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Furnishing children’s rooms – what do I need to keep in mind?

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For children, the importance of having their own room can’t be understated. They can play, run around and daydream, or enjoy some peace and quiet undisturbed. They should always feel comfortable and safe. With these tips you can create a room for your children that is as imaginative as it is cosy.

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Every beginning is beautiful – furnishing for babies 

Arguably one of the best tasks for parents-to-be is lovingly designing their first nursery. Most prefer soft pastel colours or white tones – in fitting with the Scandinavian furnishing style, an interior design trend that has been around for years.

Baby’s bedroom doesn’t need to be crammed full, but there are a few essential accessories for day-to-day life with the newborn:


  • For sleeping the little one needs a cot in which they can safely nod off without the risk of falling out. Many parents choose a 140 x 70 cm bed from the get-go, because children grow so quickly in their first few years! This way, parents and their little ones get a bit longer out of the cot.

  • A baby will get through around 10,000 nappies before they stay dry and start using the potty – so it’s worth investing in a changing table. Babies shouldn’t be laid on normal tables or cupboards, because they can roll over and fall off in the blink of an eye.

  • An armchair or something similar in the room is practical for breastfeeding or getting the little one down in the evenings. A rocking chair adds comfort! 

  • A soft light that is easy on the eyes is recommended so that the baby isn’t blinded. 

  • As soon as the baby starts crawling, they will spend a lot of time on the floor. A toxin-free and robust floor that is warm to the foot and not cold is the ideal option for when the little one is ready to take their first steps – perhaps the healthy living design flooring by MEISTER.

The playroom 

As soon as your child is a bit older and standing on their own two feet, they will need a bit more room for playing and exploring. Fantasy worlds and furniture often merge so that the little ones’ imaginations can run free. Should your toddler develop an attachment to a kids series, certain film characters or sports stars, then designing the room accordingly seems like the obvious choice. However, it’s best to keep the colours in the room fairly neutral – not least because children’s interests can change at the drop of a hat! The room is often colourful enough when packed with books, toys, bedding and decorative objects. White is the classic pleasant colour that goes with everything – and to keep it clean you can add a protective coat on top of the colour, a so-called elephant skin.

The floor covering in said room should be just as durable. Laminate flooring boasts decent durability thanks to a layer of melamine resin ideal for endless playing and the daily patter of little feet, and available in countless design variants. It is also easily wipeable so you can quickly conquer any sign of dirt. Nowadays, variants with an integrated sound-absorbing cushion and optimised installation debunk the common conception of laminate flooring as being cold and loud. This floor covering is definitely an interesting option for any kid’s room.

Always on the safe side 

Furnishing a room for children shouldn’t just look great – many objects in such rooms need to meet special requirements and are certified under strict criteria. To ensure the best for your little ones, keep the following points in mind when furnishing their rooms:

  • Plug sockets in the rooms need to be positioned out of reach for children.

  • Lamps and lights with LED technology are not only energy saving, they also don’t get as hot as halogen bulbs.

  • Heavy furniture such as cabinets and chests of drawers should always be fixed to the wall so they don’t tip over if the child climbs on them.

  • Furniture, wall paint or floor coverings suitable for children often bear a hallmark verifying their safety and absence of pollutants.

  • Cords, wires and cables should not be within your little one’s reach. Fairy lights, blinds and the like need to be fixed in a way that they don’t dangle.

  • Safety mechanisms and lockable handles on windows ensure that small children cannot open them themselves.
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DIY: Great ideas for children’s rooms 

Those looking for custom decor for their child’s room can easily get involved themselves. If your child wants to and can help, they can also get stuck in with the crafting! For example, blackboard paint or film can transform walls and cupboard doors into surfaces for drawing – so your child can really get in touch with their creative side using chalk, again and again. With the right room design, a white ball light can be transformed from a simple light source to a funny animal or the moon and makes for plenty of fun in a child’s room.

Washi tape, too, is a popular material when it comes to renovating and decorating children’s bedrooms. With the adhesive strips, simple shapes, lettering or patterns can be formed on the walls and easily removed again when needed.

Designing kids rooms: An overview 

  • Favourite colours
    Coating the walls in neutral colours is worth it at any age – a colourful mix or a focus on their favourite colour of the moment can be achieved with the decor and home textiles. 
  • Lighting
    Glare-free, dimmable lighting is recommended to help the little ones calm down in the evenings ready for sleep. Kids who want to draw or paint and do their homework in their rooms can have an additional spotlight or desk lamp.
  • Furniture that grow along
    The cot should be big enough right from the start or perhaps be able to grow with the child so that they get longer out of it. 
  • Protection for light walls
    Light wall colours are protected from dirt with a layer of ‘elephant skin’
  • Robust floor covering
    Whether your children are big or small – where they play and run around, a robust floor covering such as MEISTER laminate or design flooring is always recommended.
  • Always on the safe side
    Potential hazards like loose cables, open plug sockets or wobbly furniture have no place in a child’s bedroom. 
  • DIY decor
    The best decor for kids rooms can be custom designed – whether it’s painted lights, lettering or Washi tape on the walls, the more personal the better! 
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