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Would you like to sea a little more? If the answer to this is a resounding “Yes!”, then a nautical-inspired interior could be right up your street. And since we’re coming up to holiday season, what better time for us to share our top tips on how to bring some vacay vibes into your own four walls.

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Maritime decor: from seashells to letters in bottles

You don’t have to be born by the sea to feel like a water baby at heart. After all, people have always felt a very strong affinity towards the sea, with many feeling like their worries fade away and their minds become a little calmer as they gaze out across the seemingly infinite waters. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could also enjoy this feeling of well-being at home, even if you happen to live hundreds of miles from the coast? If this is an idea that appeals to you, then introducing maritime-themed decor within your own four walls is a great place to start. You might not have the sea on your doorstep, but you can create the impression that it’s never all that far away.

Creating the perfect nautical vibe in your home doesn’t take much at all. Even just a few coordinating accessories can have a huge impact. What sort of thing do you generally think of when you imagine the seaside? Seashells, for example, are a must. These look great displayed in a shallow bowl or a glass vase, with a powdery base of golden sand making for the perfect finishing touch. This type of arrangement is not only particularly authentic, but it will also remind you of the happy times spent collecting the sand and shells yourself on your last holiday. Alternatively, plenty of craft shops and home stores will stock a variety of themed accessories for you to choose from, including starfish and pieces of driftwood that look like they’ve been collected from the shore.

The obligatory message in a bottle might not look much, but it’s an accessory that really packs a punch when it comes to adding a touch of nautical romance. And if you want to go the extra mile, you could even write the message yourself. All that’s left to do then is wait and see who is curious enough to peek inside first…

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Blick aufs Meer und den Strand von den Dünen aus
Helle Parkett Landhausdielen unter einem weißen Sofa
Good to know
The classic colour combination of blue and white that is synonymous with the nautical trend originates from the traditional sailors’ uniform on one hand, and from the association with blue as the colour of the sea on the other. As for red, this has always served as a signal colour in the seafaring world, as it is clearly visible even in poor conditions. It therefore serves as the perfect accent colour in this popular design concept. 

Coastal classics: themes, colours and textiles 

Whether they’re photos on the wall or physical ornaments, lighthouses, sailboats and deckchairs are incredibly symbolic when it comes to evoking a classic maritime ambience. Do bear in mind, though, that these mini models can quickly look tacky if you end up going overboard. If you’d prefer to keep things more tasteful, then atmospheric pictures on the wall are the way forward – particularly if you display them on a large canvas or in a stylish frame. Your choice of imagery all comes down to your own personal taste. Pictures of a turbulent sea, an impressive dune landscape or an old lighthouse are just a few examples that make for some stylish maritime wall art.

And that’s not forgetting various other options such as fish, seagulls, lifebelts, ship’s wheels, and anchors. The latter in particular also feature highly in the fashion world as a T-shirt or blouse print, and then, of course, there are plenty of soft furnishings that are embroidered or printed with anchors, like cushions for example. Even carpets can be made of jute, which is a coarse material reminiscent of the caprices of the sea and the sacks of cargo found aboard merchant ships. Cushions and similar accessories made of cotton or linen create the perfect juxtaposition in terms of textures, as fabrics like these evoke memories of the huge, billowing sails of old sailing ships. Speaking of ships, ropes and nets like the ones that can be found on board also make for excellent decorative elements.

In terms of colours, no coastal theme is complete without a blue and white palette. No shades are off limits here either, with turquoise being just as welcome as soft greys and beige tones. Large green plants then create the perfect accents. In fact, those who prefer the Mediterranean to the North Sea or the Baltic might want to opt for palm trees to add a more exotic ambience. A bold red can look fantastic as a contrasting colour to break up the overall look a little – just picture a red lamp on a white sideboard in front of a stripy light-blue wall. Speaking of stripes, these are a staple feature of any maritime theme and can be found on anything from cushions to blankets. Just remember to stick to the classic colour combinations of blue and white or red and white. Anything else would look too colourful and would clash with the overall image you’re trying to create

