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Lindura-Holzboden mit vielen Grünpflanzen
Lindura-Holzboden mit vielen Grünpflanzen

Urban jungle: Live greener

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Our homes are growing greener. The urban jungle trend started slowly and quietly, but it’s really coming into its own. Whether the interior is Scandinavian or cool and modern, plants are welcome in our homes, and we adapt them to our lifestyle.

Gone are the days when houseplants lived a shadowy existence in the corner of the living room, a distinctly forgettable accessory. Today, we live in our own private, individual indoor gardens, and we highlight our greenery by positioning and framing it accordingly. We nourish and care for our houseplants. And we enjoy our lush, verdant surroundings as we relax on the sofa, when we wake up and while we cook – because any room can be part of the urban jungle.

We can dress up this green lifestyle trend with gorgeous fabrics featuring leaf and flower prints or a linen structure, with palm wallpaper and delicate decorative accessories made of glass, metal and natural materials.

Hand-woven rattan and raffia furniture complements the interior, as do modern sofas in dark green velvet and lamps with elegant copper shades. Round off your green lifestyle with flooring made of natural materials, like parquet or Lindura wood flooring.

The urban jungle look is a distinctive trend that can be beautifully combined with all sorts of different furnishing styles. Nordic style, factory style or completely natural – plants are a welcome addition to any interior. The right furniture, accessories and flooring can masterfully highlight your houseplants.

The best plants for a jungle look

Monstera plants and their enormous, gorgeous green leaves sit like a sculpture next to the sofa, and the tender shoots of the Peperomia drape over the sideboard like garlands. Rubber plants are also very much on trend. Artful arrangements of cacti and even air plants, which grow entirely without soil, look lovely on their own wall shelf.

Flowering plants and greenery shouldn’t just be plopped into a pot, either – it’s important to make them look stylish and attractive. Many manufacturers offer classy pots that allow you to create beautiful living spaces for your new green ‘roommates’: large metal pots, modern plastic wall-hanging pots or classic macramé hanging baskets are on trend. Little plants in tiny pots made of gleaming metal, concrete or fine raffia can also stylishly round off a room. Some plants are even displayed upside-down.


Green is healthy

Living surrounded by plants is more than just a simple trend; it’s a new attitude towards life. Maybe we’ve realized how good we feel in a green and vibrant environment.

Plants filter out harmful substances in the air and improve the indoor climate. They trap particulate matter and add moisture to the air, which strengthens our immune system. Plants also reduce stress and help us feel calm. And they even reduce room noise: the surface of the leaves cuts down reverberation time. Adding plants is a quick and easy way to improve the acoustics in badly soundproofed rooms.

If the urban jungle trend is your way of life, you’ll also make sure that all your furnishings are made of natural, sustainable materials. Your flooring, in particular, should underscore this lifestyle, and it should also be durable and easy to maintain. ähig sein. 

Urban jungle-style flooring

With Nadura flooring from MEISTER, there’s no need to worry about dropping the occasional flower pot. This innovative flooring is as hard as stone and as warm as wood. Nadura has the look of modern stone tiles and it’s just as durable and easy to maintain. Unlike tile, however, it is unbreakable. This cutting-edge flooring is made of wood fibres and minerals that are blended and compressed under high pressure and at high temperatures. The wood component of Nadura makes it as pleasantly warm to the foot as parquet flooring.  Nadura is available in a range of imitation stone looks such as (sandstone or)* slate, and it comes in different sizes. Large-format tiles allow you to design a modern look. Furnishings in stylish shades of grey beautifully underscore Nadura in slate decor.

This flooring is also a great fit for the urban jungle style, as coarse dirt is easy to remove from the surface.


Urban jungle & industrial

Do you love the factory style and lots of plants? Oak flooring with a brushed surface perfectly completes this look. Wide planks like the ones available in Lindura wood flooring are the best foundation for an industrial interior, with metal shelves and a brown leather chesterfield with a heavy patina.

Lindura planks are composed of a layer of real wood fused with a fine powder of 100 per cent natural materials such as wood fibres and minerals. This creates a high-tech wood flooring that is very tough and can handle extremely high pressure. Unlike conventional parquet flooring, even high heels don’t leave a mark on Lindura, as it is extremely dent-resistant. Lindura wood flooring is available in many different shades and gradings, with a matt lacquered or naturally oiled surface. With this natural flooring, you can finally create a stylish home that is plant-friendly and easy to maintain. Now you can bring the urban jungle into any living space! 


The quick check list for the urban jungle interior design trend:

  • Complements any style of decor
  • Plants are the focus of the furnishings
  • Natural flooring
  • Improves the indoor climate
  • Attractive plant pots create accents

Bildnachweise: ©Chris Lee, ©Brina Blum, ©Milada Vigerova (unsplash.com)

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