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MeisterPaneele. bocado in Steinoptik als Wandverkleidung
MeisterPaneele. bocado in Steinoptik als Wandverkleidung

Wall panelling with a stone look

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Long gone are the times when walls were decorated by woodchip wallpaper or monochrome paints. Wall panelling is increasingly used in living spaces to add that special something – often in a stone look. 

Wall panelling to match design concepts

Whether it’s an industrial style, minimalism or Japandi – whatever contemporary living concept you choose, wall panelling plays an important role in creating the perfect look for your home. Wall panellings are a central component in sophisticated, well-coordinated design concepts. They can visually accentuate the look and feel of interior styles, or add contrasting accents for an aesthetically striking look.

Filzpaneele in 3-D-Optik an der Wand

Why wall panels in a stone look are so popular

If you are looking for the perfect wall panelling, you will find countless options to choose from. A wide variety of panels with different decors provide scope for individual design ideas.  Increasingly, people are choosing panels in a stone or slate look. But where has this trend come from?

Texture and three dimensionality: these are the magic words when it comes to wall panelling as a whole. While decorating walls with paint or wallpaper results in flat walls, panels protrude a little into the room – often with a slightly offset arrangement. This creates realistic 3D effects that are accentuated by natural light. This gives your walls a lively, relief-like effect. In addition, panels in different widths can be used to create a slightly irregular surface. This gives the room a more natural feel, an ambience that is increasingly sought-after nowadays.

What’s more, wall panelling in a stone look are particularly versatile and complement many different modern living styles – such as minimalism. This is based on a monochrome colour concept, usually featuring white, grey and black. Accordingly, wall panels in a slate look are practically made for the clean, minimalist style. They seamlessly blend into the overall concept, with their unobtrusive yet elegant look. You might even say: “the little black dress for your walls.”

Wandpaneele in Steinoptik und mit 3-D-Effekt an der Wand verlegt

How to apply wall panels

Although you might not think it: panels are extremely easy to install. This is thanks to innovative installation systems that make applying the panels a breeze.

The installation method varies depending on the type of stone-look panels, e.g. system panels or decorative panels, and the desired visual effect. Wall panels in a stone look can be laid with an attractive 3D effect or with a level, flat surface using system panels from MEISTER. This is made possible by a double groove on the individual panel boards.

The benefits of wall panelling

Panels are not only a beautiful design element that give character to your walls. They are also extremely practical for everyday living. While stains on wallpaper or painted walls can be a challenge to remove, wall panels are extremely easy to clean. Any stains can be quickly and easily wiped clean with a damp cloth – so even tomato sauce splashes from last night’s spaghetti can be cleaned off in an instant. Only scouring agents should be avoided to protect the surface of the panels. That way, the beautiful appearance of your walls is guaranteed to last for a long time to come.

Systempaneele und Filzpaneele in Steinoptik kombiniert verlegt
Paneele in Steinoptik
Paneele in Betonoptik als Wandverkleidung an einer Dachschräge

Wall panels in a stone look – an overview

  • Wall panels in a stone look
    They are a modern type of wall covering that go with a wide variety of interior styles.
  • Timeless stone or slate look 
    Panels can visually accentuate the look and feel of interior styles, or add contrasting accents.
  • Simple installation
    Thanks to innovative installation systems, installing the panels is extremely simple.
  • Easy to clean
    Easy cleaning is a definite plus point, especially in comparison to wallpaper or plaster.

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Wall panelling with a stone look