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MeisterPaneele. terra als Wandverkleidung in der Küche
MeisterPaneele. terra als Wandverkleidung in der Küche

Wall panelling for the kitchen – a real eyecatcher

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The heart of the home: the kitchen is where family and friends come together – for good food, good conversation and good company. It helps when a tasteful ambience invites people to do just that. The perfect recipe: beautiful and stylish wall panelling. It transforms every kitchen into an inviting space with a touch of individuality and a dollop of durability.

Wandverkleidung in der Küche mit Feuchtraumpaneele
A damp cloth is all you need - panels for humid rooms in the kitchen withstand tomato sauce stains, dough splashes and water steam while cooking

Wall panelling for the kitchen – an absolute must-have

Everyone knows the feeling: you’re cooking tomato sauce on the hob, and within minutes the wall is covered in splashes – how irritating. Removing these stains can be challenging, especially on plastered walls. For that reason alone, wall panelling for the kitchen is an absolute must, as it is extremely easy to clean. A damp cloth is all you need to erase red splashes from the kitchen wall – and restore the wall panelling to its original, shiny state. Things can get hectic in the kitchen, meaning you can expect moisture, grease splashes, tomato sauce stains and the odd major mishap. That’s why the panels you choose for your kitchen should always be suitable for humid rooms. Panels for humid rooms are protected against moisture, thanks to their product structure and surface treatment, and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth – making them ideal for use as wall panelling in the kitchen.

Weiße Paneele an der Wand

The kitchen at the heart of modern living concepts

The kitchen has long been a place for more than just cooking. It is a key component of holistically designed living concepts, as it has become a central meeting place for family and friends. Cooking still takes place. But most of all, the kitchen is a cosy, welcoming place where people spend time together. Who hasn’t been to a party that ended up with everyone gathered in the kitchen in the middle of the night? That’s why open-plan kitchens are now enormously popular, as they open up the space for people to come together. That’s why there’s no question that, as the heart of the home, a modern kitchen must not only be practical, but also conducive to conversation and inviting in its design.

Panels in the kitchen – an expression of a holistic living concept

When it comes to holistic interior design concepts, nowadays it’s often all about the kitchen as the centre of modern living. It’s no wonder then that kitchens have become design objects in the home. From industrial style to shabby chic or the country house style – the design concepts are endless; as are the possibilities for how you can decorate your kitchen. Whether your kitchen is closed or open-plan, you can’t go wrong with panels as a design element. The style of the wall panelling depends on the individual design concept.

In open-plan kitchens, wall panelling can accentuate the atmosphere of the entire room, and reflect both the colour and the decor of the floor, as well as the character of individual furnishings. This creates a seamless overall look. If desired, wall panels in the kitchen can also be used to form striking contrasts. For example, in a large room that is clean, minimalistic and harmoniously furnished, with a few metallic decorative elements in a grey colour concept, and matching furniture and flooring in a concrete look. In a uniform room concept such as this one, rust metallic panels in the kitchen can look absolutely stunning. 

Paneele als Wandverkleidung im Durchgang zur Küche
Meeting point kitchen: this room is often of the greatest importance at home, which is why the living concept of the kitchen should be well thought out

Paneele in Edelstahl-Dekor und 3-D-Optik verlegt

The variety of wall panelling for the kitchen

The variety of available wall panelling for the kitchen leaves nothing to be desired and holds something for every taste. The varied selection provides plenty of scope for individual design ideas. It ranges from authentic wood decors in cool and warm colours, to modern stone and concrete imitations. 

Panels as wall panelling for the kitchen – the benefits at a glance

  • Suitable for everyday use
    Wall panelling for the kitchen is extremely practical, thanks to its easy-care surfaces. Stains can quickly and easily be removed with a damp cloth.
  • Practical design element
    Kitchen panels are not only practical, but an attractive design element as well. They can reflect the look of the overall interior style, or form an attractive contrast.
  • Versatile
    The selection of available wall panels for the kitchen is extensive and caters to every taste.

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