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These wall and floor classics never go out of fashion

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Just as with electronics and fashion, there are changing trends among wall and floor coverings too. If you'd like to try something new, you can follow your heart in choosing offbeat colours and surfaces – or opt for timeless classics that nobody can get enough of.

Given the countless short-lived trends in living space design, many people are asking themselves which designs are a good choice for the long term. They would like a home whose design still suits tastes and the zeitgeist in years to come. With classic wall and floor design, anyone can create a timeless retreat.

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Wooden panels: no longer just conventional

When they hear “wood panelling”, many people think of old half-timbered houses or rustic pubs. But this wood wall covering is more modern than ever! Fans of the Danish hygge concept of cosiness, for example, swear by the charm of wooden panels on the wall.

Everyone can experience the magic of wood at home. Whether for the conversion of attics and cellars or as an eye-catcher in the dining room – the possible uses of this wooden classic are manifold. Without grinding, painting or wallpapering, wall panels give your home harmonious highlights, bring visual tranquillity into the room and, on top of that, conceal unevenness.

You can quickly see why this wall covering particularly appeals to lovers of hygge: Wood has a particular emotional effect on the observer because it creates a warm and snug atmosphere. It also contributes to a measurable improvement in the room’s climate: The cladding has an insulating effect and, what’s more, real wood in particular contributes to the independent regulation of air humidity.

Oak parquet flooring: second to none

Real wood floors add a touch of nature to your home. No wonder parquet flooring has many enthusiasts. However, some people avoid using it because of its supposed sensitivity. The right choice of material can change everything.

If, for example, a heavy load on the floor is to be expected, oak parquet is the best choice. The material is by nature harder, and thus more durable, than pine or birch. High-quality floors are pre-treated during production to make them less sensitive to dirt and moisture. So there is no frustration when the children play on the floor or when the next spring clean is due.

The parquet flooring range also satisfies a lot of customer wishes: oak can be worked in many ways and is thus offered in various colour nuances. We have everything from a rustic country house style with dark colours to modern, cool tones for a Scandinavian-inspired interior.

Laminate flooring: better than its reputation

Previously looked down on as a cheap imitation, this flooring type no longer needs to hide. The design and quality of laminate flooring have improved more and more over the last few years. So if you don't look too closely at the price and choose a high-quality product, you can enjoy the easy to maintain and tough flooring for many years to come.

Laminate flooring is manufactured by gluing together several layers of material with melamine resin and is made of up wood fibre sheets and printed decor paper. This mix of materials allows panels with the same thickness to be produced – a real advantage when compared to real wood, which due to its nature may have unevenness and different levels of hardness. Thanks to the embedment of the decor paper, laminate flooring can also be offered in countless designs. The favourite, however, is still a wood look that brings parquet flooring and floorboards to mind.

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