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Industrial Kitchen

How panels and the right flooring support the kitchen trend 
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How panels and the right flooring support the kitchen trend 

One of the biggest trends in interior design today is called the industrial style. This mixture of styles, whose special charm comes from the interplay between minimalism and nostalgia, is becoming increasingly popular and is also finding its way into many kitchens. Panels and the matching flooring help give the industrial kitchen the perfect look.

The birth of the industrial style 

The industrial style dates back to the 70’s and 80’s, when historic factories were converted into apartments. In this case, unplastered walls, free-standing metal objects such as steel beams and open architecture are not collateral damage caused by reconstruction work. They are the intended result of a new aesthetic, combining the nostalgia of old buildings with modern furnishings.

Laminatboden in einer Industrial Küche

From the industrial style to the industrial kitchen

Open living in a chic industrial environment is becoming more and more popular, and for many people who love this special flair, it’s an absolute dream home. The industrial style has quite simply become a living trend. 

Owing to its enormous popularity, this style of living can be found nowadays not only in the accustomed historic factory apartments and lofts. More and more people are designing their homes individually in hip industrial designs. There are virtually no limits to the design possibilities. Nor is the style limited to specific types of spaces. Among other places, the industrial style has gained a foothold in many kitchens, which are aptly named industrial kitchens.

Create the perfect industrial kitchen with panels

The perfect look of an industrial kitchen is not only achieved by the minimalist design of its furniture, which evokes the sheen of polished commercial kitchens. It is the captivating contrast between the clean, metallic surfaces of contemporary kitchen furniture and robust-looking walls that truly reveals the special industrial charm. Making the industrial look come alive in your kitchen means highlighting the interplay between the wall covering and the furniture.

Panels are the perfect solution for turning simple kitchen walls into absolute eye-catchers in a chic industrial setting. A wide range of designs offers plenty of creative possibilities to give walls that very individual touch and set accents at once robust and modern. Among the numerous decors in diverse colours and sizes, there are, for example, panels in a stone or concrete look, which perfectly complement the design of individual industrial kitchens. Not only the grey tones of the panels, but also the meticulously faithful design of the surface structure convincingly mimic the appearance of rough masonry. This way, wall covering with concrete panels makes the industrial feeling in modern kitchens immediately visible and tangible.

Paneele in Betonoptik
Good to know
The urban industrial style is also conquering rural living space. For example, more and more farmhouses are being converted into modern lofts that radiate a modern industrial look. 

A practical industrial look thanks to functional panels

It’s important to look good. Yet a high-quality product should also be functional. That's why panels not only make a good impression when it comes to giving kitchens that cool industrial character. Apart from aesthetic aspects, panels have practical advantages that pay off in everyday kitchen life. Be it marks left by children's hands or the infamous tomato sauce splattered on the kitchen wall – these all-rounders can be cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth and are mould-repellent, making them ideal for use in the kitchen. 

Heller Laminatboden unter einer schwarzen Küche

The right flooring for the perfect industrial kitchen 

Of course, to make your industrial kitchen look its best, you also need the right floor. As individual as a personal kitchen can be designed in the industrial style, the selection of floors to match this kitchen trend is just as diverse. 

If you have already covered your walls with panels with a concrete look and want to realise this style consistently in your kitchen, design flooring with the right look is practically indispensable. In combination with the corresponding panels, the result is a harmonious, roughly monochrome overall impression, which forms a beautiful contrast to, for example, metallic or high-gloss polished kitchen furniture, skilfully accentuating it. Design flooring with a concrete look is available in modern, spacious tile formats. These make rooms look larger and thus subtly contribute to the commercial kitchen feeling in individually designed kitchen areas.

The texture of the flooring has its advantages as well. Unlike the porous building material, which collects dirt that is difficult to remove, design flooring has a smoother, easy-to-clean surface. In addition, design flooring is quick and easy to install and is aesthetically in no way inferior to a real concrete floor.  However, we also have just the right flooring for design connoisseurs who prefer a more metallic or natural look.

Designboden MeisterDesign 6990
Laminatboden im dunklen Fliesenformat

Tips for the perfect industrial kitchen 

If you want to give your kitchen an industrial look, you should consider the following:

  • When designing the perfect industrial kitchen, it is important to combine clean, metallic and modern objects with rough walls with an unplastered feel.
  • Panels with a concrete look are ideal for imitating the character of rough masonry. 
  • Floors with the appropriate look fit in with the modern ensemble and skilfully set the stage for kitchen furniture.

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