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Schiffsboden Parkett aus Eiche in einer offenen Küche

Three-strip parquet

Parkett als Schiffsboden in einer Küche

Three-strip parquet

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Three-strip parquet flooring refers to a certain type of parquet in which several small pieces of wood are put together on a plank. The elements are aligned offset to one another other and are glued firmly to the base board. Three-strip flooring gets its name from the separate strips or pieces of wood that are aligned next to each other. This flooring is reminiscent of a ship’s deck as it is arranged in the same way as that of a ship, which is why we often hear of ‘ship’s deck design’. Oak is the species usually reserved for this kind of parquet, but that can be attributed to the latest trends more than anything else. Other kinds of wood such as beech, maple, ash, or even larch are equally suitable. The opposite of 3-strip parquet are planks in which the wood wear layer is made of a continuous plank, usually oak too.

Three-strip parquet by MEISTER

Helles Parkett in Schiffsboden-Optik

The best rooms for 3-strip parquet flooring

Three-strip parquet is naturally suitable for a range of applications in your home or apartment. Smaller rooms in particular are well-suited to 3-strip flooring. Large format plank flooring extending to more than 2m in length can be installed here too, but 3-strip flooring is a better option on account of its lower price. Each of the segments featured in this parquet flooring also lends smaller spaces a sense of diversity and dynamism. Dark brown strips follow lighter ones, rustic leads to harmonious areas or matt strips blend with slight gloss. 

Generally, 3-strip flooring does not require grooves or bevels at the side. Each parquet plank is laid directly next to the other without any breaks. That makes parquet flooring particularly homogenous. The direction in which you lay the strips also doesn’t matter - the choice is yours!

Which 3-strip floor designs are available? 

As is the case with other kinds of parquet flooring, we also offer an extensive selection of 3-strip floor designs. The finish is the first thing to consider. It is a question of aesthetic as to whether you opt for oiled or lacquered flooring. They also differ in terms of their technical properties. Oiled flooring appears natural, whereas a matt parquet surface is a little easier to maintain. A high-gloss floor is particularly impressive and extraordinary - but it’s certainly not for everyone (and can be susceptible to scratches). 

As mentioned previously, 3-strip floors are available in different species of wood (e.g. oak, beech, maple) and a variety of natural grades: from rustic (with many knots and cracks) and lively (some knots, rich colours) through to fully harmonious (very few cracks or knots). Additional surface finishes provide a diverse look: For brushed floors, the softer wooden components are brushed and the limed parquet has a touch of white in several places.

Eiche-Parkett in Schiffsboden-Optik
Eiche Parkett als Landhausdiele

How do you install 3-strip parquet flooring? 

MEISTER 3-strip flooring is a classic ready-made parquet and it is equipped with click a system and stable HDF base board, a 2.5mm-strong wear layer and sealed ready-to-use surface. Much like laminate flooring, it has been developed with a floating installation in mind, i.e. without adhesive. The simple and effective click connection makes it easy to install by yourself. MEISTER Longlife parquet is one of the most advanced ready-made parquet technologies on the market and it can therefore be installed as a floating floor over underfloor heating. By the way: Three-strip floors are particularly sustainable and resource saving compared with other kinds of flooring. Unlike plank production, these types of floor can be made from smaller pieces of wood and not only the larger planks from the inside of a tree trunk. It means the entire tree can be processed and thus results in less waste.

View MEISTER 3-strip parquet in your own room

Deciding on a new floor is not always easy. Light? Dark? What format? Does the flooring match the sofa? But now there’s a simple solution to answering all of these questions in the form of our new Interior Designer. Here’s how it’s done: 

1. Open the Interior Designer and swipe through to find your favourite flooring

2. Use the camera icon to upload a photo of your own room* or select one of the stock images

3. Save your favourite flooring to your mood board by tapping the heart icon  

View flooring in your own room
View flooring in your own room

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Three-strip parquet

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