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Easy peasy cleaning – easy-to-maintain floors 

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Sometimes, we’re spoilt for choice: This is also the case when it comes to many of the decisions we make when we’re renovating or decorating our own four walls – such as choosing the right flooring. Flooring should be decorative, durable, and comfortable to walk on, but ideally, it also shouldn’t require too much regular maintenance or be very difficult to clean.

Laminate flooring MeisterDesign. laminate LD 150 Light fjord oak
Design flooring Natural farmer's oak

Design flooring – Gorgeous look, easy to maintain 

Design flooring is a true all-rounder: It is durable, versatile, and can also be an ideal option for healthy living – design flooring MeisterDesign from MEISTER certainly is. It does not contain any PVC or harmful plasticisers. That makes it the ideal flooring for living spaces and nurseries. Some versions are even waterproof, making them perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

But that’s not all! Design flooring is also very easy to maintain. For example, coarse dirt can be easily swept up with a broom and dustpan. And a vacuum cleaner won’t harm this popular flooring – which, incidentally, is available in a wide range of decors. Stubborn dirt that doesn’t come up with a broom or vacuum cleaner just needs a damp mop. Even variants that are not labelled as waterproof can handle damp mopping without a problem.

MeisterDesign flooring is the healthy alternative to conventional vinyl. It is durable, easy to maintain, and elastic like vinyl flooring, but it contains no materials that are harmful to your health or the environment. It’s vinyl flooring without the vinyl, so to speak. 

Laminate flooring LD 55 Spring break oak

Laminate flooring: Attractive and surprisingly easy to maintain

Popular laminate flooring is another member of the easy-to-maintain flooring family. This hard flooring is durable, resistant to wear and micro-scratches, and quick and easy to clean with a conventional vacuum cleaner. A small ring of brushes as an attachment for the vacuum cleaner will help to ensure that the laminate flooring is completely protected from any kind of scratches potentially caused by the appliance. A damp mop can be used on the laminate flooring in the event of stubborn dirt. If you want to make things particularly easy for yourself, opt for flooring that has protection against humidity, like MEISTER laminate flooring. If the floor is very dirty, it’s perfectly safe to use a little more water for mopping; there is no risk that the wood will swell up.

Durable, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly:  Laminate flooring consists mainly of wood and is free from harmful substances such as PVC and chloride. It’s no wonder that this flooring is a perennial favourite.

MEISTER tips – Here’s how to keep your flooring beautiful: 

  • pH-neutral:
    Using pH-neutral cleansers will help protect your flooring and keep it looking stunning for a long time.
  • Dry mopping:
    Simply give the damp surface of the floor a quick wipe with a dry mop to quickly and easily prevent streaks. 
Laminate flooring MeisterDesign. laminate LB 150 Layer stone 6860

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Easy peasy cleaning – easy-to-maintain floors