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Maritime furniture and home accessories

When it comes to materials, this look simply wouldn’t be complete without wood. From the age-old tradition of building ships from this natural material to the never-ending piles of driftwood that wash up on coastlines around the world, it goes without saying that this elemental resource is an integral feature of any maritime design. Woven baskets and old wine boxes reminiscent of the cargo found on old sailing ships are beautiful to look at and also offer practical storage space. Positioned on a shelf, for example, they make a great alternative to drawers. Any furniture should ideally be made of wood, at least to some extent. Your pieces might exude a certain vintage charme or shabby chic look. And just as a ship quickly shows signs of wear in the form of chipped wood or flaked paint, your chosen furniture pieces may also feature imperfections such as these if this is the look you would like to achieve. Do keep in mind that any colours should be kept to white or delicate shades such as pale grey or pastels. For a nautical-themed bedroom, for example, you might like to consider a rattan bed and coordinating maritime bedding.  

Hausboot mit Schiffsboden Parkett
good to know:
The “three-strip parquet” laying pattern is also known as “ship deck flooring” or “irregular lattice”. 

Stylish underground: three-strip parquet

What better choice of flooring to complement a maritime theme than wood with all of its associated imagery. It might remind you of the jetty you went out to sea on during your last holiday by the North Sea, or perhaps the planks of an old ship. But it doesn’t really matter whether you go for parquet flooring, laminate flooring, Lindura wood flooring or a design flooring. What matters is how the wood effect looks. Three-strip parquet is practically made to complement a nautical theme, as it features an incredibly stylish laying pattern reminiscent of the decks found on old ships Several small pieces of wood are placed on a plank. There are always three elements, also called strips, which are arranged at an offset to each other to result in the classic three-strip floor pattern.

The colour of the floor all comes down to your own personal taste. If most of your decor is dark blue, a light floor can help to brighten up the ambience a little. Equally, even if your decorative elements and furniture are predominantly light in colour, a floor covering in pale grey or white creates a beautifully harmonious effect. A dark floor, on the other hand, makes for an exciting contrast and is closer in colour to the planks on a ship.

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Creating a nautical look: our DIY ideas

Transform your home into a mini dune landscape in no time by planting grasses in flower pot and filling it with fine sand. If you want to go a step further then you could even add two or three seashells, and voila – your mini sand dune is complete. A cute little planter in a pretty pastel shade is the perfect choice for this look. And if you want to add a personal touch to your maritime theme, then why not add a selection of photos from your favourite beach holidays? You could even use simple picture frames decorated with shells, sand or pearls to display your pictures on the wall or on a shelf. Fairy lights are always a great idea to create a cosy atmosphere, imagining you’re enjoying a balmy summer’s evening in a romantic beach bar from the comfort of your living room or balcony. You can even customise your fairy lights in the same way as the picture frames by simply gluing shells around the individual bulbs and arranging the strings neatly on the wall. The most important consideration of all in any maritime-themed living space is for the furniture and decor to reflect the effortlessness of a balmy summer breeze. This is why the best approach is always to have confidence in your own taste and listen to your inner voice of relaxation.

Typical features of a nautical theme:

  • Stranded goods
    Decorative accessories include items found naturally on the beach and by the sea, such as shells, sand and grasses.
  • Classic motifs
    Classic motifs that feature time and again include lighthouses, ships, ship’s wheels, anchors, fish and seagulls. Stripes are a popular print.
  • Blue and white 
    The basic colours to dominate a maritime look are blue and white in all their various shades. Red makes for a great contrasting colour.
  • Natural materials
    Furniture and household accessories should be kept natural with a rustic charm. Complementary materials include wood, linen and cotton.
  • Wooden floors
    The ideal flooring is made of wood. Three-strip parquet is reminiscent of the panelling found on old sailing vessels.
Alte, rostige Laterne, Globus und grüne Pflanzen als Dekoteile

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