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How to make a real statement with character floors 

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There are simple floors – and then there are floors with character. They have visible structures, unevenness, colour deviations or supposed flaws. These are beautiful to behold in their own, unique way simply because they are seemingly imperfect. Yet this is exactly what sets them apart from parquet, laminate, and other conventional flooring types and makes them so unique. After all, not just anyone has these floors at home.

Lindura-Holzboden Eiche rustikal 8410
Good to know
Wooden floors not only look elegant, they also improve the room climate: They are pleasantly warm underfoot and regulate humidity.

Always a good match – wood structure 

Even in contemporary households, the country house style is currently enjoying great popularity, and rightly so. The motto: The quainter and “older” it looks, the better. Its authentic appearance provides a contrast to any living space, clearly highlighting modern furnishing elements.

A rustic character floor is mainly characterised by its clear grain and visually striking knotholes. This can be the case with parquet flooring as well as with correspondingly designed laminate or design flooring. Suppliers have long since ceased to limit the design of their floors to the way they look alone: The grain, pores and holes are imprinted into the surface, perfecting the illusion. For that special country house character, real wood floors are ideal - such as Meister Lindura in the “natural arctic white” version.

Lindura-Holzboden Eiche Landhausdielen in einem Wohnzimmer
Heller Lindura-Holzboden in einer Dachgeschosswohnung
MEISTER Laminat in einem Dekor aus verschiedenen Hölzern

Laminate and design flooring features limitless visual variety thanks to their composition: A high-quality digital print gives them any look you desire. So why not go for something unusual and choose a vintage-look wood decor for your flooring? Discolouration and wipe effects complete the look of weathered wood – and yet the floorings are extremely stable. An exciting contrast is created when the furniture has a modern, colourful design.

Design and laminate flooring with a contemporary look can also feature a striking wood decor. The combination of wood with a light tile impression always attracts attention, and its vividness makes it look extremely modern. To add some warmth to your interior, we recommend furniture made of birch or coloured accessories. 

Graues Laminat im Fliesenformat

Modern and extravagant with floors in a stone look

Character floors include designs that are not found in ordinary homes. If you're looking for something uncommon, you should take a closer look at flooring with a stone decor: The trend towards nature-oriented designs does not stop at the material, making the look of stone, concrete and the like increasingly popular for floorings in living spaces. For example, a design flooring in a deep black lava stone look can form the style-conscious foundation for an exotic furnishing style. 

Those who prefer living in the industrial style are well advised to choose designs in an authentic concrete look in stone grey. Unlike traditional building material, design flooring has durable surfaces and is much easier to clean than porous building material.

Cosy alternatives to stone slabs and tiles that are warm underfoot prove that comfort is not sacrificed in the process: Many floorings with a stone look, such as the Nadura product range from MEISTER, offer a near-natural decor combined with a wood-based foundation.

Dunkelgrauer Designboden im Fliesenformat
Designboden in natürlicher Steinoptik, Dekor Terrazzo dunkel
Schiffsboden Parkett geplankt von MEISTER
Particularly dark or very light floors can be excellently complemented by carefully selected furniture and decoration in your favourite colour.

Wood colours: Anything but 08/15 

Many people immediately associate wood floors with light oak or chocolate brown walnut. But those aren’t the only options: Choosing a wood floor does not mean sacrificing cool tones such as black, white and grey. While design and laminate floorings already offer an inexhaustible variety of graphic designs, it is the especially the oak product variants of real wood floors and parquet flooring that shine with a rich variety of facets. This is because this stable wood can be pre-treated in many ways – oiling, liming, smoking and lacquering influence the colour of the material.

Parkett Landhausdielen mit natürlichen Astlöchern und kleinen Rissen
Dunkelbraunes Fischgrät Parkett im Wohnzimmer
Hellgraue Parkett Landhausdielen aus Eiche

Character floors: So, what to look out for 

If you want your flooring to stand out from conventional products on account of its unique and unusual features, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • The material: 
    Real wood and stone floors are always unique. There are many variants of laminate and design floorings with a high-quality natural look.
  • Blemishes skilfully highlighted: 
    Unevenness, colour deviations and knotholes make the floor something very special.
  • The colour: 
    It doesn’t always have to be light wood. An anthracite or black floor stands out and makes the room more expressive.

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