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Schiffsboden Parkett in geplankter Optik ist eins von vielen möglichen Parkettmustern
Schiffsboden Parkett in geplankter Optik ist eins von vielen möglichen Parkettmustern

Some like it wild: Mosaic parquet flooring and friends

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Parquet flooring is totally in right now, but plain country-style or château planks are not necessarily to everyone’s taste. Those who prefer a more detailed floor design may find the right fit for their home in mosaic or 3-strip parquet flooring, for example.

Real wood flooring, like parquet flooring, is enjoying a real comeback – more and more people want a floor for their homes that is as natural as possible. In that case, the decision for parquet flooring is an obvious one. The parquet manufacturer’s portfolio not only boasts an extensive range due to the material’s natural characteristics, it also impresses with various patterns.


For the love of detail: 3-strip parquet 

The strip design of parquet flooring originates from the classic ship’s deck – which is why it is also known as ship’s deck parquet flooring. Each plank consists of three rows of several smaller elements which, like bricks in a wall, are arranged alongside each other in a staggered formation. Once laid, this flooring creates a lively and diverse overall appearance.

The MEISTER range offers a wide selection of colours, and each 3-strip parquet has a particular effect. When it comes to ship’s deck flooring, the classic colours are light maple or beech in harmonious or lively grading. But there are of course more modern takes on 3-strip parquet, such as oak or a planked look  – which give an even more authentic impression of a ship’s deck.


Herringbone and friends – other parquet flooring patterns 

Those looking to go a visual step further in their choice of flooring may opt for designs with a more complex visual appearance. History is no stranger to a diverse range of parquet patterns, many of which have since been forgotten, but which are starting to enjoy a resurgence in popularity as part of a traditional interior design style.

  • Herringbone parquet flooring 
    Herringbone parquet flooring is characterised by its zigzag form that radiates a timeless elegance, yet also makes a perfect match for a modern furnishing style.
  • Mosaic parquet flooring 
    Mosaic parquet flooring has a classic, cubic design consisting of significantly smaller strips. Alternatives to this design are not composed of strips, but rather square-cut pieces of solid wood – the visible difference between the two stems from the grain design. 
  • Hexagonal form 
    With plenty of patience and particular preparation, countless patterns can be created using narrow strips of wood. Arranging the wood in a hexagonal form is yet another of the popular parquet pattern designs. 
würfelförmige Ausrichtung der Stäbchen
Parkett in Hexagonalform
Fischgrätparkett von MEISTER
Parkett in kleinen, schmalen Stäben
abwechslungsreichen Look durch rustikale Sortierung

Lively parquet gradings 

A break with traditional planks isn’t always necessary to bring a touch of extravagance to your parquet flooring (in comparison to the classics, that is). Here, the grading can actually make a big difference. Those envisaging a versatile look should opt for a lively or rustic grading for their parquet flooring. The natural colours and structures at play in the wood itself come to the fore with a lively, rustic or vital grading. Natural cracked knots and cracks are a go with these gradings, and make for a versatile and very natural look on each plank. Those hoping for a particularly rustic appearance should definitely take a closer look at Lindura wood flooring. Not only does this innovative wood flooring with wood powder technology become particularly robust as a result of the technology, the wood powder fills cracked knots and cracks in the plank pressing process, giving the planks an authentic wooden character.

Unusual parquet flooring: Here’s what’s possible 

Fans of unusual floor design aren’t restricted to decor flooring like laminate or design flooring when it comes to realising their design dreams. Natural flooring like parquet also offers scope for individualism:

  • Small rooms
    3-strip parquet, or ship’s deck flooring, offers visual variation from classic planks and are also a good fit for small rooms. 
  • Herringbone
    The zigzag pattern of laying parquet goes by the name “herringbone” and leaves an impression of real elegance and a wealth of variation. 
  • Everything is possible
    With plenty of patience and skilled craftsmanship, parquet strips can be laid in almost any pattern you can think of – though DIY enthusiasts are probably safer opting for prefabricated planks. 
  • Extravagant gradings and structures
    A comprehensive parquet flooring range also offers colour variants in place of design variants. Lively and vital gradings emphasise the natural colours and structures at play in the wood. 
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