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The triumph of a classic: oak-look floorings

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Among the woods used for furniture and floorings, oak is particularly popular. Both the stability of the material and its timeless look are appreciated. But it doesn’t have to be real wood: Floors with an imitation oak look can also create a beautiful and comfortable living ambience.

Good to know
Symbolic: because of its hard wood and impressive size, the oak tree represents strength and power. That is why it is also a popular symbol for coats of arms.

Floorings inspired by real wood

If you want to bring a piece of nature into your own four walls, a floor in oak decor is just the thing. The appearance of oak is both versatile and timeless, and is ideally suited to enhance living areas. Oak decor on modern floors doesn’t just offer an impressive look – the embossed fine structure of the floorings also makes for a high-quality feel. Branch fillings, wood pores and cracks are not only visible, but also palpable – just like with a real wood subfloor. The three-dimensionally finished design floors or laminate floors are hardly distinguishable from parquet floors and similar at first glance.

An impactful variety of design and laminate floorings

Oak decor floors are equally suitable for traditional and modern living styles – the pattern chosen and the colour of the floor covering are what make the difference. Since real oak wood can be pre-treated in many ways and therefore has a wide range of colours, the oak decor of laminate floors and design floorings also offers numerous variations that give every room that certain something:

  • Light colours such as grey-white and white can appear anywhere from calm and lively to the observer.
  • Medium tones such as caramel brown create a warm and inviting ambience.
  • Darker nuances such as anthracite and antique brown give a room a rustic or elegant note.

Those who are looking for a subdued look or a contemporary furnishing style will prefer floor coverings with a harmoniously designed surface. The visible planks are colour coordinated, while there are clearly recognisable contrasts of the individual nuances or visible irregularities and knotholes. Floorings with this look make a traditional impression and, for example, can complete a rustic country house interior. 

You can, of course, choose whatever appeals to you. With the conscious choice of a versatile oak-look decor that harmoniously flows into every individual living concept, stylish combinations with furniture and living accessories can be created. If the grain and colour are matched to furniture made of real wood or with a wood look, the result is a harmonious overall picture. 

Good to know
Bog oak: it’s not a separate species of tree, but rather refers to tree trunks that were hidden in bogs and swamps for centuries. Their wood has a particular hardness and a characteristic colouring.

Embossed surfaces for a real wood look

Design and laminate floorings can not only bring the authentic look of an oak surface into your home. Selected floorings also offer an absolute real wood feeling. If you stroke gently over the surface of the floor, you can feel the natural-like grains.

The styles are referred to using terms like special pore effect, wood finish or authentic wood. Many manufacturers add a third dimension when developing their flooring and give them a tangible grain in addition to the visible grain. Once the visible and tactile decors have been coordinated, it is difficult even for professionals to tell the difference between an oak parquet and a flooring designed to look like one. You can find out more about the structures that MEISTER flooring used here

Benefits of oak-look flooring

  • Laminate and design floorings are tougher and more durable than real wood floorings.
  • They also offer a wider variety of decor and colour choices.
  • They require less care.
  • Many laminate and design floorings are more resistant to moisture.
  • Oak look floors are often cheaper than the alternative made of real wood.

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The triumph of a classic: Oak-look floorings