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Haptische Strukturen bei MEISTER Laminat und Designboden
Hochwertiges Laminat mit fühlbaren Strukturen

Into the deep: floorings with structure

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What makes for a particularly authentic flooring? In the case of wood floors, the answer is easy – they’re already natural thanks to their material. The less you change the natural surface and colour, the more authentic the flooring looks. With laminate and design floorings, the situation is a bit different. These are always imitations of an authentic material.

This is where high-quality decorative floors are set apart from lower-quality ones. In the case of high-quality laminate and design floors, structures are embossed into the surfaces in order to make not only a visually but also haptically convincing impression. Depending on the decorative image and flooring used, different structures can be used.

The most complex is the special pore effect: here, the pores, filled knots and cracks are individually matched to the decorative image underneath. Different depths and degrees of gloss determine the variety of the special pore structures and give these laminate and design floorings their really authentic appearance – one that you can both see and feel!

Here are the other structures available for MEISTER floorings: 


Special pore effect

Embossed surfaces give MEISTER design floors even more authenticity – especially with the special pore effect printing. As with this the pores, filled knots and cracks are individually coordinated to the decor pattern underneath. Different depths and degrees of gloss determine the variety of the special pore structures and give this flooring a really authentic appearance.

Raw wood pore structure

An elegant surface structure that imitates the natural appearance of untreated or naturally oiled real woods. Fine plane marks visually and tangibly emphasise the look of freshly sanded wood.

Wood finish matt structure

A deeply embossed relief emphasises the grain run of the reproduced wood fibres and conveys an impression of a brushed wood surface. The matt appearance produces the natural look and feel of untreated or naturally oiled real wood.

Pore structure

Subtle but effective: the fine pore structure makes the planks look alive and authentic. It makes individual wood grains look far more realistic.

Stone pore structure

A stone structure that you can see and feel is embossed into the surface to achieve this very special look. It is almost impossible for the naked eye to distinguish these from real stone floors.

Other laminate and design flooring structures 

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Natural stone structure: The pleasant feel and silky sheen of the authentic stone structure underlines the naturalness of modern stone flooring.

Authentic wood structure: The embossed wood structure accentuates the natural character of wood. Individual wood grains are emphasised, thus making a particularly realistic impression.

Vintage structure: The authenticity of the clearly visible and perceptible signs of wear give this flooring the charm of days gone by.

Wood structure: The restrained, fine-pore wood structure gives the floors a lively and elegant look.

Natural wood structure: The natural wood structure and the matt appearance create the perceptible and visible impression of a naturally oiled real wood. 

Soft wood structure: Elegant and natural: a soft but still convincing light wood structure creates an authentic look and a comfortably soft feel.

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