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MEISTER Parkett als Landhausdiele und Fischgrät in vitaler Sortierung
MEISTER Parkett in der Sortierung vital als Landhausdiele und Fischgrät

Wood flooring – which grading creates which effect?

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Things produced using natural materials boast visual or haptic features that make the product unique and individual. Just as no two trees are the same, real wood floors also differ distinctly from one another. These different variants – the gradings – each have a particular effect for special uses.

What does ‘grading’ actually mean? 

When it comes to parquet and other real wood flooring, we’re talking about natural products and therefore always one of a kind pieces. Every tree grows differently, not just based on its botanical species – environmental conditions, soil quality or possible external interference also leave their mark on the wood’s grain and structural quality.

This means that differences come about in the production of real wood flooring, that may appear in the following ways:

  • Visual and three-dimensional effects on the grain
  • Unevenness due to knotholes or cracks in the wood
  • Deviations in colour from other planks of the same type of wood
  • Contrasts within the planks that may be weaker or more significantly pronounced

With further treatment of the flooring (such as oiling or brushing), these characteristic features can be changed minimally or emphasised further. Unlike with laminate or design flooring, where decoratively printed surfaces are designed according to requests and trends, the appearance of wood flooring is not completely under our control – it is, to a large extent, prescribed to us by nature!

Sortierungen im Überblick
Parkett in harmonischer Sortierung
MeisterParquet. longlife Plain oak harmonious 8805

Parquet flooring – from harmonious to rustic 

Parquet is high-quality and near-natural real wood flooring. A wood wear layer with a thickness of several millimetres lends this flooring its unique character. Fans of real wood flooring can choose from four exciting parquet flooring gradings when deciding on the future flooring for their own homes.

The harmonious grading is extremely popular with those looking for something uncomplicated and timeless. The floor’s appearance has only slight or no unevenness as well as a grain low in contrasts. Overall, our harmonious parquet flooring is visually uniform and as a result, is suitable for many furnishing styles – fans of cosy hygge furnishing particularly love this grading.

Holzboden mit lebhafter Sortierung
MeisterParquet. longlife PD 400 Oak lively 8091

An interesting complement to white walls? How does parquet flooring with a lively grading sound? Its surfaces boast a certain playfulness with colour and visual structures, such as in the form of a balanced grain. One or two brown cores also feature to emphasise the natural look. Sapwood additionally softens the overall appearance with its difference in colour.

Parkettboden mit vitaler Sortierung
MeisterParquet. longlife PD 400 Plain vital oak 8806

It’s as uncompromising as life itself – vital grading stands by unevenness and offers a refreshing change in your living space. The flooring boasts knotholes and cracks that are however professionally filled to prevent tripping or potential for staining.

Parkettdielen in rustikaler Sortierung
MeisterParkett. longlife PD 200 Eiche rustikal authentic 8645

Who likes things rustic? This grading captivates not only thanks to a traditional and natural look but also because of its authentic signs of wear – it is flooring with character! Fans of country house style or industrial style can get excited about a surface that is the perfect fit for the appropriate interior design. This parquet flooring seems to have a story of its own to tell, but is also refreshingly young and impresses with the qualities of modern floor coverings.

Lindura-Holzboden HD 400 Eiche authentic Dry Wood 8748
Wood powder technology is a mix of materials, including fine wood fibres, mineral components, and other natural additives. It is fused with other layers of flooring under high pressure and heat. This produces planks that are warm to the foot, low-maintenance and particularly resistant.

Lindura high-tech wood floor – lively or natural? 

Wood flooring, reimagined: MEISTER Lindura  is both an innovative high-tech wood floor and an attractive statement at the same time that not only looks good, but also boasts inner value. The innovative wood powder mix of materials under the real wood covering layer makes Lindura unbelievably resistant against everyday (and extreme) loads. Because the covering layer is made from real wood, different gradings can also be found in this portfolio.

Lindura wood flooring appears unspoilt and self-assured in the grading ‘rustic’, because a natural grain full of contrasts spans every single plank. Visible flaws feature in this design for good measure:  sapwood and knotholes complete the overall appearance in an impressive way and give the floor covering that special something. For fans of and all those looking for something extra special, this floor may just be love at first sight.

The variant ‘authentic’ is visually based on the rustic grading and boasts sapwood and healthy knots. What’s more, the wood floor’s surface is brushed deeply to ensure that the grain and other structural unevenness in the wood come into their own – in both a visual and haptic sense.

A lively grading of Lindura wood flooring charismatically plays with colour and structure. The quantity and form of knots or splints are limited to ensure a pleasantly natural overall appearance. Cracks and holes are filled in advance with the help of the wood powder technology for a subtle appearance and higher level of resistance.

Pleasantly natural with a balance of colours and structures – that’s the ‘natural’ grading. This design combines parts of all the others, but is subtly reserved in appearance. This produces an overall appearance that impresses but doesn’t overwhelm. Healthy knots and scattered wood cores visually soften the structure.

Lindura-Holzboden HD 400 Eiche natur arcticweiß
Lindura-Holzboden HD 400 Eiche authentic greige

Overview of wood floor gradings 

Even though there are differences between parquet flooring and Lindura wood flooring, the grading of both product variants can be sorted as follows:

  • Harmonious
    A harmonious grading features barely visible contrasts – colours and structures appear similar on every plank and form a pleasantly uniform overall appearance. 
  • Natural
    With the ‘natural’ variant, everything is somewhat balanced – an even grain and the odd area of structural unevenness balance the scales. 
  • Lively or vital
    A lively or vital grading has an exciting, spectacular look – featuring a clearly structured grain and diverse knotholes or cracks. 
  • Rustic
    The rustic grading lives on refreshing imperfection – visible flaws such as cracks, brown cores or signs of wear make the rustic grading so exciting. 

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