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An elegant statement: How to set the stage for black flooring

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Black flooring is in vogue in the truest sense of the word. Skilfully staged, they lend rooms an atmosphere of elegance and a touch of drama. However, if you want to install black flooring in your home, you should keep a few things in mind so its elegance can take full effect.

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Black flooring: Basic points to bear in mind

Whether it’s parquet, design, vinyl or laminate flooring: Black floorings are available in a variety of materials and formats such as modern large tiles or long planks. No matter what the material and size, black floorings always achieve the same effect. Their dramatic effect magically draws the attention of visitors and also creates a seamless canvas on which the furniture and the entire interior can be perfectly staged. However, one thing must always be borne in mind: The skilful staging between black flooring and the interior design thrives on contrast. Light-coloured sofas, tables made of steel and glass or things like white or transparent chairs made of plastic thus have the perfect effect on a black flooring, allowing them to unfold their modern and elegant appeal. In addition, a light-coloured wall paint is also recommended so as not to shrink the room visually. 

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Let there be light for black flooring

Another feature to consider when laying black flooring is light. It’s a fact: The colour black barely reflects the rays of the sun and artificial light, but instead “swallows” it. This can make rooms seem dark and oppressive. For this reason, black flooring should be laid in rooms where there is sufficient daylight entering the room. Artificial lighting can also counteract the unwelcome effect of an oppressive ambience – through the use of floor spotlights, for example.

Designboden MeisterDesign. life® DB 800 Black Lava 7323
Designboden MeisterDesign. life® DB 800 Black Lava 7323
Designboden MeisterDesign. life® DB 800 Black Lava 7323

Sufficient space for black flooring

Contrast as a style element and plenty of light are not the only things that play an important role in the perfect staging of black flooring and the overall interior design. The size of the rooms in which the dark flooring will be laid is equally important. Small rooms with low ceilings often feel oppressive. If you add a scarcity of light and a dark floor to the cramped space, this uncomfortable feeling can quickly get worse. So as a general rule of thumb: No matter whether it's vinyl flooring, design flooring or laminate flooring – black flooring should only be laid in large rooms. That's because a dark floor needs a lot of surface and space to unfold its elegance so that you don't lose the intended effect. Modern industrial style lofts often provide the perfect setting for the use of black flooring. After all, these usually have an open-plan design with high ceilings and spacious window fronts that allow plenty of light to enter.

View black flooring in your own room

Maybe you can't imagine how a dark floor would into your own home? Have a try with our Interior Designer. Here's how it's done:

1. Open the Interior Designer and swipe through to find your favourite flooring

2. Use the camera icon to upload a photo of your own room* or select one of the stock images

3. Save your favourite flooring to your mood board by tapping the heart icon 

* Legal notice for images uploaded to the visualisation tool

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Bright highlights on dark floors

Those looking for a contrast between a black floor and white furnishings as a design element in their home can create a very serene, sometimes museum-like impression. Yet there are also ways for interior enthusiasts with a greater penchant for colour to skilfully use dark floors as a style element. The secret lies in choosing the right furniture. Furniture in bright colours such as brilliant red sofas or mustard-coloured armchairs are a perfect match for black floorings. This is because bright furniture gives the impression of being framed by dark floors, which further enhances their brilliance. A real eye-catcher in modern rooms.

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Tips to set the scene for black floors:

  • Contrast
    Light-coloured furniture should be contrasted with the dark floor.
  • Walls
    Light-coloured paint is best for walls. 
  • Lighting
    Sufficient daylight and/or good lighting should be ensured so that the dark flooring does not create an oppressive atmosphere.
  • Enough space
    Black flooring is best laid in spacious rooms.
  • Bright colours
    The brilliance of bright furniture is enhanced by black flooring.

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