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Graue Küche, grauer Boden - die Trendfarbe Grau in verschiedenen Schattierungen
Graue Küche, grauer Boden - die Trendfarbe Grau in verschiedenen Schattierungen

Grey is the new white – Living in shades of grey

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Warm, cool, glamorous or sophisticated: Grey is the new on-trend colour that comes in an extensive palette of different beautiful shades. In interior design, we find these stylish shades of grey on walls, in fabrics, on flooring and in furniture.

For a long time, white was considered the only modern colour, both outside and inside. White was uncontested and uncompromising. Designers loved to do everything in top-to-bottom white in order to showcase the architecture and overall design. White was considered the most neutral colour. For world-famous architect Richard Meier, the colour white even had a harmonising effect. He once said that he found white particularly appealing because it reflects the light especially well when the seasons turn.

But who says that white is the only all-rounder? White must be starting to show its age, because we’ve discovered that we’re longing for something new: We want a little more individuality and a little less neutrality at home. We want a colour that still highlights the architecture and details, and maybe even accentuates the beautiful moulding in older buildings.
We want a change from ubiquitous white. We’re looking for greater variety in the soft colours that touch our senses and have a timeless air.

Grey has many facets

Grey is the new white, and it has already stolen our hearts. Grey is subtle and still full of more nuance than white could ever be. And not all greys are the same: grey can be elegant, cool, romantic, modern, or even retro.

We can find the new grey on painted walls, as lacquered surfaces in furniture, in fabrics, accessories, and naturally, as flooring such as parquet, laminate, and design flooring.

Warm grey or cold: Grey comes in an enormous spectrum of shades. And in combination with various materials, brightnesses and surfaces, it creates a whole new lifestyle in interior design. Living in shades of grey.

Grey: A high-class colour

The best place to purchase a truly high-quality paint for walls and furniture is a specialised paint supply shop. Just like with flooring, the important things to pay attention to here are the quality of the product and the absence of harmful substances. High-quality paints are precisely mixed, and the various shades are perfectly coordinated. Even if you order the same colour again years later, you will receive exactly the same shade.

However, the shade you choose isn’t the only important factor.  High-quality paint has a higher level of pigmentation, resulting in intense, brilliant colours. The surface texture is important, too: A very matt grey looks vivid and intense. A slightly shiny surface, on the other hand, reflects the light, ensuring that even rooms painted in a very dark shade of grey still seem wide and spacious.

From wall to floor

The colour palette available for flooring is varied enough for 50 shades of grey. Light grey, dark grey – grey floors are always sure to catch the eye. When the floors and walls blend together in the same colour, it creates a harmonious look in a room. In fact, it even makes rooms look calmer and more spacious. Regardless of your preferred style of interior decor: Grey hues are already a modern classic that highlight your personal style.

Cottage in grey

Do you love to escape to the countryside? Then bring the rustic flair of a country outing into your home: with lots of wood and natural materials. The look is a delicate balance between cosy and tidy, with a hint of elegance.

Colour combinations of grey and cream are the perfect fit for this style. Silver grey parquet flooring in large-format planks with a high-gloss lacquered surface underscores the comfortable, elegant ambience. Cream-coloured furniture, grey linen and fluffy lambskins on seats and sofas enhance the farmhouse feeling. 

Oak parquet flooring in creem grey with a naturally oiled surface is another excellent foundation for a beautiful country cottage look. Light-coloured decorative accessories in shades of cream and grey lend your interior decor simplicity, tranquillity and ambience.

Grey statements

The colour grey is an ideal fit for an industrial style, with more raw materials and furniture made of steel, leather and wood.

A dining table with welded metal feet, wooden benches with cow skins draped over them and metal lamps complete the look. Tough flooring that can survive the occasional dropped tool is the perfect choice here. Wood flooring such as  oak parquet in titanium silver with a distinctive grading and a brushed surface is an excellent fit for this look.

Lindura wood flooring is a more durable alternative to traditional parquet flooring. Lindura planks are composed of a layer of real wood fused with a fine powder of wood fibres and minerals, creating a highly durable floor that is easy to maintain. The vintage structure of Lindura in rustic grey is particularly attractive, and it’s the perfect flooring for true factory style.

Catega Flex design flooring in ash vintage, for instance, is also an excellent complement to this look. This flooring has a low installation height of just 5 mm, making it ideal for renovations that last for the long term.

The quick check list for the 50 shades of grey interior decor trend: 

  • A genuine alternative to sterile white 
  • Broad spectrum of grey hues to mix and match 
  • Grey looks sophisticated 
  • Walls and floors can merge into one another 
  • Stainless steel or gold accessories create accents 
  • Lacquered and glossy surfaces are permitted and can be combined with other surfaces 
  • Combine different surfaces 

Bildnachweise: ©Photographee.eu (fotolia.de), ©Allusioni (fotolia.de)

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Living in shades of grey