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Designboden MeisterDesign Wildeiche grau passt zum Kinfolk Stil

Kinfolk – Home living in contemporary minimalism

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Our day-to-day lives are often hectic and loud and can leave us in a state of sensory overload. We are flooded with information every day, and multitasking governs our lives.

That’s why, more and more often, we find ourselves longing for a safe haven. A home where we can find peace, relax and recover our energy. We are looking for our own private, personal space where we can concentrate on what’s really important and feel completely comfortable. No distractions, no disruptions.

This longing for balance and inner peace is what led to the creation of the Kinfolk style. Kinfolk is more than a look. It’s an approach to living that influences our daily routine and our lifestyle. Kinfolk transforms our own four walls into our own personal oasis of tranquillity. With fewer distractions, fewer disruptions, less information, and less furniture, but an abundance of clear lines.

What is Kinfolk? 

Kinfolk was born in the USA. The name Kinfolk was originally made famous by the very successful American magazine of the same name, as well as the book ‘The Kinfolk Home’ by Nathan Williams. The magazine centres on stylish, minimalist living. 


The look is inspired by the lifestyle of the Amish people and represents naturalness, simplicity, individuality, harmony, family and enjoyment. Nature, farming, and the simple things shape the lives and lifestyles of the Amish. The Kinfolk concept is a lifestyle that allows us to concentrate on the essentials. A life with minimal disruptive distractions, in a harmonious and relaxing environment. In a home with only a few pieces of furniture that have been carefully chosen. Kinfolk represents minimalist, contemporary style and life in a stripped-down environment that endows us with harmony, peace and clarity.

The Kinfolk style is characterised by unadorned rooms, simple decor and tranquil surfaces. Cleanly designed, high-end and classic furniture is as much as part of this concept as traditional works of art. The linear shapes and streamlined design have a calming, relaxing effect on us, allowing us to create our own little peaceful retreat. All furniture, materials and decorations are selected and combined with care. There is a place for everything, and the space looks tidy and calming. The sustainability and craftsmanship of the furniture are also vital aspects of this concept. 

Kinfolk style in interiors 

The Kinfolk style is a perfect combination of simple details and modern, elegant classics. The fundamentals of the Kinfolk style are clean shapes, natural materials, and surfaces such as stone, leather and wood. The age of the materials, or the patina, makes the surfaces even more lavish, lovable and attractive over time. The unadulterated beauty of the materials used in the interior radiates tranquillity and strength.

The walls in Kinfolk style are often painted in plain colours or covered in high-quality plaster or a smooth layer of putty. They provide a calm backdrop for carefully selected designer furniture, traditional objets d’art and personal pictures hung on the walls. Hand-woven fabrics, linen or cotton are also a vital aspect of the Kinfolk style. Fair, sustainable textiles, in particular, are in line with the Kinfolk aesthetic.

Typical Kinfolk colours include earth tones such as natural white, beige, sand and brown shades. Green, grey and black are used as accent colours against this palette.

Kinfolk furniture 

Less is more. Having fewer distractions is soothing, and streamlined design has a calming effect in our home. That’s why it’s important to select fewer furnishings and accessories, but to choose and position them with care. Even certain everyday objects can become design pieces and collector’s items.

Classic pieces of furniture, in particular, are a perfect fit for the Kinfolk style in any room of the home: kitchen, bedroom or living room. Fritz Hansen’s egg chair is a good example of this simple design concept. The chair is stylish and comfortable and is still painstakingly made by hand, even today. The Pampa Mariposa Butterfly Chair in leather and the wooden wall dots from Muuto are also representative of the Kinfolk style. These shapes and natural materials – leather and wood – radiate strength and tranquillity, making them perfect stylistic elements. Mid-century classics such as the Thonet tubular steel cantilever chair or the Harry Bertola chairs from Knoll International are equally minimalist. They underscore the streamlined nature of the furnishings. Italian designer Piero Lissoni demonstrates that even a modern kitchen can be an oasis of tranquillity. In the elegant kitchens designed by Boffi, all the modern conveniences and clever functions are hidden behind a minimalist front. Practically seamless marble and wood surfaces appear to be completely uniform, turning the kitchen into a calming work of art. 


Which flooring fits the Kinfolk concept? 

Flooring forms the foundation of the interior and should have a spacious, calming appearance. Flooring made from natural materials such as wood, stone, cork or innovative tile made exclusively of natural materials not only creates a comfortable living environment; it also makes the ambience feel more grounded and is a perfect fit for the typical Kinfolk style.

Parquet flooring in a light light or honey-coloured oak lends rooms a natural, harmonious feel. Large-format planks are particularly well suited to this style, as they help to underscore the tranquil surface of the flooring. Parquet flooring that is not too rustic is particularly pleasing to the eye.

Design flooring in a wooden look or laminat flooring is easy to maintain and durable, making it an excellent alternative to traditional wood flooring. Another point in its favour: Flooring with a thickness of just a few millimetres is often required for renovations, making design flooring the perfect choice!

Nadura tile can be used to create a very special floor. Nadura combines fine wood fibres with mineral ingredients to make a material that is as durable as stone and still as wonderfully warm as wood. Nadura is an ideal flooring for living areas with more frequent traffic. Large-format tiles in darker tones, in particular, have a grounding effect on a room and create a beautifully calm atmosphere.

With Kinfolk and contemporary minimalist furnishings, your home will become a stylish, harmonious oasis of comfort. Because sometimes, less is more!


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