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Weiße Paneele als Wandverkleidung im Wohnzimmer
Weiße Paneele MeisterPaneele. terra im Wohnzimmer

White panels – a timelessly beautiful wall and ceiling covering

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If there is a colour that goes hand in hand with modern design concepts, it’s white in all its facets. It often plays first fiddle in the design concerto. That’s why white panels are ideal for many different living trends.

Weiße Paneele als Wand- und Deckenverkleidung

Multitalented white

Colours are magical. Each colour has its own meaning and effect. What’s more, in combination they can create a very particular atmosphere in your home. For example, combining similar tones from the same colour family creates harmony, while the combination of contemporary colours creates striking contrasts, which can even appear to flicker for a lively ambience, in the fullest sense of the word. 

There are many possible combinations, but certain colours are more difficult to coordinate. Although beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, when it comes to certain colour combinations, they can often appear to clash. The effect is similar to hearing an out-of-tune note in a piece of music.

But there is one colour that always strikes the right note: white. It is neutral and emanates calm, clarity and brightness in your home, forming the perfect basis for many different interior styles. White is, so to say, always right.

White panels go with many different interior styles

From Nordic styles to country house styles and even vintage styles – the interior trends of today are as varied as the colour spectrum itself. Despite an enormous range of available colours, white seems to be at home in many different interior styles. The multitalent looks good anywhere, even when it comes to decorating your walls and ceiling with light-coloured panels in white. These are practically made for countless different interior styles, as shown by several examples.

Paneele weiß halbhoch an der Wand

White panels for a minimalist look

The minimalism trend is primarily popular for its subtly – less is more, is the idea behind it. Its understated look is expressed in simple, linear shapes, as well as in a monochrome colour concept for furniture, living accessories and decor. White panels are the perfect addition, as they underline the clean character of this interior style and blend seamlessly into the overall look. White panels in a gloss look are particularly clean in appearance.

Weiße Paneele als Deckenverkleidung
Panels are not only an attractive wall covering, but look extremely presentable on the ceiling as well. 

White panels and the used look

White panels demonstrate their versatility in the shabby chic look and vintage living spaces too. Especially thanks to their colour neutrality, they create a calm environment for selected decorative objects, whose used character is an expression of the two interior styles. Whether it’s stains, scratches or other signs of wear – white panels are like a blank canvas on which the flaws of furniture are not concealed, but purposefully accentuated. The light-coloured wall panelling brings out the charm of these well-loved objects and places them front and centre. Traces of wear tell the story of an object – and that is exactly what makes shabby chic and vintage looks so unique.

Tip: Panels are not only an attractive wall covering, but look extremely presentable on the ceiling as well. Installing them on the ceiling is easy – no plastering, painting or wallpapering required.

Weiße Paneele an Wand und Decke

White wood panels in the Scandinavian living concept

Der sogenannte Scandi-Chic ist ein Wohntrend, der ebenso “Scandi chic” is a living trend that, like minimalism, is exceedingly understated – with one small difference: its colour palette is a little more varied, while remaining harmonious and homogeneous. Grey tones, delicate light blue and light lime green often recur throughout the living space. Furniture and accessories made of woods like birch, ash and pine accentuate the look. A first glance at the living trend reveals that white, in all its light shades, is a quintessential part of the Scandinavian look. Whether it’s wood panels in white oak or silver ash – panels combine Scandi chic’s most distinctive characteristics: light colours and woods. As a result, white wood panels are a real must-have for the perfect cool Nordic living style.

Practical reasons for panels

White panels provide scope for a wide variety of designs. They can be used as wall or ceiling coverings, as a styling element to underline an interior trend or to add accents – for example, they can be used to create a cosy reading nook and visually differentiate it from the rest of the room. The same applies to all other panels in a variety of colours and decors.

Besides design-related aspects, the use of wall panelling can also have practical benefits that pay off during everyday life. For example, panels provide insulation that keeps heat inside and reduces heating costs. In the bathroom, humid room panels and the MeisterPanels. terra decorative panels offer mould-resistant properties. Panels are also ideal for loft extensions: thanks to innovative systems, they are easy to install and there is no need for time and energy-consuming sanding or plastering work on uneven walls or ceilings. In particular, panels are extremely easy to clean, so that stains and dirt can be quickly removed with a damp cloth.

The benefits of white panels at a glance

  • White is always right
    Thanks to their timeless appearance, white panels go with many different modern interior styles.
  • Beautiful and practical
    White panels not only look beautiful; they are also extremely practical for everyday living. For example, they are mould-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Simple installation
    Thanks to innovative systems, wall and ceiling panels are extremely easy to install
Paneele weiß im Badezimmer

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