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Laminate flooring in trendy grey

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The colour grey is very much on-trend right now; it’s impossible to imagine modern interiors without it. You can find it in furniture, fabrics, carpeting, wallpapers, and of course, flooring. And with good reason: Grey is a highly versatile colour. Depending on how it is used, grey can take centre stage, or it can stand back and compliment other colours in the room. Do you prefer a more subtle and timeless interior design? Then you might consider combining grey flooring with a classic decor in oak to create the perfect foundation for a balanced, harmonious design in your space. Or maybe bold, expressive colours are more your thing? Grey flooring can be an excellent choice here, too, as it soothes and draws the eye to a neutral point in an otherwise colourful room and keeps bold colours from overloading the ambience.

Laminate flooring in grey by MEISTER

The quick-change artist: Laminate flooring 

Laminate flooring is available in a particularly wide variety of grey decors. The entire spectrum of colours and decors is at your fingertips – from light grey (greige tones, grey-white) to dark grey variants (imitation slate). With modern technology, the sky’s the limit in laminate flooring. Grey laminate flooring can be easily combined with different colours of furniture. Furniture fronts in white or imitation woods like oak are very much on trend right now, for example. Even the latest trending colours like aquamarine go well with grey laminate flooring. Lighting is one of the factors that determines the best shade of grey for a given room. If a room does not have many windows, or if it faces north and tends to be dark, the shade of grey used for the flooring can also be rich and dark. In lighter, brighter rooms – the type you often find in Nordic-style spaces – a lighter grey shade is usually the best choice. Naturally, strong contrasts can also be appealing. Furniture made of light, blond woods or white furniture can contrast beautifully with dark-grey flooring in a slate look. Here’s a tip, in case you’re not dead-set on laminate flooring: Take a look at our Nadura collection. You’ll find a broad spectrum of grey shades there. Another factor that shouldn’t be underestimated when selecting grey (laminate) flooring is that it is very easy to maintain. Obviously, that’s true for all laminate flooring, but grey is a particularly hard-wearing colour, making grey flooring a breeze to clean. Giving it a quick once-over with the hoover or a broom is usually enough. Of course, mopping can also help to remove coarser dirt in areas such as corridors or hallways. With a damp mop and the right cleaning products, the job is done in no time. You will also find a wide selection of cleaning and care products in the accessories section.


Spacious and elegant: Planks 

Grey laminate flooring comes in many different formats. The format of a plank has a major impact on how the flooring looks in a room. Large-format planks are particularly popular at the moment. At over two metres long, work best planks in spacious rooms. The decor is usually designed as a single ‘board’ or a full plank (known as a 1-strip look) and is not made of smaller pieces assembled into a whole, which gives it an impressively high-quality overall look. Planks are available from the Melango collection in the MEISTER product range. Grey decors include ‘Mohair grey vintage oak’, ‘Cream grey oak’ and ‘White grey oak’. Of course, it doesn't always have to be oak! The ‘Dark vintage pine’ decor is also a perfect shade of grey.


Compact and no-fuss: Short planks 

Shorter-format planks also have their advantages. Firstly, it’s easier to transport and handle the smaller packages. A short plank format of around 1.30 metres in length is also completely sufficient for smaller rooms. As for the look, the shorter formats are generally available in 1-strip or 3-strip designs. In the 3-strip look, the decor is composed of several smaller pieces assembled into a whole (this surface type is known as 3-strip in parquet flooring, as well, and it is an extremely popular design). Fans of the 3-strip look will find what they’re looking for at MEISTER in the Micala collection (such as ‘Light oak’) or in the Classic collection (‘Brushed wood’).


Modern and practical: Tiles 

Finally, grey laminate flooring is also available in tile format – or, to be more precise, in a modern, square, large-format tile. Imitation stone is the main look here; slate comes in many different hues (‘Slate anthracite’ or ‘Slate grey’). Imitation metal is also unique and exciting; it’s a look that is almost exclusively possible with laminate flooring (‘Blue Metal’). The tile format is popular for kitchens and hallways, where it serves as a durable, unbreakable and easy-to-lay alternative to stone and ceramic tile.

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