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MEISTER Böden sind für die Verlegung auf Fußbodenheizungen geeignet
MEISTER Böden sind für die Verlegung auf Fußbodenheizungen geeignet

Walk barefoot through your apartment, even in winter

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Many people like to walk barefoot at home – not only because it's healthy, but also because it feels good. However, some floors radiate an uncomfortable feeling of cold. In such cases, it’s tempting to put on thick socks, especially in winter. Or to opt for warm wood floors instead.

Schuhe auf einem Lindura-Holzboden

Wood flooring for warm feet 

Walking barefoot is healthy: Firstly, it strengthens muscles and ligaments, stabilising the ankle and reducing the risk of injury from twisting. It can also prevent faulty positioning of the feet, pelvis and back. In fact, your entire posture will improve if your foot muscles are even and well developed.

Contrary to a common misconception, cold feet do not automatically cause colds, but nobody wants to freeze on the other hand – especially at home. If you still want to walk barefoot in your own home, you are well advised to use a real wood flooring, as this is particularly warm underfoot compared to surfaces such as tiles.

Good to know: A floor is considered to be warm underfoot when it has a temperature that is comfortable for the feet. This is the case when it only slowly absorbs the body heat emitted via the feet, thereby preventing the feet from cooling down. How quickly body heat is absorbed depends on the flooring material. The faster your body heat is transmitted to the flooring, the faster the sole of your foot cools down and the floor feels cold. This is the case, for example, with ceramic flooring such as tiles. In contrast, wood flooring absorbs heat very slowly. This gives human blood circulation enough time to keep the temperature in the feet stable.

Warm flooring with a feel-good atmosphere 

Parquet flooring is and remains the classic among wooden floors. With its natural and individual look, this flooring magically creates a feel-good atmosphere in every home. One reason for this is that it is considered a be a floor that is warm underfoot, which makes it particularly cosy. Not only people walking barefoot, but also many pets like the tried-and-tested wood floor. They love to lie on the pleasantly heated planks to take a nap, even in winter.

The same applies to the Lindura wood flooring from MEISTER. Just like parquet flooring, this durable flooring absorbs body heat very slowly so that even bare feet feel pleasantly warm. Nadura is another floor with a high wood content in the surface, making it particularly warm underfoot. 

To sum up: 

  • Warm to the foot:
    A floor is considered warm underfoot if it absorbs body heat very slowly, which means that the feet do not cool down as quickly.n.
  • It's the material that counts:
    Whether a flooring is warm underfoot depends on the material. Wood floors are generally warm, while materials such as ceramic or concrete are perceived as cold. 

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Walk barefoot through your apartment