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Heller Designboden vor einer blauen Wand

What does the colour of your home reveal about you?

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For many, life couldn’t be more colourful. Others prefer things in black and white and favour a more down to earth style. Then there are those who just can’t get enough of their favourite colour. How you colour the interior of your home says a lot about who you are and what makes you tick.

Why are colours important?

The interior decor of a home not only reflects the personality of whoever lives there, but it can also have a particular effect on them. In fact, the right colour scheme within a room can promote concentration or relaxation, which are ideal concepts for the study and bedroom respectively.

But this doesn’t mean that entire walls have to be painted in just one specific colour. Sometimes it’s enough to simply accent certain features – like door frames, pictures, posters and carpets – with a colour, in order to trigger the preferred mood or foster the desired atmosphere.

Lindura-Holzboden unter einer roten Küche

Seeing red

People who wear red or who decorate their homes with this vibrant colour tend to enjoy being the centre of attention. Red clothing and, indeed, red tones on the walls just scream “Here I am! Look at me!”. Since red literally jumps out at you whenever you see it, those who love the colour can be described as both confident and active, as well as being generally feisty and extroverted.

Of course, if red is the main colour used to decorate a room, it really only works when used sparingly – i.e. not for the whole space. Red can be combined with a wealth of earthy tones, such as gold or beige, for that warm, welcoming feel. On the other hand, both black and white offer a stylish contrast to red – it depends on whether the atmosphere within the room is to be more serious or more upbeat. Subtle wooden flooring, in Natural alabaster oak, for example, provides a certain element of groundedness.

Heller Laminatboden in einem bunten Kinderzimmer

The wide blue yonder

Embodying peace and tranquillity, blue has a relaxing effect and is constantly associated with the sky or with the ocean. This is why it also symbolises good weather, holidays, the yonder… no wonder it’s so popular!

Blue exists in an almost unlimited number of shades – from carefree pastel tones to a more serious, sophisticated midnight blue – and the colour’s nuances often correspond to a range of personal characteristics. What unites them, however, is a desire for peace and harmony, which blue walls and objects instantly evoke.

In stark contrast to those who like red, people who like blue are more thoughtful, often considered dreamers and tend towards introversion, preferring to hang back more so than others do. Neither ‘feisty’ nor ‘fiery’ would be appropriate descriptors for them, as they generally prefer peace and harmony.

As it’s a cool colour, blue is best combined with white and, of course, all its various shades. For example, “Arctic white oak” is the ideal design flooring for a room decorated in such a way.

Eicheparkett in cremeweiß

Green fingers

Green… the colour of nature and a deep connection to the earth, embodying growth and freshness. Those who decorate their home in green should definitely incorporate a large selection of house plants and high quality, sustainable furniture made using natural materials into the design – wood and bamboo, for example, are especially suitable.

As reliable, responsible people, security and stability are what fans of green tend to strive for… both emotionally and in terms of their finances.

An organic, preferably untreated floor covering such as a naturally oiled oak parquet is perfect for anyone who loves greenery. High quality and durable parquet flooring is ideal for those who want something more long term – the surface can be sanded down after a few years, making it appear as new. 

Yellow, for a sunny disposition

We associate yellow with the sun, first and foremost, meaning those who love this bright and vibrant colour tend to be optimistic, lively and cheerful. They’re also likely to be creative and spontaneous, not to mention constantly on the lookout for fun and excitement.

Yellow walls make a room appear visually bigger and will instantly bring a smile to anyone’s face. Chic, cheeky, cheerful and lending itself perfectly to playful decoration and furnishings, yellow is often the colour of choice for (gender neutral) nurseries and playrooms. Durable, all purpose flooring is what’s needed here, so why not go for our strikingly robust “Spring break oak" laminate.

Parkett Eiche vital hellgrau in einem schwarz-weiß eingerichteten Wohnraum

The classics – black and white

White is the most popular colour for interior walls in Germany – and with good reason! White is neutral, timeless and goes with more or less every possible design and layout. You can’t go wrong with white… it makes a room visually brighter and appear larger, which is why particularly people who are easily fed up with other colours increasingly gravitate towards it. After all, it provides a harmonious, calming foundation for making a room inviting, bright and friendly.

Interplaying with similarly light floor coverings, such as our white design flooring creates the impression that the interior design is one modern, stylish, almost contour-free unit. If the contrast of darker flooring is more the order of the day, the cooling nuances of the increasingly popular colour greige – the stylish combination of grey and beige – come highly recommended

Those who prefer black, on the other hand, are more flamboyant and in no way maudlin. Indeed, it’s immediately striking due to its high contrasting effects – just as with white, you can’t go wrong with black either. Similar to fans of the colour red, people who like black possess a healthy amount of self confidence, yet they do tend to be more reserved and not as extroverted. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though… quite the opposite! They tend to exude intelligence and an emotionally mature energy. As the colour is synonymous with authority and luxury, many choose black in order to make a more serious impression. Why else would executive chairs, expensive cars and most suits be black? Whether you’re picking out the right clothing or designing your office spaces, the effect is the same.

Colour types at a glance:

  • Red 
    Those who love the colour red tend to be fiery and feisty.
  • Blue 
    People who prefer blue are carefree and looking for harmony.
  • Green
    Fans of green are nature-conscious and seek security in all aspects of life.
  • Yellow
    o   Yellow is energising and invokes happiness – qualities those who love yellow possess as well. 
  • White & black
    White is the colour of choice for those who like to play it safe, while black embodies luxury and authority.

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