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Extravagant elegance: the glamour style

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Some things simply never go out of fashion: magnificent interiors have been popular for centuries. Today, home owners are bringing the glamour style back in all its glory and transforming their living space into a splendid palace. 

The origin of the glamour style

The glamour style is not an invention of the 21st century. Rather, the interior design style is enjoying a renaissance, and finds its origins in the Late Baroque (1600 to 1720) and Rococo (1730 to 1780) era. Back then, the magnificent and splendid palaces of France were emblematic of the glamorous lifestyle – artistic carvings, gold leaf, luxurious jacquard fabrics and ornate furniture, as far as the eye could see. Living in such opulent style was reserved for the aristocracy and had a certain function within the context of the regency. This was primarily to represent wealth and power. There is no question that it fulfilled this purpose. To this day, we associate the lifestyle of bygone eras with the modern term “glamour”. 

Hotelzimmer mit glamouröser Einrichtung

The predominant materials of the glamour style

The glamorous interior design style is loved for its lustrous look. It’s no wonder then that textiles such as velvet, velours and satin are indispensable for a dignified ambience. Purple velvet sofas are just one example of how the trend expresses its luxurious flair. Leather Chesterfield sofas are equally well-suited to the look and feel of the glamour style, providing a cosy place to lounge. Another oft-seen feature of glamorous living spaces are high-quality carpets with Baroque patterns.

Last but not least, it’s not glamour with shiny accents. Decorative objects with a touch of gold, silver, copper and brass will look right at home in your personal palace. But don’t overdo it. When it comes to sparkly objects, you should use just the right amount – otherwise, you can quickly go from tasteful to tacky. That’s why a certain amount of restraint goes a long way. Instead, you should pay special attention to the presentation of a few selected accessories. For example, a chandelier with crystal elements surrounded by stucco will set the tone for the entire room. By the way, this type of ceiling lighting is practically a must-have to recreate the glamour style in your own four walls. In addition, the protocol of the pompous living trend dictates that wooden furniture should be varnished, to create an elegant appearance. For a finishing touch, a luxurious mirror rounds off the overall look. 

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The glamour style and its colour palette

Beige, sand and brown tones are often the colour of choice in a glamorous home. That’s because these colours go perfectly with dark wood furniture, while harmonising with gold and silver accents. To preserve the classic look of the glamour style, it’s important to stay within the same family of colours to recreate the elegant style authentically.

If you prefer a more modern look, you can spice up the glamorous aesthetic with black and use a mixture of styles as your design concept. For example, a painted wall in plain black is the perfect backdrop for a Baroque mirror with a silver frame. Combine it with a grey velvet sofa and a low, minimalistic coffee table in a concrete look with a cut crystal vase – and there you have a contemporary glamour look.

In principle, it is also possible to use lighter colours to define the overall look of your elegant living space. For example, a soft, cream paint can serve as a canvas for a gold mirror and a dark brown Chesterfield sofa. Your choice of colour scheme comes down to your own personal taste. 


A glamorous interior means attention to detail

Attention to detail is an absolute must for this elegant living trend and can be made evident in many ways. Velvet wallpaper with Baroque patterns is just one example of this. An absolute classic for a playful glamour ambience is button tufting on upholstered furniture. This creates a diamond pattern that looks extremely decorative and tasteful. Crystal vases with a delicate cut pattern refract the light and sparkle in a rainbow of colours. Speaking of lighting: candlesticks are right in keeping with the refined air of the glamour style, and create a cosy atmosphere in the evening hours with flickering candlelight. Furthermore, commodes and chairs with typical Baroque decor add a touch of playfulness and vibrancy to the ambience of the room. Finally, the most beautiful detail can often be found in opulent, splendid floral bouquets, which catch the eye and round off the overall look of the glamorous living trend to perfection.

Esszimmer im Glamour Style

Luxurious flooring for a glamorous look

To create the perfect effect with the glamour style, the right flooring is crucial. Parquet flooring is especially well-suited – a luxurious, high-quality floor that is available in classic decors, such as dark walnut. Combined with furniture, also in dark wood, it ties the entire room together for a consistent, harmonious look. Surface finishes with oils and varnishes provide an adequate degree of brilliance in your tastefully furnished home, and protect the glamorous look of the real wood surface.

As well as parquet flooring, there is also laminate flooring in a walnut look. These floorings authentically imitate a natural look. In addition, laminate flooring comes with several features that make them a practical everyday option. For example, they are extremely durable and resistant to even heavy stresses, such as high heels. With a wide variety of decors and formats available, there is a laminate floor to suit every taste.

Floor laying patterns for the glamour style

As mentioned, the glamour style thrives on its playful personality and attention to detail. That’s why the right floor laying pattern can be essential to add the perfect finishing touch to a magnificent interior design. The herringbone pattern is practically made for this purpose. Individual planks are arranged in a V-shape to resemble the plait-like structure of a herringbone – hence the name. The pattern is always laid in a single direction. Which direction, depends on the variant of the laying pattern. If the pattern is laid at a 0-degree angle, the plaits run parallel to two walls. Arranged at a 45-degree angle, the pattern runs through the room diagonally, from one corner to the opposite corner. Either way – the result is extremely attractive thanks to its classic beauty, especially when using dark, high-quality wood.

Other parquet patterns can also round off the splendid interior design style perfectly. This includes basketweave and monticello patterns. They have a playful geometric look, making them perfect for the glamour style’s lustrous aesthetic.

Tips for the perfect glamour style

  • Luxurious materials
    Velvet, velours and satin should be featured throughout the interior.
  • Gold and silver
    Depending on the colour scheme, gold and silver accents are a quintessential feature of the glamour style.
  • Attention to detail
    The details make all the difference. For example, you might use chandeliers, candlesticks and cut crystal vases for maximum effect.
  • Herringbone parquet
    The right flooring is a must-have. Herringbone parquet looks especially stunning in a glamorous interior.
  • Tasteful, not tacky
    The use of selected extravagant living accessories is absolutely allowed. However, the glamorous style requires a certain degree of restraint to avoid going over the top.

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