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With MEISTER, you can be sure that everything goes together! Underlay materials, profiles and ends – you get everything from one source. MEISTER makes your flooring into an integrated furnishing solution that suits you perfectly and, most importantly, will reliably bring you many years of joy. Discover our comprehensive range of accessories:

An overview of all accessories for MEISTER products

Installation and mounting accessories

Naturally, you will need the proper expertise to install your flooring, but you also need the right installation accessories. And MEISTER even offers accessories that are customised for our products. Precise fitting wooden wedges, for example, ensure the required distance from the wall is maintained throughout the floor laying process. The herringbone template allows even complex laying patterns to be completed in no time, and cutting the particularly hard Nadura planks is easy with the special jigsaw blade.

We also offer the right fixings for mounting our wall and ceiling products. Detailed information for installing or mounting various MEISTER flooring and panels is provided in our comprehensive Installation and Care Instructions and the installation videos on our YouTube channel.

Underlay materials for flooring

Underlay materials

Without good underlay, it’s not a good floor. The underlay material has a significant influence on the durability of the flooring and is an important component of how the entire system functions as far as day-to-day wear is concerned. Premium-quality flooring may suffer damage when laid on poor-quality underlay. Whereas high quality underlay ensures long enjoyment of your flooring – by preventing damage to the click connections with ideal pressure stability, for example – excessively soft underlay can have a significantly negative effect on fold-down connections. MEISTER offers a range of underlay materials perfectly coordinated to the subfloor. You can find further information here.

The special PUR mineral blend makes MEISTER-Silence 25 DB, MEISTER-Silence 20 or MEISTER-Silence 15 DB the ideal insulating underlay for effective room and footfall noise protection. The high self-weight of the products also further improves their sound-absorbing properties. In the case of Silence 25 DB and 15 DB, the vapour barrier is already integrated, which means the laying of an additional PE-film is no longer necessary on mineral subfloors. The insulating underlay MEISTER-SilenceGrip is a 1.5 mm thick underlay made of a PUR mineral blend with non-slip effect; it was specially developed for floor coverings with a solid, elastic and synthetic core with click system. The underlay fulfils the increased requirements of the technical bulletin issued by the MMFA (Multilayer Modular Flooring Association) for Class 2 floor coverings.

Cleaning and protective care agents

For many types of flooring, regular hoovering and damp mopping as needed forms the foundation of proper cleaning, and in many cases, that is sufficient. MEISTER also offers a range of cleaning and protective care agents perfectly matched to every product to keep your MEISTER flooring beautiful for a long time. Depending on the type of flooring – naturally oiled or matt lacquered parquet, for example, or laminate flooring or design flooring – there are various types of products available for cleaning and maintenance.

Further accessories: Profiles, mouldings accessories, radiator rosettes

The tricky part of installing flooring is getting the different transitions right, such as to the wall, to the stairs or other flooring. The numerous transition, connection, stair and end profiles from MEISTER make sure that things will go smoothly.

To ensure that even difficult corners and edges fit perfectly, MEISTER offers internal corners, external corners, end caps and connection pieces to match many mouldings. This spares you precision sawing, and if there is damage – particularly on the external corners – the caps can be easily exchanged.

In new buildings, it’s usually not an issue, but during renovations, it can be: The new flooring needs to be installed so that it fits precisely around the heating pipes. Suitable MEISTER radiator rosettes in many different colours cover these finishes harmoniously as well.