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Anything but typical: Panopolis and other exciting laminate flooring decors

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When thinking about laminate flooring, an image of wood effect flooring in tried-and-tested colours such as beech, birch or oak automatically comes to most minds.

However, those who cultivate their very own interior design style may not be able to acquire a taste for traditional decor. That’s why MEISTER has special laminate flooring in its range for all those looking for something unusual.

Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LL 150 Panopolis 6684
Panopolis laminate flooring features a raw wood pore structure, while at the same time, illustrated grain and visible processing traces are embossed on the planks. The flooring doesn’t just look like wood – it feels like wood, too. 

Laminate flooring: High-contrast and vivid

This classic wood effect variant is anything but boring. The Panopolis 6684 variant of MeisterDesign. laminate LL 150 has a slightly greyish basic colour and with it, quite a neutral basis. The good thing about this is that it suits many interior decor styles and therefore harmonises equally well with other wooden surfaces, a stone look or a colourful interior.

The ornamentation on the planks catch the eye – so fans of wood structures won’t have to do without an unusual design, as this flooring impressively shows. Its design draws attention almost magically.

Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LD 150 Mississippi Wood 6404

Following in the footsteps of Huckleberry Finn with laminate flooring decor

The Mississippi wood variant from the laminate flooring collection LD 150 combines a rustic seeming structure with an elegant reddish wood tone. Those who have always dreamed of heading off on great adventures on a raft will perhaps find their Tom Sawyer with this flooring.

There is a wide range of possible combinations to match: exotic furnishings with home accessories from far away lands especially come into their own on this flooring. However, you don’t have to cross the seven seas to find the perfect interior design, as this laminate flooring complements even classic country house furnishing.

Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LL 150 Vintage walnut 6845
Laminate MeisterDesign. laminate LL 150 Vintage walnut 6845
Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LD 55 Finca Wood 6856

From the finca straight to the UK

The special thing about laminate flooring is that its look comes from incorporating a layer of printed decor paper under the protective covering layer. Modern printing processes facilitate the illustration of every conceivable wood true to nature, and of other materials, too. The Finca wood MeisterDesign. laminate variant is a particularly successful example of this. Its realistic imitation of rustic wood flooring in a traditional Spanish finca immediately gives that holiday feeling.

Whether it’s for a home workshop or newly opened trendy café, even tough stains can be removed easily thanks to the floor’s easy-to-clean structure, and you can have it looking fresh again in no time.

Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LC 150 Risseiche cappuccino 6318

Wonderfully imperfect

The times when only flawless wood surfaces were all the rage have since become passé. And that’s a good thing, because isn’t it the visible irregularities and supposed flaws that gives a floor its individual character?

Laminate flooring designs also reflect this trend. More and more decors now comprise structures and elements that tear up the perfect image of wood. This can clearly be seen in the Cappuccino Cracked Oak variant from the laminate flooring LC 150 collection, for example. The visible cracks and knotholes make no difference to the floor’s structure – this ‘damage’ is ultimately purely optical nature. 

Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LC 55 Modern Herringbone 6683
Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LC 55 Modern Herringbone 6683
Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LB 150 Beton 7321

It doesn’t always have to be wood

Stone look laminate flooring – is that even possible? But of course! And it looks real, too. Laminate flooring LB 150 comes in large-tile format in variants such as Concrete and is therefore almost indistinguishable from real tile flooring at first glance. 

The question of why laminate flooring with a tile look is recommended can actually be answered in a number of ways:

  • Laminate flooring is considerably more cost-effective than tiled flooring.
  • Unlike with tiles, DIY lovers can even lay laminate flooring themselves.
  • Another advantage of laminate flooring is the possibility of floating installations – so the flooring can be removed or exchanged at any time.
  • People who prefer to walk around in socks or barefoot get cold feet much less often with laminate flooring.

Those who have only seen cheap wood imitation laminate flooring until now should well and truly be convinced of the opposite, because there are almost no limits to the design possibilities of laminate flooring.

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