Herringbone parquet flooring
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Herringbone parquet flooring

Herringbone parquet flooring 

Rediscovering an old laying pattern

Parquet is one of the world’s oldest and most popular types of flooring. And that’s not without good reason: Real wood parquet flooring effortlessly lends a unique natural atmosphere to any room and its diverse applications are in a league of their own. Parquet flooring is available in a range of different species of wood (mainly oak), and a variety of colours (from white lyed oak to antique brown), types (e.g. short planks, planks or strip parquet flooring) and grades (from rustic to harmonious). The selection of surfaces is equally diverse: Some examples include oiled, lacquered or matt lacquered surfaces with a sanded or brushed effect. These days, classic and timeless laying patterns such as herringbone are especially on-trend for parquet flooring. Herringbone flooring consists of separate planks which are installed at adjoining right angles. The resulting continuous symmetrical ‘plaits’ resemble a herring’s skeleton, which is where the name of the pattern originates. French herringbone flooring, for example, is particularly elegant, but it is also highly intricate. Each strip is tapered for this installation pattern. A joint is thus formed in the centre. 

Herringbone patterns give your floor a truly elegant aesthetic as the two halves of the herringbone plait shimmer differently in the light. This type of parquet pattern is especially suited to spacious rooms. Traditional, high quality herringbone patterns look particularly impressive on such floors.

Herringbone parquet flooring by MEISTER

Helles Fischgrät Parkett in einer Küche

Herringbone flooring by MEISTER: PS 500 

Residence PS 500 is the name of the herringbone parquet collection by MEISTER. We reinterpret traditional herringbone flooring, giving it a modern, contemporary feel. Thanks to the generous strip format (effective measurement: 710 x 142 mm), the surface appears classic and elegant, but modern and homely alike. The herringbone flooring collection is dominated by light shades and warm oak finishes (e.g. cream oak, pearl oak, or mocha oak), rounded off by darker tones such as steamed oak and olive grey oak. You can choose from 12 different shades of herringbone wood flooring. As is the case with all of MEISTER’s parquet flooring, we don’t offer solid hardwood, but rather high quality three-layer parquet (also known as ready-made parquet). 

The strips have either a matt or natural oil finish, and there are three grades available: ‘vital’ (larger, filled knots and cracks), ‘authentic’ (with cracked knots and knots) or ‘natural’ (small knots and occasional cracks).

Parkett Fischgrät Eiche mildgeräuchert in einer Galerie mit Leseecke
Helles Eiche Parkett in Fischgrätverlegung
Natürliches Fischgrät Parkett in einem modernen Wohnzimmer
Fischgrät Parkett von MEISTER in Eiche authentic weiß

Easy-to-install herringbone pattern 

The new patented Quadroclic Plus click system is used in the PS 500 line. This fold-down system makes it possible to install your flooring easily, quickly and safely. MEISTER has also developed a special template for this product to make it even easier for you to fit your herringbone floor. In addition to the classic herringbone pattern, the PS 500 range can also be installed in other patterns such as cube, ladder or braid. This flooring is ideal for a floating installation and full-surface bonding of planks. Herringbone flooring is also compatible with hot water underfloor heating. 

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