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Scratch-proof floors for man's best friend

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Whether you are a dog person or a cat person – anyone who anyone who loves their pet will readily accept animal hair on clothing and scratches on the floor. But there’s no need! Because the right flooring can mean that pet owners do not have to be annoyed about deep scratches in the floor at least.


Less claw-related damage with scratch-resistant floors 

Dog owners in particular are familiar with this problem. Even before you see your pet arrive, you can hear his claws tapping on the floor. This is often an indication that it’s time to trim your four-legged friend’s claws before the parquet or laminate flooring gets damaged. In many cases, though, doing so is torture for both the human and their pet. So why not put in a scratch-resistant floor from the get-go that can withstand the scratching more effectively?


Hard, harder, Nadura – a flooring as hard as stone 

Anyone in the market for a tough floor that can withstand the claws of dogs and cats will often think of a classic tiled floor first. But lovers of wood can breathe a sigh of relief because there’s alternative scratch-resistant flooring available: Nadura flooring. The wood flooring is durable and offers good resistance to breakage and scratching. Our four-legged friends, both large and small, thus have much less chance of leaving scratch marks.

Nadura flooring not only has a high degree of hardness, but also a stylish design. Whether you like the stone, concrete or metal look – there’s something for every taste. And the best thing is that, thanks to the high percentage of wood fibres, this floor will not only keep your feet warm, but also your pet’s paws.

If your pet wants to play with its favourite toy or the stick from its last walk, that’s no problem for Nadura flooring either. Thanks to its high degree of hardness, the flooring is able to withstand this kind of treatment. What’s more, the flooring is antislip and won’t be a danger to prancing pets. That is of particular benefit to older pets, as it’s easy on their joints.


Laminate flooring for a trend-conscious and natural living environment 

There is another option when it comes to choosing a scratch-resistant flooring that not only looks good but that is also cost-effective: laminate flooring. The high degree of hardness and a top layer of melamine resin ensure that the laminate is highly resistant to micro-scratches. When making their selections, pet owners should make sure that their flooring has a scratch-resistant surface finish, such as Diamond Pro, as found in every premium laminate flooring collection from MEISTER.

Laminate flooring, which is mostly composed of wood, is now barely distinguishable from a real wood floor. This is a high-quality and inexpensive alternative that is available in a wood or stone look and in many other trendy designs. Laminate flooring fulfils the requirements of a trend-conscious and natural style of living in every taste. One particular plus for pet owners is that the floor does not require a lot of attention in terms of care and cleaning. Just a quick wipe across the surface and the floor will shine again, giving you a lot more time to play with your pets.

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