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Laminat Landhausdielen und Fliesen in einer Küche kombiniert
Laminat Landhausdielen und Fliesen in einer Küche kombiniert

Plank format: Short or long? That is the question!

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The right flooring has just been selected, and the next decision is already pending: which plank format shows off the selected flooring best? Would a short or a long plank be better? After all, the floor design is essential to an individual style of living and the creation of a feel-good atmosphere. We can tell you which plank format gets the most out of a room and we compare short and long planks.

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Short plank – short but great 

Deciding whether to order a short or long plank is mostly a question of taste. For some people, a plank cannot be long enough, while there are others who just like short planks better. A short plank is as the name implies: at just over a metre, it’s rather on the short side, but still helps rooms to make a big splash. In smaller rooms, its short length can really bring out the flooring selected. The smaller format gives the floor more variety than a long plank could. Laminate, design or parquet flooring can elicit a real “wow” from those who see them. 

The short planks not only set design moods, they are also easy and convenient to handle. This makes them particularly popular among people who are new to laying floors. Thanks to their short format, they also fit easily into almost any car. This means that you do not have to pay for expensive delivery or organise a trailer for transport.

Parkett Classic Eiche lebhaft greige
Parkett Classic Eiche lebhaft greige
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Long plank – for when you need a bit more. 

While the short plank can look a bit lost in spacious rooms, this is where the long plank really comes into its own. Whether as laminate, cork or design flooring – the long plank underlines every flooring and gives the room an impactful appearance. The small joints on the long sides give the illusion of a continuous plank. The impression of space that this creates underlines the attractiveness of the open spaces in your living environment. For open-plan living areas, where the dining room and living room are merged seamlessly, the use of long planks is particularly recommended.

The great length of these planks also speeds up work: with a plank length of at least two metres (up to four metres and more), a large room is more quickly floored with long planks than short ones. This means that your feel-good living atmosphere will be finished in no time. The room is optically stretched by the planks, thus offering an even more generous ambience. If you’re looking for the right long plank, check out the great variety of floorings – we have something for everyone.

Lindura-Holzboden Eiche natur pure
Lindura-HolzbodenEiche authentic white washed
Tips and tricks
If you would like a modern look, you can’t go wrong with the short planks. Long plank formats are particularly suitable for creating a classic ambience. 

And the winner is ... 

If you’re still undecided as to which plank format best suits your living environment, there is at least one aspect that you don’t need to worry about: the plank format does not play a major role in the colour effect of a floor. Light to medium colours create a calm and harmonious feel-good atmosphere with both long and short planks. Dark colours, meanwhile, give off a lively and rustic visual impression. Whichever individual style of living you’re looking for, the choice of the plank format is sometimes simply a matter of personal taste. And following your taste is almost always right.

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Plank format: Short or long?