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Schwarzer Designboden im Kontrast zu viel Holz und Grünpflanzen im Tropcial Style
Schwarzer, wohngesunder Designboden für den Tropical Style

A taste of the exotic! Adding tropical style to your home

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Want that tropical feeling without feeling hot and bothered? Here’s how to do it: just add some lush green touches, a few plants, and a selection of pineapple or flamingo-themed accessories here and there and your tropical-style space is good to go. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, which is where we come in to tell you everything you need to know!

Different takes on tropical style

There are various ways of implementing this style of furnishing that focuses heavily on green as the colour of choice. One option is particularly colourful and tends to look more like a beach bar or summer party. In this case, the green is supplemented by a whole host of different colours rather than one or two contrasting accents. Shelves, accessories and textiles really pop in bright pink, yellow or light blue. Strings of lights in various shapes and colours decorate the walls alongside colourful wooden signs featuring cocktail recipes or classic sayings involving summer, sun and happiness. Prints of palm trees, flamingos and pineapples are also a popular choice. All that’s missing is the sound of steel drums and the sound of the sea in the background and the holiday feeling is complete.

For a more classic and subtle take on the tropical style, if there’s any such thing, you may want to consider the option that focuses on a combination of white and green as the primary colours with accents in shades of grey and brown. This interpretation of the trend may appear cleaner and more grounded, yet it is by no means less exciting than its loud and colourful counterpart. It is just more likely to evoke memories of a relaxed afternoon in a hammock stretched between two palm trees than a beach party in Barbados.

The third interpretation of the tropical style is elegant, although it is reminiscent of a real trip into the depths of the jungle with its rich greens, dark blues and gold tones. But caution is advised here, as the charm of feeling like you’re in the heart of the rainforest can quickly become oppressive and lose its exciting flair and elegance if the rooms are too small to handle this dark design. With this in mind, it is important to keep the floor or at least a few walls light.

Tropical Style auf Tapeten und Lampenschirmen
Tropical Style mit grünen Sesseln und einer Tapete mit Waldmuster
Rattansessel und Körbe als Pflanzenübertopf für eine Einrichtung im Tropical Stlye

Tropical living: Furniture, textiles and prints

The tropical style relies heavily on natural materials. This is why furniture and furnishings made of wood – or at least featuring wood in some way – are a very popular choice. Rattan chairs and baskets fit perfectly into the picture when used as a plant pot or for storing newspapers and books, for example. Placemats made of jute or linen look particularly good on the dining table, as do dishes made of bamboo. Lampshades and side tables in a wooden finish are yet more accessories that go well with the tropical style, and you could even choose a green sofa with wooden legs for the living room. Do bear in mind, however, that care should be taken to ensure that the room does not look too dark or much smaller. An alternative that will definitely relax the overall vibe in the room is a sofa with a light throw. This also gives you the option to incorporate cushions with typically tropical prints – for example pineapples, monstera leaves, flamingos or toucans – to create the desired look. Curtains, bed linen and shower curtains printed with these typical motifs complete the overall effect.

Lindura-Holzboden unter Grünpflanzen
good to know:
Classic plants for a tropical interior include monstera, also called the window leaf, and of course palm plants. These are most strongly associated with tropical climates.

Tropical-style decor: Real plants and exciting images

As the tropical style of living is characterised by the colour green and leaf motifs, it is only natural to include real plants in this design. You should try to go as big as you can if you have the space to accommodate them, as nothing creates more of a jungle vibe than sitting between real palm trees and monstera plants. It goes without saying, of course, that you have to look after the plants and not let them take over the whole room. It is better to place them in individual corners – for example, to the left and right of the TV or next to the sofa. If you have a little less space or find it too oppressive to include large plants in your living area, you could add smaller touches of greenery to spots like windowsills or shelves. And if you don’t have green fingers, you can also turn to artificial plants if that’s easier, although you should stick to ones that look as natural as possible and be sure to dust them regularly.

Alternatively, another way to feature typical tropical plants – especially their leaves – is in the form of pictures on the wall. Depending on the variant of the tropical style, they look particularly good in white, black, green, wooden or golden frames. A combination of different frames makes the overall look feel more relaxed and adds more interest at the same time. In addition to plants, the classic tropical style motifs such as flamingos, toucans and pineapples are all suitably eye-catching, and not just on the walls; they can also take the form of lamps or accessories on shelves, tables or windowsills. The most important thing to consider here is your chosen look, with possibilities ranging from elegant metal pineapples, for example, which are the perfect complement to the elegant tropical style, through to colourful lamps that are more at home in the beach bar version.

Laminatboden in einem Wohnzimmer im Tropical Style

A natural floor covering for a tropical look

Wooden flooring is always the best choice for creating a tropical style living space. It doesn’t matter whether it’s parquet, laminate or Lindura wood flooring; what matters is the decor and how it is styled. Wood varieties with a striking grain are the ideal choice, as they evoke the strongest associations with where they have come from. The more natural the wood looks, the better. The colour scheme depends on the taste of the interior designer on the one hand, and on the overall look on the other. In small rooms with a lot of dark green, it is better to install a lighter floor, such as MeisterParquet. longlife Off-white rustic oak. And for those who prefer to go even brighter, the MeisterDesign. laminate White life is another great alternative. Large rooms can handle darker floors. These go particularly well with the elegant interpretation of the trend or as a contrast if the interior is predominantly green and white. An ideal candidate for this is the Lindura wood floor HD 400 American walnut lively. 

Top tips for creating that tropical style:

  • Top tips for creating that tropical style:
    This applies to walls, accessories, furniture and textiles.
  • Setting green highlights
    It is important to make sure that the design is not overwhelming. It is better to add just a few green highlights than to overwhelm the room.
  • Natural materials
    Natural materials such as rattan, bamboo and linen really tie the look together.
  • Palm trees and flamingos
    Typical motifs for the tropical style include palm trees, monstera leaves, pineapples, flamingos and toucans.
  • Real plants
    The use of real plants lends this interior design trend a real touch of jungle.
  • Naturally a wooden flooring  
    A wooden floor is the best way to complement this style. The more natural the look, the better.
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