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Parkettdielen in einer Landhaus-Küche
Parkettdielen Almfeuer im Landhausstil

Romantic living: The country house style

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Anyone looking for a slower pace will usually find it in the country: There, green forests beckon you to take relaxing walks, an incomparable stillness helps to quieten your thoughts and the incomparably fresh country air invigorates body and mind. With an interior in country house style, we can bring at least a touch of this rural romanticism into our urban home. 

Space for personal development in the country house look 

In times when sustainability and closeness to nature are becoming more and more important, these aspects are also becoming increasingly reflected in the homes of urbanites. Natural materials dominate the scene – from furniture to textiles and decor.

The country house style is a special living trend because it combines elements of a variety of other interior styles and also leaves room for individuality. Personal taste dictates whether the country house style is interpreted in a more classic or a highly modern way or whether it's implemented with a more accentuated approach. In general, the country residential style is regarded as comfortable and homely, and, not least because of this, as particularly romantic.

Furniture in the country house style – rustic or subtle

The classic country house look relies on furniture in vintage style or shabby chic, that is, furniture that is either genuinely old or at least looks like it. A free-standing retro buffet cupboard with glazed doors or a turned farmhouse cupboard with carvings – hardly any other piece of furniture could match the rural style of furnishing better. Signs of wear are not a blemish, but serve to ensure authenticity. Whether the cabinets are solid and made of dark wood or whether they're white and delicate is a matter of taste. The first variant is more rustic and classic, the second variant is simpler and is geared more towards rural lightness.

As a general rule, country house furniture is made of wood! In a bedroom furnished in country house style, for example, the bed doesn't have a metal frame, but one made of natural wood. The same is true of benches or chairs. If a modern interpretation of the rural interior design trend is chosen, the dining table may have steel legs, but the table top should definitely be wooden. The couch could be a rattan sofa, but it doesn't have to be. The important thing is that it beckons you to relax. Ideally, it should be placed next to a fireplace or stove – rural living could not be more romantic.

Dunkler Lindura-Holzboden in einem Wohnzimmer im Landhausstil

Clay, leather, cotton: Country house relies on natural materials 

A comfortable sofa needs a cuddly blanket. To reflect closeness to nature, this is made of wool or cotton. Matching pillowcases can be made of linen, for example, either discreetly single-coloured or decorated with classic checks or stripes. Other textiles and materials that can be used for decorative purposes include leather, furs, stone, clay or ceramics. Porcelain is also a perfect match for the country house style. In the kitchen, plates and cups with floral patterns add a touch of romance.

Parkettdielen in einem Wohnzimmer im Landhausstil
Parkett Landhausdielen unter einer antiken Kommode im Landhausstil
Frische Blumen in einer Vase auf dem Esstisch

Pastel tones and flowers for a rural lightness

Floral elements play an important role in the country house look. Although this interior design trend leaves a lot of room for personal development, there's one thing that should not be missing: flowers and grasses! These can be exchanged depending on the season. For example, tulips in delicate rosé enchant the eye in spring. Sunflowers bring a touch of nature into the house in summer, while ears of grain and dried leaves work especially well in autumn. Pumpkins and pine cones are also ideal for decoration during the cooler months of the year. In winter, various types of heather are a good choice.

As far as colour is concerned, the rural interior style relies on soft pastel tones and white. This colour design stands for the light-heartedness that many people experience in the country. Here and there, however, accents can be set using cushions or other textiles in stronger colours.

verschiedene Kerzenständer und Blumenvasen zur Deko im Landhausstil
As an alternative to a vase, flowers can also be arranged in an old milk churn or watering can. This not only perfectly fits into the country house ambience, but is also a real eye-catcher.

Country house decoration aims for nostalgia and romance

Creating an authentic atmosphere requires the right decoration. White or floral-patterned vases made of ceramic and porcelain set the scene for flowers and grasses. Objects such as old milk churns provide nostalgia and an absolutely authentic look. Even an old spinning wheel from the flea market or from your grandparents’ cellar has a great effect. A classic sewing machine table can serve either as a decorative eye-catcher or, after some minor adjustments, as a practical side table. Baskets can be used to store fruit, vegetables, firewood, magazines or – in the bathroom – towels. Candles and lanterns provide a homely light – and not only in dark times of the year.

Helle Parkett Landhausdielen in einem Landhausstil-Esszimmer

This floor blends in with the country house style

For a home furnished in the country house style, tiles in a classic design are suitable – especially for the kitchen. However, with a view to the sense of closeness to nature that is clearly part of the rural interior design trend, the more fitting choice is a real wood flooring. The colour doesn't play such a large role and depends both on personal taste and the rest of the furnishings. If you prefer light-coloured furniture, you can create an exciting contrast with MEISTER parquet flooring in the Smoked oak harmonious. Those who have decided on dark, rustic furniture will find an interesting counterpoint, for example, with the   MEISTER parquet flooring Limed cream oak lively. If you also want to use wood in the kitchen and bathroom, you can opt for laminate floorings from MEISTER. Its realistic wood look is visually convincing and is also available as a waterproof variant. 

How to decorate in the country house style:

  • Rustic furniture
    Furniture should be vintage or, in the style of shabby chic, designed to look old. For a classic country house look, it should be rustic and made of solid wood. Those who wish to make the furnishing style more contemporary should opt for delicate furniture with a white finish.
  • Natural materials
    Natural textiles such as wool or leather are suitable. Other decorative items are made of wood, clay, ceramics or porcelain. 
  • Pastel tones
    Pastel tones are typical for the country house style. Classic patterns include flowers, checks and stripes. 
  • Floral must
    Flowers and grasses are a must in a home with a country house look. 
  • A bit of nostalgia
    Nostalgic objects such as milk churns or old sewing machines create an authentic ambience. 
  • Real wood flooring
    Wood flooring reinforces the closeness to nature that the country house style always exudes. A natural grain is important here. 

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