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Metallic: The interior trend with lustrous accents in copper, brass, chrome

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Metallic surfaces have been one of the top interior trends for some time now. Lustrous metals lend the decor a warm, beautiful glow. These elegant surfaces have a magical attraction, and they are astonishingly easy to combine with nearly every other interior design trend. Copper, brass and chrome have long since shed their reputation as cool and sober; they are shimmering, soft, reflective metals. Warm rose gold, elegant platinum and radiant copper-orange now create beautiful highlights in our homes.

The metallic interior trend is all around us: in chic hanging lamps above the dining table, brass-framed mirrors on the wall or coffee tables next to the sofa. Furniture, fabrics and interior accessories with a metallic shine make a big impact, and consequently, they are highly prized as accessories. It’s even on trend for large surfaces such as walls, floors, furniture fronts and upholstery fabrics to have a metallic shimmer

The revival of the metallic look

The new metallic trend has been with us for some time, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Every year, beautiful new metallic surfaces, finishes and impressive colour shades are added to the available palette, keeping the trend up to date and popular.

Tom Dixon and his spectacular copper hanging lamps probably deserve most of the credit for reviving the metallic trend. Previously, metallic surfaces had a reputation for being cold and reminiscent of a medical setting, but Dixon designed his new copper lamps with a comforting, cosy, gentle shine so that they blended into a broad range of interior design styles whilst still making a statement.

These lamps are the perfect example of how beautifully lustrous metallic surfaces can fit into a room. The large copper shapes are eye-catching, and they make a traditional interior look trendy, a sleek interior modern style (+link) look cool, and they lend a warm touch to a Scandinavian-inspired space. Consequently, many manufacturers are jumping on the metallic bandwagon and presenting beautiful, shimmering home accessories to make our own four walls just a little bit prettier.

Here are some lustrous metallic pieces that can light up a room: Lamps, Fabrics for pillows, upholstery and curtains, Furniture surfaces, Cutlery, Side tables, Handles, Furniture feet, Walls with paints and wallpaper, Bowls, Wall mirrors, Candle holders, Pouffes, Flooring, Picture frames, Mirror frames, Service plates, Vases. 

Metallic elements are (understated) accents in interior design and can be truly eye-catching, regardless of whether they are radiant high-lustre or mellow matt. Metallic surfaces can also have different finishes. Depending on the look, it can be exciting to combine matt and high-lustre pieces.


The metallic effect

We just can’t escape the shine! Metallic elements give any room a little upgrade. Metallic is luxurious, elegant, and radiates a warm and inviting glow. Warmer, shinier surfaces like gold, rose gold and copper reflect light particularly softly and warmly. Silver, platinum and chrome lend the atmosphere a clear, light touch. By carefully selecting the surfaces, we can find the perfect way to highlight any design aesthetic. Cosy, elegant, warm, refreshing, cool or even totally industrial: Metallic surfaces are a great fit for nearly any style, and they work in any season.

The most beautiful metallic looks

Laminate flooring MeisterDesign. laminate LL 150 Dark farm oak 6834


For a nostalgic design aesthetic, brass is the metal of choice; it makes a wonderful companion to intense colours like dark blue, emerald green or aubergine. Beautiful brass table lamps, candle holders or even furniture fittings provide a warm golden glow. The perfect way to round off the retro look is with dark, lightly shimmering velvet fabrics on sofas and armchairs, and with vintage furniture made of mellow brown wood. Wallpaper with a subtle shine can also be a lovely fit, and the gentle reflections it casts can even make small rooms look bigger. Dark flooring is an ideal way to underscore this retro look. A high-lustre finish on the surface of parquet flooring also conjures up a hint of nostalgia. 


Metallic and marble make magic together. Combining them with natural materials, premium woods and mohair fabrics creates an elegant, mellow look that reflects the light beautifully.

Hanging lamps in rose gold above a white marble table are key pieces for this elegant style. Modern cutlery, service plates, simple candle holders and lanterns in shimmering gold and rose gold are also a perfect fit for the aesthetic. Combine matt and high-lustre pieces for an eye-catching contrast. The more linear the shapes of the metallic accessories, the more modern and sophisticated the look.

The ideal basic colours are white, light grey and beige. Dark grey can also be a perfect backdrop for an accent wall. In combination with marble and metallic accessories, they create a beautiful, timeless, elegant look. 

Natural wood tones for the floor, such as oak parquet flooring, also lend an air of beauty and elegance. 

Parquet flooring MeisterParquet. longlife PD 400 Plain vital oak 8806


This style is light, bright and fresh. Geometric patterns and natural hues define the typical Scandinavian decor. Woods like maple and light oak can also dominate the aesthetic. Silver and titanium are the perfect metallic accents for a cool Nordic style. For those who like it a little cosier, bronze and copper accessories are the ideal companions. Metal baskets and wire lanterns catch the eye, and cutlery and table decorations can make another lustrous metallic highlight. Linen pillows and curtains, cotton fabrics with geometric prints, and of course, the stylish design letters cups from Arne Jacobsen are a perfect fit for this style.

Natural hues and shades of grey are excellent wall colours, as are deep blues. Light flooring completes the look and shows the metallics to best advantage.

Lindura wood flooring HD 400 Pure natural oak 8743


Metallic accessories look wonderful in a minimalist ambience, and they are a perfect fit for modern materials such as concrete, glass or terrazzo. The aesthetic requires only a few carefully selected lustrous pieces to catch the eye, however. Brass and gold conjure warmth and a hint of cosiness into minimalist interior design. Gold hanging lamps gleam above a dining table next to a concrete wall, lending a pop of excitement to the plain interior. Slim, linear picture frames in gleaming gold also draw the eye to a little ‘wall of fame’. 

Smooth fabrics and leather complement the minimalist interior. And a few fluffy mohair or lambswool cushions are a lovely addition to the sofa.The flooring should be equally minimalist and subtle, leaving the metallic accents to shine (Lindura wood flooring HD 400 Pure natural oak). Beautiful metallic accents are the perfect highlights; they catch the light in any style of interior design. Let it shine.

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