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Sessel im klassischen Patchwork-Look
Sessel im klassischen Patchwork-Look

How to make a real statement with character floors 

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Nowadays, the term ‘patchwork’ doesn’t just refer to the patched look of bedspreads and blankets that were lovingly designed and made by hand using different fabrics with various patterns. This craft technique has long since become a furnishing style that is continually growing in popularity and that emphasises the main features in home environments.

What does patchwork actually mean? 

The term patchwork describes a textile technique in which the scraps of different materials in various colours and patterns are used to produce a new textile. This special form of craftsmanship is characterised by its patched look, which is what gives the textile technique its name.

Decke im Patchwork-Stil

Patchwork – the origins of an old handicraft 

Those who hear the word ‘patchwork’ are perhaps immediately thrown back to the 1970s, flower power, hippies and fashion highlights like flares and all kinds of clothing pieces with a patched look. One thing is for sure: the colourful and almost unlimited mix of styles seen in patchworks definitely helped to shape the look of the groovy 70s. However, the handicraft didn’t first emerge in the times of cult film Saturday Night Fever and the disco era, but rather much earlier. The first known patchwork was made in Egypt using gazelle skin around the year 1,000 BC. From there, the textile handicraft technology spread and reached Europe. English women and American settlers in particular contributed to the further development of the patchwork, who made use of the craft to create blankets and classic quilts.

Heller Designboden im Landhausdielenformat unter einem Esstisch

Patchwork in the here and now 

Today, patchwork is much more than a design element for quilts and the like. The handicraft of days gone by has become a style of interior design. Whether it’s chairs, sofas or cushions – you can find almost any furniture object in a patchwork look and, with its colourful mix of styles, bring some creativity into your living space. There are no limits when it comes to patchwork furniture, rather the opposite is true. The patchwork philosophy for designing living accessories? “There are no rules.”

The patchwork style isn’t just limited to the look of individual furniture pieces, either. The ‘throwing together’ of various furniture pieces and entire interior design styles, that come together to give the effect of a patchwork quilt, is the expression of patchwork style that can run through your entire living space.

Bunter Sessel im Patchwork-Style

Free spirits love the patchwork look 

The patchwork look knows no rules, and captivates because it actively breaks away from all style standards that are crucial for other interior design concepts such as minimalism Internal link to text on minimalism. You could even say that where minimalism can only really flourish in a living space by following design principles such as a simple language of form and a monochrome colour palette, patchwork style flouts all design principles and declares the supposed design chaos an interior design concept.

Thanks to its visual appearance, which may appear chaotic to some, patchwork style satisfies the propensity to nonconformity and extroversion of free spirits who love the colourful mix.

The patchwork look in combination with other interior design styles 

A special feature of home accessories in patchwork style is that they are generally very colourful and often attract attention by combining different patterns. They are real eye-catchers that draw attention to themselves. Such pieces are perfectly suited to skilfully bringing a spot of colour to a comparatively clean room design. Imagine the following: a minimalist living room with bright white walls, furnished with similarly bright furniture that impresses with a reduced language of form. And in the middle of this room is a patchwork settee – an absolute highlight of colour and pattern in an otherwise reserved environment.

Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LC 150 White Life 6390
Parkett MeisterParkett. longlife PC 400 Eiche vital mildgeräuchert 8821

The perfect flooring for patchwork style furnishing 

As already mentioned, patchwork style basically lives for ignoring the design rules in living spaces. So those looking for flooring suitable for this ‘rebellious’ furnishing style also have no rules to follow when considering the question of design. A dark oak- parquet flooring  can suit a room’s design concept just as well as a lighter design flooring The individual mix between flooring and furniture objects makes for a unique atmosphere.


Those who prefer a harmonious feel can choose a floor that fits into the colour family of their patchwork look furniture objects. But a lighter floor can also be a good match if it is meant to act as a contrast to really colourful furniture, because a lighter floor lends the often colourful patchwork furniture rich in patterns a calm stage where they can really take effect. As a general rule: with patchwork, anything goes!

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