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“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...” Not only the Star Wars universe, but also the universe itself fascinates young and old. However, it is often children in particular who want a room design that reflects their enthusiasm for these endless expanses. This does not require much effort – just a few details are enough to create the space look in your child's room!

For whom is a space room the right choice?

If you want to travel to the stars one day, you have to start practising early: Even at pre-school age, most children come into contact with the stories of probably the most famous science fiction series of all time – Star Wars. Some might inherit their enthusiasm for the cross-generational cult phenomenon from their parents. Others might be attracted to distant planets from a more scientific point of view and love to explore the starry sky at night with their telescope. If someone asks you about what your career aspirations for the future are, the answer is obvious: An astronaut!

A child's enthusiasm for a subject knows no bounds. This is why it’s common practice to incorporate their favourite subject into much of the room design. Parents thus create a backdrop in which the child can delve especially deeply into their daydreams or relive the adventures of their heroes.

Bild eines Astronauten in einem Kinderzimmer

Black hole? Finding the right wall colour

Typically, the universe is mainly black. Yet very few parents can imagine the dark tone as a wall colour for a room suitable for children. To prevent the self-created universe from having an oppressive effect on its inhabitants, there are several ways to weaken the dominant colour tone:

  • Just paint one wall black. The rest of the room is given a lighter and neutral colour as a contrast – white, for example.
  • The walls aren't painted in black, but in a different tone that matches the starry sky. This could be grey or a deep blue.
  • Alternatively, the room can be given a friendly, neutral base with white walls, which can be transformed into a picture of the universe with appropriate decorative elements.

The equipment for the astronauts of tomorrow

The Hubble Space Telescope could tell you a thing or two about it: You won't find any wood in space. Moon stations, space shuttles and satellites – they're all made of metal. But plastic is also a material that plays an important role in space travel.

So it's only logical to opt for interior furnishings that also consist primarily of metal. To avoid this resulting in an uncomfortable overall effect, not everything in the room has to be based on steel or aluminium. Just including a few pieces of metal furniture is enough. An appropriate shelf, for example, is ideal – if it's stable enough, it can hold all your child's space books and astronaut toys. For a child-friendly look, the shelf can be provided with a colourful varnish or small star-shaped stickers. 

Important note: Heavy shelves and cabinets must always be fixed to the wall so they cannot fall over and injure the child!

To introduce a child-friendly but thematically appropriate design into the room, you should also consider including the colours of arguably the most famous space agency: The NASA logo contains the colours white, blue and red. It's a point of honour that these colours should be included in the children's room design of future astronauts. Those who want to avoid metal in their child's room completely can dabble with paints instead: Paintwork in metallic colours transforms beds, cabinets and tables of all kinds into a spacey interior in no time at all.

Laminatboden im Kinderzimmer

See the stars: The right decoration for space rooms

The most popular way to create the feeling of the universe in children's rooms are the well-known fluorescent light stars on walls and ceilings. After switching off the light in the room in the evening, the stickers subtly glow in the dark for a few more hours. A positive side effect: Many children who are scared of the dark are soothed by the soft glow of these stars.

The fluorescent stars can be distributed evenly across the ceiling. As an alternative, parents and children can search for interesting constellations together on the Internet and reproduce them. To connect the stars of a constellation, you can also use a night fluorescent paint from the craft shop to draw thin lines. Against a white background, the constellations are practically invisible during the day, only becoming visible in the dark.

You and your children can also construct a mobile, on which all the planets of our solar system orbit above the cot, making it an exciting joint project. All that amateur astronomers need for this are:

  • string or nylon
  • wooden sticks or solid wire
  • Styrofoam or felt balls of different sizes
  • Colours for painting as required

Because of its educational value, a true-to-scale and authentically designed model of the solar system is still useful even if the child no longer needs a mobile to help get to sleep.

There are no limits to wall design – especially in a children's room. In the form of wall tattoos, posters or photo wallpapers, the cosmos will make its way into your home on a large scale. The creatively inclined can also grab a brush themselves and decorate the walls of their offspring. It couldn’t be more personal and individual!

Spielzeugrakete auf Designboden

Weightless, indeed! Firm flooring underfoot 

To make that small step for man a giant leap for mankind, the right flooring is a must. How about a design flooring with a design inspired by the distinctive surface of the moon? Design flooring from MEISTER is available in four matching colours. This means that the right “lunar surface” can be laid in the children's room for any interior design. 

  • Moon light 7410
  • Moon dust 7411
  • Moon grey 7412
  • Moon shadow 7413

In case something goes wrong during the space flight and there's a crash, the design flooring has an integrated sound-absorbing cushion which damps vibrations.

An ever expanding selection of carpets and runners for children's rooms offers a fluffy variety of designs. From even more stars to UFOs and spaceships, you'll find just about everything that makes the heart of the little astronaut beat faster.

The same applies to the choice of flooring as to the interior design: The more authentic the space look is meant to be, the smaller a role will be played by wooden structures. Yet even the wood flooring range includes versions that harmonise with the cosmic design of the children's room while still being robust enough to withstand a lifestyle full of games, fun and adventure. Lindura wood flooring from MEISTER combines the advantages of wood floors with the durability of other floorings. Restrained colour variants such as “Natural arctic white oak 8735” and “Natural polar white oak 8737” harmonise with almost every imaginable colour scheme you might find in a children's room: Whether it's black like the infinite reaches of space or colourful like a cosmic mist.

Beam me up: The space look in a nutshell 

  • Wall design
    To create an impressive firmament, children's walls can be painted in dark tones such as black, grey or blue. 
  • Must have: fluorescent stars
    Fluorescent star-shaped stickers transform every room into a small observatory. 
  • DIY solar system
    Mobiles that depict the solar system can be purchased or home-made. 
  • Colour accents
    Little amateur astronauts enjoy colourful accents in silver, red, blue and white – just like at NASA.
  • Metal furniture
    Metal furniture brings an authentic spaceship look to the children's room. But don’t forget to secure it!

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