivgrau
Weißer Lindura-Holzboden in einem Flur

No need for sanding: Overnight flooring renovation

The traditional process of sanding down flooring the way you would with parquet is not necessary with Lindura wood flooring, thanks to its extremely hard real wood covering layer pressed with wood powder. But Lindura can also be renovated if necessary. The oiled surface of naturally oiled floors can be easily renewed by re-oiling (even partially, in the case of more minor damage).

Matt lacquered Lindura wood flooring is very easy to renovate. The Bona Recoat System makes the renovation of ageing flooring fast and cost-effective. This system does not involve the time-consuming stripping of the entire surface down to the raw wood; rather, only the top layer of lacquer is sanded down and resealed. This removes the cleaning product residue, foot marks and light scratches, and the flooring is ready to use again the next day. 

Renovation with the Bona Recoat System in four steps: 

1. Clean the floor thoroughly
2. Sand down the floor using the Bona Diamond System
3. Vacuum up/wipe up sanding dust
4. Use a roller to apply Bona Traffic HD

You can find further information on renovating matt lacquered Lindura wood flooring on our MEISTER YouTube channel.

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The new Lindura wood flooring by MEISTER
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