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Laminate plank flooring

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Laminate plank flooring: The perfect aesthetic for every room

Rustic knots, fine oak grains, and an inspiring love of detail - modern laminate flooring has it all. Parquet flooring’s younger brother is all grown up. With deceptively real surfaces and looks, it is sure to impress and can be paired with a vast variety of styles and environments. Laminate flooring is extremely diverse. It is available in a wealth of formats (plank, 3-strip etc.), colours (from white and grey through to very dark) and designs. Oak is very common for wood effect floors (much like parquet flooring), but other species of wood such as beech, light maple, dark walnut, or pine have experienced a recent upsurge in popularity as laminate decor. 

An overview of our laminate planks


Authentic imitation oak

Laminate plank flooring in particular adds a unique structure to your space and really expresses the character of the latest natural and plank-style flooring. What makes high quality laminate plank flooring? The aesthetic is the most important thing when it comes to laminate as it always models real wood (usually oak) such that it imitates it in the most authentic manner possible. A continuous decorative image on each plank greater than two metres in length helps to ensure this natural look. It means that each detail is unique just like real parquet flooring. Thus, laminate flooring doesn’t appear artificial in any way! 

High quality laminate flooring can be recognised by its surface structure in particular. The sophisticated special pore effect is pressed into the fine structures of the laminate’s upper layer. They match the overall décor and imitate the different wood grains found in oak, beech, or walnut planks. That means not only can you see your floor’s wood, but you can feel it too! 

This type of flooring has a longitudinal V groove (also known as a bevel). It ensures a decent gap between each plank. If the end of the plank does not have a V groove or bevel, it will give your space the illusion of an ‘endless plank’ - just like real oak flooring. 

Landhausdielen Laminat in einer Küche
Blumenvasen auf Laminat Landhausdielen

Not just for planks: Laminate flooring does the job!

It goes without saying that laminate plank flooring offers the same technological benefits as the other types of laminate available at MEISTER. They are durable, easy to maintain and tough, and feature a patented, secure click system. This floor is thus simple to use and is ideal for your house or apartment - no matter the design. MEISTER laminate flooring is quiet by its very nature. If you would like them to be extra silent, select flooring with a built-in sound-absorbing cushion - that will also save you an extra step during installation. When it comes to healthy living, MEISTER laminate flooring is also ideal as it is free from PVC and is not produced using plasticisers or solvents - as is demonstrated by the Blue Angel award. They are suitable for humid rooms thanks to their special AquaSafe feature and can be used in the kitchen and bathrooms without any problems. Special anti-static, easy to maintain surfaces with enhanced protection against scratches (Diamond Pro®) make your floor even more tough and round off the technical profile.

Our modern click laminate makes it very easy to install MEISTER laminate plank flooring too. Our tip: to avoid wasting time sawing, borrow a ‘laminate cutter’ from your specialist retailer and it will be twice as easy to fit your floor!

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