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Oh thou joyful – How to keep candle wax on the floor from killing the mood

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Advent is the time for candles: The lights are lit for over four weeks. Like the inviting smell of wax and burning wicks, drops of wax on the floor can unfortunately also leave their mark on the pre-Christmas season. But with a couple of home remedies, these stubborn spots are soon a thing of the past.

Whether it's from a birthday cake or Christmas decorations. Finding candle wax on the floor is annoying. But stay calm: Wax can be removed easily from many materials.

In any case: Once the mishap has occurred, allow the wax to dry completely before attempting to clean it. Otherwise, the wax is only spread further, which only makes it more difficult to remove it. Consequently, the scene of the crime has to be “secured” immediately after the incident so that nobody steps into the wax when it's still warm.

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Removing candle wax from the carpet 

Because liquid wax bonds with the fabric fibres of the carpet, you should be careful when removing it: Rough mechanical treatment (rubbing or tearing) might even damage the carpet in the worst-case scenario. Instead, carefully scrape the top layer of wax out of the carpet first. A knife without a serrated edge can be used for this. The process becomes simpler if the wax is hardened by cold – with the aid of an ice cube or a cooling spray.

The spot is then covered with a sheet of blotting paper – alternatively, kitchen paper can be used. An iron on a low setting heats the paper and the wax underneath carefully, but effectively: The liquid is absorbed by the paper. It's essential not to use steam in the process! If edges or discolorations of coloured wax remain in the carpet, they can be removed by careful treating them with cleaning solvent.

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Wood floors and candle wax 

Whereas candles used to be made primarily of beeswax, today they are usually made of paraffin, which is why they contain a lot of fat. To prevent spilled candle wax from forming grease spots on untreated wooden floors, the wax should be absorbed as soon as possible after hardening.

Usually, real wood parquet flooring has a grain or unevenness such as knotholes. If wax gets stuck in it, it's best to liquefy it. To do so, first remove the coarse lump of wax with a plastic spatula or plastic card (for example, an old credit card or driving licence). Just like the carpet, the rest is covered with kitchen paper or blotting paper. In this case, a hair dryer is used instead of an iron so as not to harm the sensitive material. The principle is the same: The warm wax is absorbed by the absorbent layer.

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Wax spots on laminate flooring 

Wax spots on smooth laminate can be easily scratched off thanks to the flat surface. The easiest and cleanest way to do this is with a scraper for ceramic hobs. The important thing is to remove it carefully and with a sharp blade so that there are no unsightly scratches in the floor. In the case of particularly structured floors, a sponge or cotton cloth can be warmed in hot water for cleaning and gently rubbed over the wax residue. It may be necessary to repeat this step, but it's as effective as it is gentle on the laminate flooring.

Preventing candle wax spots 

The wax runs particularly easily in slim, tall candles. Tea lights or candles in a glass are just as atmospheric, but easier to handle. They are also perfect for atmospheric advent lighting

  • Better in a glass 
    The wax runs particularly easily in slim, tall candles. Tea lights or candles in a glass are just as atmospheric, but easier to handle. They are also perfect for atmospheric advent lighting.
  • Better with drip protection
    In addition, a plate or board under the candles protects the table and floor from wax residues. 
  • Better not blow
    The most common cause of spills is when the candles are blown out. A candle snuffer fulfils this task especially reliably and without any spattering wax. 

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