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MEISTER Acoustic panels Light oak 7030

Acoustic panels on walls and ceilings

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Improving room acoustics... but how? 

One simple option is with the new MEISTER acoustic panels. The topic of room acoustics is very important in private space. Especially in modern spaces and living environments that mostly do away with large-format textiles such as carpets or curtains, the acoustics or disruptive room noise can become a problem and additional noise reduction is needed. After all, textile materials always help to reduce noise developing, and if they are completely absent to fit the aesthetic, it can get unpleasantly loud!

MEISTER Acoustic Sense acoustic panels and MeisterPanels. style SP 800 provide a simple and stylish remedy for room acoustics. The popular wood acoustic panels mounted on a batten profile with insulation absorb up to 95% of the sound in a room (absorption class A as per DIN EN 11654). Of course, the other acoustic panels and ways of laying also effectively reduce room noise and make for a pleasant atmosphere in the room as a result. Even just a partial installation on one wall is enough for a clearly tangible acoustic improvement. 

Smaller sound-absorbing and acoustically effective surfaces can also be installed on the ceiling, for instance. High-quality acoustic panels from manufacturer MEISTER are naturally also suitable for use as an acoustic element, either on individual or multiple complete walls in a room or on an entire ceiling. But regardless of which type of installation you go for, MEISTER acoustic panels are a winning combination of functionality and the perfect look as an absorber, and as acoustic wall and ceiling panels, too! What’s more, the implementation of this method of improving room acoustics is also very simple, because this sound insulation is easy to install – especially when used as acoustic wall panels. You can find out more about this in the installation instructions.

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MEISTER acoustic panels

Possible uses for acoustic panels

It goes without saying that the panels can be used in offices as well as in living spaces to improve the acoustics. After all, room acoustics in working environments often leave a lot to be desired, especially in meeting rooms or open-plan offices. Just like in living spaces, many smooth surfaces (reverberant surfaces) are responsible for poor room acoustics. Here, too, an acoustic wall panel or panels as an absorber on the ceiling can improve room acoustics. Sound absorbers play a crucial role in optimising room acoustics and contribute significantly towards improved speech intelligibility. Acoustic wall and ceiling panels MeisterPanels. style SP 800 and Acoustic Sense minimise reverberation time and boast wood and felt design options for interior space, which improves the room’s atmosphere in offices, too.

Sound insulation is primarily achieved by reducing this reverberation time. Sound absorption immediately produces different acoustics, making improvements to the overall room acoustics tangible. The acoustically effective fibre composite efficiently dampens disruptive sound reflections and improves the sound quality of noises across a wide range of frequencies, high or low.


Wood acoustic panels: Trend product for walls

Acoustic wall panels are not only useful as sound absorbers; they also serve as a decorative furnishing element of wall design. If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t miss out on our slatted-look wood acoustic panels! 

Acoustic Sense panels are based on a visual combination of wood and felt. They consist of high-quality MDF slats, which are mounted on sound-absorbing black felt. However, MEISTER’s new wood acoustic panels boast several advantages over products from other manufacturers:

  • Authentic wood look and suitable for humid rooms: 
    The slats look like wood and feature decorative surfaces that are true to nature – similar to laminate or design flooring. As a result, the rather moisture-sensitive MDF veneer is not raw and MEISTER acoustic panels are thus easier to clean and can even be used in humid rooms! What’s more, the authentic wood-look decorative films offer various design options and will be available in a total of 6 colours. These naturally include oak in various designs (light and dark colour tones, oak and old-wood look), as well as walnut and a grey stone look.  
  • Room-height installation or personalised adjustments:
    The wood slats are also bonded across the entire surface of the felt base board and not partially stapled. This means they can be cut anywhere to your desired length without leading to loose areas that are difficult to bond or need to be screwed down. In the standard dimensions, they are still manageable with a room height of 2600 mm and a width of 330 mm.
  • Ecological and sustainable
    Wood or MDF is a natural product – that goes without saying. But the black felt is sustainable, too – it’s vegan and is made of 70% recycled material. 
  • Simple installation: 
    It really doesn’t get easier than this! Wood acoustic panels by MEISTER are either simply bonded to the wall using construction adhesive or are screwed to wooden battens. In combination with a wooden batten and insulation, the acoustic panels are in absorption class A (the highest) and thus reduce 95% of the sound in a room. 
Akustikpaneele Acoustic Sense von MEISTER als Streifen an Wand
Akustikpaneele und Systempaneele von MEISTER kombiniert

MeisterPanels. style acoustic panels: An individual and effective acoustic measure

MeisterPanels. style acoustic panels by manufacturer MEISTER are made of felt material and are available in five different colours. 

The 100% vegan felt surface is made predominantly from recycled fibres: for the terra brown and olive colours it is 50% and for the three grey decors it’s actually 100%. And the best part is that this felt is a real quality circular product and can easily be recycled once you are done with it! 

The roughly 5 mm thick felt surface from the MeisterPanels. style range is a dream of sustainability and naturalness. Together with the MDF middle layer and a stabilising backing, an optimal wall panel or even ceiling design element emerges that leaves nothing to be desired. It is easy to handle and install, and also makes for cosy self-care corners or stylish areas with that wow effect AND optimal room acoustics! Felt complements other materials perfectly – especially when combined with light woods or metallic looks, for example. The panels play to all its visual and acoustic advantages! The various sizes and widths of individual elements makes for many installation options – this means a 3D-look design can be achieved just as well as a shingle-style or completely homogenous installations. Basically, personalised solutions are the best ones here! Even a solution in combination with other surfaces is possible, such as the MeisterPanels. craft range made of high-quality wood. This gives your room a particularly unusual design! But the most important thing is that installing acoustic panels on walls or ceilings is a relatively simple yet beautiful way of improving the room acoustics and the sound in a room.

Akustikpaneele von MEISTER mit Red Dot Award

Award-winning design: Felt acoustic panels win the Red Dot Design Award

The MeisterPanels. style felt acoustic panels were awarded the Red Dot award for excellent design quality by an international jury. 

The Red Dot Award in Product Design is awarded annually to the best products of the year. Every year, an expert committee consisting of 50 jurors from a variety of disciplines looks for well-designed and aesthetically pleasing products, which are evaluated in a process lasting several days. The evaluation criteria include formal quality, ergonomics and durability. 

The MeisterPanels. style SP 800 impressed the jury and were awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2021.

The felt panels are not only sound-absorbing, modern and sustainable; they now officially feature an award-winning design!

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