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Natürlicher Lindura-Holzboden passend zu einer Einrichtung im Afrika Style
Ein Wohnzimmer mit afrikanischen Einrichtungsdetails und Lindura-Holzboden

Safari in your own home: African style makes it possible

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Bold colours, natural materials and stylishly painted decor – with the right touches to your interior design, fans of African style can bring the second-largest continent on the planet to their own four walls.

Afrikanische Savanne
With 55 countries and a surface area of more than 30,000,000 square kilometres, Africa is the second-largest continent in the world. And that is not its only claim to fame: the Sahara is the largest desert, and the Nile, the longest river on the planet.

Dreams of Africa 

Africa is a dream destination for many people: going on safari in a jeep, hiking through the rainforest or jetting off to Cape Town for a city trip. The second-largest continent on Earth is extraordinarily fascinating. It’s no wonder then that this part of the world has been used as the stunning backdrop for many movie classics, such as “Out of Africa” or “Nowhere in Africa”. If you can’t wait for your next long-haul trip, simply bring Africa home. To pull off the look, there are three important factors: colour, materials and design.

Schlafzimmer in Erdtönen
An example of the pan-African colours is the flag of Ethiopia. Yellow represents love of country, green represents the fertility of the soil, and red represents the blood spilled for Ethiopia. 

Colour code: The colour of African style 

When you dream of Africa, you are immersed in a rich world of colour. Warm earth tones bring to mind the steppe, while colours like red, yellow and green represent the colourful and varied art of the continent. The latter triad of colours are also known as the “pan-African colours”. These colours were used as early as the 19th century and formed the basis of the Ghanaian flag, among other things. To this day, these three colours can be found on almost every flag of the 55 African nations.

In interior design, it is predominantly warm tones that are used, while the pan-African colours are used to add accents. Earthy tones like brown, beige or ochre can be found both on textiles, as well as on walls, furniture or decorative elements. The colour palette also features neutral white, which is often used in the painting of vases of masks. Dark red is reminiscent of the spectacular sunsets on the African steppe.

If you want to bring the Savannah to your home, you should first consider whether heavy earth and red tones will work in your space. The smaller the room, the more dark colours can make it appear even smaller – a stark contrast to the vast expanses of Africa.

Wohnzimmer im Afrika Style mit Möbeln und Deko aus natürlichen Materialien

Main theme: 
African decor

Plastic doesn’t stand a chance: when decorating in an African style, it’s important that decorative elements are made of natural materials. Usually, wood plays an important role. For example, furniture can be made of teak, mango, rosewood or ebony. Instead of modern design, classics in a colonial style are used. Solid furniture exudes 17th-century charm and is often exquisitely crafted. Wooden furniture is often accompanied by wicker stools or baskets, as well as linen carpets. If you are feeling bold, you might opt for a carpet with an African pattern or even a fur rug. There’s no need to become a wild game hunter – rather, you can get extremely realistic faux fur rugs or fabric rugs with animal prints. These are better for your wallet and the wildlife.

Cushions with animal print, wall paintings with ethnic motifs, masks, terracotta vases and pots or plants can also bring a piece of Africa to your four walls. If you don’t have green fingers, not to worry: plants such as snake plants or spider plants are on trend right now – in part, because these splashes of green are very easy to care for. They can thrive in the sun or the shade and don’t need much water. If you would rather play it safe, you can opt for dried flowers, such as pampas grass.

Bunte Masken, Vasen und Krüge sind klassische Deko-Elemente im Afrika Style
Pflanzen und Wanddeko aus natürlichen Materialien
Bunte Stoffe im afrikanischen Stil

Shapes, patterns and light: design highlights of the African style 

The good news is: anything goes when it comes to African style! Fur rugs can easily be combined with brightly coloured, patterned curtains and cushions in an ethnic look. Bold colours are equally as welcome as muted earth tones. Your decor can be as colourful and varied as the continent itself. Nevertheless, the design should not be too linear if you want it to exude African spirit. This is not the time or the place for a rigid look in the Bauhaus style. Instead, furniture and decorative elements should have rounded shapes and be hand-made, or at least, untreated.

Lanterns and candle holders emanate the warm light of the setting African sun in your home. Artfully curved lamps with warm lightbulbs can also imitate the rays of the sun.

Lindura-Holzboden HD 400 Eiche authentic 8739
The real wood Lindura flooring from MEISTER is manufactured using special wood powder technology and is made of 100% natural materials. It bears the Blue Angel environmental seal, as a sign of its sustainable quality. 

The perfect floor for an African-inspired interior 

Which floor you use to create your very own safari at home is entirely up to your personal taste. However, it’s a good idea to choose natural materials. Real wood floors like Lindura. are a top contender. As well as having a high-quality look, this floor is also extremely durable and rustic in appearance. Its natural charm is beautifully expressed in the decors American walnut lively 8523  or Rustic oak 8410.  

If you want an even less fussy floor, you can fake it: design flooring not only looks surprisingly real, but feels it too. This is even more durable and resistant to water and heavy soiling. An oak decor comes very close to real oak and complements solid wood furniture made of teak or mahogany perfectly.

Laminat MeisterDesign. laminate LL 250 Eiche Dakar 6385
Parkett Landhausdielen Almfeuer Eiche Bäckeralm 8834
Lindura-Holzboden HD 400 Eiche natur pure 8743

How to create an African style in your own home 

  • Warm earth tones 
    Warm earth tones are particularly important in the interior design. You can add attractive accents in red, yellow and green. 
  • Naturalness
    Decorative elements should be made of natural materials, such as wood. 
  • Pattern mix
    When it comes to patterns, variety is key: whether it’s animal prints, ethno prints or other patterns in bright colours – now is the time to get creative.
  • No clear lines
    Instead of being clean and linear, African style is all about curved shapes. 
  • Bring the African sun into your home
    Warm lighting with lanterns or candle holders bring to mind the setting African sun. 
  • The right flooring
    A real wood floor or realistic design flooring is ideal for an African-style interior. 

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