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Laminate in the bathroom
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Laminate in the bathroom: no problem with high-quality laminate flooring for humid rooms 

For many people, tiles remain the most classic choice of floor covering in the bathroom. And it’s no wonder: they are waterproof, easy to clean and have proven their usefulness in bathrooms for many years. However, laying tiles is a difficult task and not possible for everyone to DIY. For anyone who wants to lay their own bathroom flooring or perhaps doesn’t like the look of tiles, laminate flooring for humid rooms is a great alternative.

If you want to install laminate flooring in the bathroom, it’s important to make sure that the chosen flooring is suitable for humid rooms and approved as such by the manufacture. Since laminate flooring is made largely of wood and not plastic, it must be extremely well-protected against moisture and swelling. On MEISTER laminate flooring (with the exception of LC 55/LD 55), this is achieved by the AquaSafe system or AquaSafe+. This consists of various elements:

1. Surface protection: The melamine resin surface is fully waterproof by nature.

2. AquaStop edge impregnation & joint tightness: Together with the AquaStop edge impregnation, the specially developed and patented geometry of the click system, which works with pre-tension, guarantees that the profile is sealed tightly and permanently.

3. Anti-swelling base board: The effective anti-swelling base board can prevent swelling in the event of contact with water (up to four or 24 hours of protection at stagnant humidity).

Thanks to this special protection, laminate flooring for humid rooms is ideal for installation in bathrooms. This does not include outdoor areas or wet rooms, such as saunas, shower cubicles, steam rooms or rooms with a floor drain. 

The new MeisterDesign. laminate floorings are suitable for all other living areas. The kitchen is where the advantages of MEISTER laminate flooring really shine. Neither water spills nor wine or oil stains will faze this hardy floor. Not even a falling cooking pot will leave a trace on its tough, scratchproof surface.

Our water-resistant laminate floorings

What do you need to know about installation? 

When installing laminate flooring humid rooms, care must always be taken that no moisture gets under the flooring. Wall ends and edge areas should preferably be fitted with suitable end, transition or joining profiles made of aluminium. To create the necessary seal against water, a pre-compressed PE sealing tape without plasticisers can be attached, for example. You can find more information in the installation and care instructions. When you renovate your bathroom, you can also install laminate flooring over existing tiles. However, do ensure that the installation height is not too high. Another alternative is the fully waterproof MEISTER Rigid flooring, or the water-resistant or waterproof PVC-free design flooring from the “Vinyl Flooring Without the Vinyl” range. The waterproof skirting board 20 PK Aqua, available in different colours, forms the perfect finish along the wall.

The basic principles for installing MEISTER flooring also apply when installing laminate flooring in bathrooms. Thanks to the patented click joints, the water-resistant laminate flooring can also be laid in a floating installation. Consider laying a suitable sound-absorbing cushion, which can also be used to level out slightly uneven surfaces. On mineral subfloors, such as screed, you should also lay a plastic film to act as a moisture barrier and protect your floor. More information can be found in the “Installation” section.

Laminatdielen in Holzoptik im Badezimmer

Which laminate should you choose for your bathroom?  

In addition to water resistance, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting laminate flooring for humid rooms. These are mostly of an aesthetic nature. For example, for a smaller bathroom, you may want to opt for laminate flooring in a short plank or tile format. As in every other room in your house or home, the advantages of large planks work to their best effect in larger rooms. Laminate floorings for the bathroom are available with many different decors. Wood or wood-effect flooring is particularly popular in bathrooms. Our best-selling oak effect has a warm and cosy feel, while our light-coloured stone effect provides the perfect basis for a modern bathroom design. Decors like dark wood, combined with green or gold tones, for example, create an extremely elegant look. Laminate flooring in grey is also on-trend. Like all MEISTER flooring, our laminate flooring is suitable for hot water underfloor heating. 

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