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Parkett und Lindura sind mit verschiedenen Oberflächenveredelungen erhältlich
Parkett und Lindura sind mit verschiedenen Oberflächenveredelungen erhältlich
Surface finishes
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Oiled or lacquered: Surface finishes in parquet and wood flooring

Wood is a valuable natural resource, and we transform it into something very special; we approach our work with complete respect and a sensitive touch. Our surface finishes with high quality oils or varnishes accentuate the individual character of the wood and imbue it with long-lasting protection. The different surface finish variants have many different properties.

MEISTER Natureflex wood flooring with ultra matt lacquered surface

Lacquered parquet and wood flooring

The lacquer seal makes lacquered parquet flooring and wood flooring particularly durable and easy to maintain. The new Duratec Nature ultra matt lacquer by MeisterParquet. longlife, Lindura wood flooring and Natureflex wood flooring penetrates moisture deep into every pore. This makes the flooring very low-maintenance and largely resistant to common stains and household chemicals, since these can no longer settle in the fine pores.

At the same time, ultra matt lacquered real wood floors feature an extremely matt and natural look, which does not appear shimmery or glossy, unlike many other lacquers. Ultra matt lacquered flooring offers an anti-fingerprint/footprint effect and is lower-maintenance that oiled parquet/wood flooring. Frequent vacuum cleaning and damp mopping with an appropriate cleaning product is sufficient for regular maintenance.

Thanks to their stain-resistant ultra matt lacquer, both Lindura and Natureflex wood floorings, as well as parquet, are exceptionally well-suited for use in the kitchen. It goes without saying that the lacquer is ecologically non-harmful – that you can be sure of, as both lacquered and oiled MEISTER wood floors have been awarded The Blue Angel environmental seal.

Naturally oiled Lindura wood flooring

Oiled parquet and wood flooring

Natural oils and waxes are the basis for our Longlife parquet's and Lindura wood flooring's naturally oiled surfaces. Weartec® Nature surface finish penetrates deep into the wood and forms a protective, breathable surface. This kind of finish creates a natural appearance with subtle brilliance, emphasises the grain as well as the structure, has a moisture-regulating effect and ensures a healthy living climate. 

All Longlife parquet and Lindura floors with a Weartec® Nature surface are treated so that they are ready for residential use. After installation, they only need to be treated with care oil if they are located in commercial areas or areas where they are subjected to heavy use (such as hallways or kitchens). However, the naturally oiled surface does require a regular polish, which gives the floor a natural shine and ensures exceptional resistance. If necessary, it can be re-oiled and partly refinished without any sanding down.

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Surface finishes