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Summer feeling for the home – floors for a Mediterranean interior

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Sun, beach and a turquoise-coloured sea – we are happy to indulge in holiday dreams. The Mediterranean area in particular has attracted us making it a popular destination. Tourists from all over the world flock to Italy, Spain and Greece. But why wander far away? With attractive floors for a Mediterranean interior, everyone can bring the holiday feeling home.

Tips and tricks
Mediterranean colour combinations: In southern countries such as Spain or Greece, for example, the white paint on the walls combined with blue or green doors and window frames creates an appealing contrast. 

Radiant colour variety of the south in the living area 

Contrary to what many may think, a Mediterranean living style offers more than just terracotta tones and shades. Instead, it is distinguished above all by its radiant colours – the perfect source of inspiration for new living ideas. In addition to red, orange and yellow tones, the classic colours of the south also include blue, white and brown tones. Each of the colours exudes its own holiday flair: 

Blue tones represent the boundless sky and the Mediterranean Sea, white hues stand for the clouds; yellow, orange and red tones echo the radiant sun; green tones represent the fruits of the fields; violets recall the lavender fields of Provence; brown and terracotta tones stand for the fertile ground, and cream and sandy tones represent breath-taking beaches.

The choice of colours not only influences the visual impression of a room, but also speaks to the onlooker on an emotional level, as these examples show: Yellow, orange and red tones: warm, vivid, harmonious, blue tones: radiant, cooling, white tones: calm, gentle, fresh brown tones: rustic, lively

The varied choice of colours is mostly used on the walls, but it can also evoke memories of your last holiday with home accessories and decorative items. Classic terracotta, brown, cream and sandy tones are popular floor colours. This colour palette can set some striking accents that can be integrated perfectly into a Mediterranean living world.

Timeless style: The right floor for a Mediterranean interior 

If you want to bring a Mediterranean flair into your own four walls, you have numerous design options at your disposal. From decorative items and home furnishings to wall paints and flooring – fans of summer can now really let off steam in interior design and furnishing. This also applies to the selection of the right floor covering that will really bring out the Mediterranean atmosphere. Whether laminate, parquet or stone - here, too, the floor has a decisive influence on the spatial effect.

After a while, trendy designs are no longer “in”, and need to be replaced. Not only does it cost money, it’s also frustrating. This is not true of a Mediterranean style of living. If you choose this timeless style for your floor, you can easily integrate it into your living environment and enjoy it for a long time.

Tips and tricks
Colourful ceramics, furniture made of pine, olive or rattan and terracotta decoration can add plenty of Mediterranean flair to any home. 

Mediterranean flair with Nadura and parquet flooring 

Natural materials such as terracotta or sandstone are very popular when it comes to creating a Mediterranean atmosphere through the spatial effect. There are, however, alternative ways of achieving the same effect: A Nadura-floor in a warm sandstone look will bring Southern Europe right into your four walls. Not only does it radiate southern charm, it is also as robust as stone or ceramic tiles. This floor can withstand everyday wear and tear without any problems – regardless of whether it is broken spilt wine glass or the dropping of a hard object. The Nadura floor promises longevity and is easy to maintain. The floor covering, which guarantees a holiday feeling at home, is available in different colour variations of the sandstone imitation: from light to beige grey to light grey.

As a classic among floorings, a parquet floor can successfully contribute to the Mediterranean ambience, for example with the real wood varieties oak and maple as well as in light colours such as cream.

Those who like the Mediterranean country house style will be best advised to choose an oak parquet floor in olive brown. Rustic floor design combined with typical Mediterranean accents – such as walnut, olive, oak or pine furniture and a white to beige wall colour – creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. What’s more, cleaning and taking care of it is very simple and doesn’t involve much work.

Thanks to underfloor heating, which can be easily installed under the parquet flooring, your feet will stay warm in the winter months too. That’s perfect for everyone who yearns for some southern warmth at the coldest time of year.

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