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Parkett Landhausdielen in einem modern eingerichteten Wohnzimmer
Parkett Landhausdielen in einem modern eingerichteten Wohnzimmer

Modern style – today’s spirit of the times from the floor to the ceiling

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When we talk about modern style, we don’t mean a clothing or art style, but a way of furnishing your own living environment. This style lives from being classic and timeless. At the same time, it offers enough opportunities to give rooms a personal touch – from floor to ceiling.

Good to know
The roots of modern style: this design style has its origins in the German and Scandinavian architecture and design scenes. It goes back to the period of the 1920s to the 1950s. 

What makes modern style 

Classic, timeless and straightforward – three words that reflect the decorative approach of Modern Style and distinguish it from others. Low-key furnishing is the order of the day, away from bright plush sofas to sofa corners in muted colours that invite you to linger. Trends come and go – as has always been the case. But if you follow every trend, you will find it difficult to stop constantly renovating, redecorating and redesigning. For those who value durability, straightforwardness and aesthetics in their interior design, however, modern style furnishing is the obvious choice.

Making your dream home a reality with the right flooring 

Which flooring best fits the decorative style you’ve chosen? This is a difficult question given the wide range of floor coverings that are now available. But taste and personal preference plays a big role in choosing a flooring. That is why it is best to do your homework in advance and find out which floorings best fit the modern style.

To begin with, the good news: you can’t make a mistake when following this modern decorative style. The rule, as always, is that you can choose whatever appeals to you. For furniture in medium to dark colours, for example, a light floor is a perfect match. This creates a nice contrast without being unpleasantly eye-catching. The same effect can be achieved by combining dark flooring with furniture in light or medium colours.

Floorings in light colours

A light laminate flooring with oak decor is an excellent example of the implementation of modern style. With this floor, there’s no need to worry about unattractive scratches because the hard floor is particularly resistant to abrasion and micro-scratches. It’s also easy to maintain: you can quickly remove dirt with a vacuum cleaner and wipe off more stubborn dirt with a damp cloth. The floor is available with stone decors, in imitation wood and in other creative designs. This allows it to be combined with the modern furnishing style entirely according to your personal taste.

If you prefer an even lighter surface, polar white parquet flooring is the right choice. This real wood floor is a true classic. It has a tough and dimensionally stable middle layer made of high-density wood fibres, which guarantee a long service life. Just as modern style intends. It can handle the stresses of everyday life with ease and, with its oil- or lacquer-sealed surface, will be a real eye-catcher within your four walls.

A design floor in arctic white with oak decor is another way of bringing the modern furnishing style to your home. This floor is not only available in different plank formats and colours, but also with different decors. This allows it to be easily combined with the individual ideas of modern style.

Floorings in medium colours

Floorings in medium colours: If a light floor in combination with the rest of the furniture is too much Pparquet floor in a medium brown colour range This parquet country house-style plank in a warm honey tone is modern, but not too unusual and can therefore be the basis of the modern style home for many years. 

Lovers of the modern style can bring this decorative approach into their homes with a natural-coloured design flooring. A fitting floor covering with oak decor has a lively appearance, creates a natural look and feels authentic thanks to structures that are based on real wood.

Floorings in dark colours

Lovers of dark colours will enjoy a matt lacquered Lindura walnut wood floor. The medium colour tone gives the floor a lively look without placing it centre stage. This flooring also promises a long service life as it can be relied on to withstand extreme stress. In harmony with other modern style elements, it can be easily integrated into any living environment.

A linoleum floor in cement grey radiates a quiet and homely atmosphere. This natural floor ensures a healthy indoor climate and is characterised by its longevity – in keeping with the enduring modern style of living. The floor covering is not only decorative, but also easy to clean: lukewarm water is sufficient to remove dirt.

The modern style can also be beautifully implemented with a  dark anthracite Nadura floor and the slate decor. Despite its dark appearance, it looks elegant and quiet in any living environment. This covering is resistant to extreme loads and break-resistant like stone or ceramic tiles. It easily withstands the stresses of solid wood furniture, as is often chosen for this style of living. A decorative Nadura floor keeps not only the ambience warm: its high share of wood fibres ensures slower heat dissipation – so nobody gets cold feet too quickly.

Which wall colour should you choose? 

Depending on the size and shape of a room, certain elements immediately catch the eye when entering. These include the colour of the walls, which can go a long way to determining the spatial effect. In the modern style, discreet colours such as white nuances and grey tones are generally used. Natural tones such as beige, stone or earth tones are also an option. These have the advantage of being timelessly modern and not too strongly associated with a fleeting trend.


Furnished in a modern way 

Whether elegant design classics or valuable antiques, there is almost nothing in modern style that does not fit in with this style of furnishing. But there are a few tricks to consider. Typical of the style are spacious pieces of furniture that offer lots of room. The design is generally kept simple. Smooth and shiny surfaces dominate when it comes to furnishings. Here too, there’s a lot you can do, but nothing you have to do.

Living room area: Here, clear lines are created in the interior design by the use of light-coloured seating and high-gloss tables in the living room area.

Dining room: Here a rectangular solid wood table with plainly designed chairs, for example, can characterise the modern style. Also in a simple form and subdued colour, home furniture such as shelves, chests of drawers and sideboards emphasise this furnishing style.

Bedroom: In accordance with the modern style, this room can be furnished with solid wood furniture. This can include beds, wardrobes or bedside and dressing tables.

Achieving a lot with small decorative elements and home accessories 

When it comes to the interior, the choice of decoration is of course important too. As small as the individual elements may seem, they still make a decisive contribution to the spatial effect. Even if decorative articles have a strong individual effect, they often only really come into their own in combination with other style elements. But you shouldn’t overdo it. Here, the motto is less is more is applicable. Decorative items can enhance a room if the interior is otherwise less colourful. The decorative elements should fit with the furniture colours in order to maintain a linear style.

In modern style, textiles such as window curtains, bed linen and pillows have a very low-key or slightly patterned design. Simple, geometric standard lamps next to the sofa or bed are recommended as lighting elements, as they help to shape the overall appearance of the interior design.

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