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Gartendreck auf dem Fußboden
Gartendreck auf dem Fußboden

A tough performer: Which floor can handle garden dirt with ease

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Anyone who has taken advantage of the beautiful summer weather to weed the garden, mow the lawn or jog through the woods usually takes off their shoes before entering the house. After all, moisture or dirt can permanently damage the floor. With the right flooring in the hallway and in rooms that have direct access from outside, stacks of shoes by the front or back door can become a thing of the past. We reveal what these floors are all about and which products do the job.

Designboden MeisterDesign Cabin Board

How do you recognise durable flooring? 

In the hallway and in rooms with direct garden access, the floor has to endure more than in other areas of the house. Wetness, damp garden dirt and gravel carried in on shoes can cause lasting stress to sensitive floors. In the worst case scenario, the surface can be scratched or will start to swell. This calls for a durable floor covering that ideally does not require special brushes, extensive wiping or special cleaning agents to remove more stubborn dirt.

Nadura-Boden Rustic cremegrau
Nadura-Boden Rustic cremegrau

Masterfully easy to maintain design flooring 

Where real wood floors may fail, there is no problems for the Meister design flooring which can easily cope with larger puddles of water or small stones under the sole of the shoe. The MeisterDesign. life and MeisterDesign. pro collections are particularly both easy to maintain and waterproof. This makes them ideal, not only for rooms with direct outdoor access, but also for the kitchen and bathroom. Splashes of hot tomato sauce or water dripping from the shower door pose no threat to this design floor.

To enjoy it, you don’t even need to forgo the wood look or that pleasant “wood feeling”. Both variants of the Meister design flooring are available in many versions. Whether you would like wild oak with a wood structure or would rather have a concrete look with a mineral structure – there is something for everyone.

Puddles of water, garden dirt and the like are also no bother for Nadura-flooring It combines the best features of two flooring types. On the one hand, it is as easy to maintain as tiles, but even more durable. On the other hand, it exudes as much warmth as a real wood floor. It’s also nice to look at - the Nadura flooring is available with a concrete look and in a variety of stone and metal imitations.

Designboden MeisterDesign Desert Oak
NB 400 Nadura-Boden Metallic hellgrau
MeisterDesign. comfort DD 600 Designboden MeisterDesign Stieleiche natur

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